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what if I’m enjoying a hearty soup? what if I’m enjoying a hearty soup? what if I’m enjoying a hearty soup? what…
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Retweeted by LukeJan Ochoa's mom's son, Jan Ochoa, is here. - Brad Shoemaker, 2019
Retweeted by LukeOn this morning we stan for @GretaThunberg.The villain in every single YA fantasy novel be like:
Retweeted by Luke @PrisonPlanet A 37-year-old man crying because "Muh mEn'S mAGaZinEs GOt a gIrL oN It!" is surely peak masculinity
Retweeted by Luke @alwgil1 @PrisonPlanet "Im very strong in my beliefs but I'd abandon them to spite a child"
Retweeted by LukeGuy with thick chicago accent helps coyote pup
Retweeted by LukeDay 4. Pos 46° 20‘ N 015° 46‘ W Eating and sleeping well and no sea sickness so far. Life on Malizia II is like cam…
Retweeted by Luke @LeopoldThe Lol, didn't mean for the question mark, but y'all get the point.Blinded by the Light is one of the best movies of the year. It is as joyous as a movie can get. It feels remarkably… into Starbucks like “Is there coffee in this?”
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Retweeted by Luke @LeopoldThe I'm wrapping up Outer Wilds! Incredible, incredible game? @ClassicDeFord 👏👏👏👏
gO OUtSide sO bEAuTifUl
Retweeted by Lukethere are no bigger fucking dorks on this earth than the sneering geriatrics who hate greta thunberg. just an astou…
Retweeted by Luke @ByCommonConsent Prometheus - not the best choice. The next one wasn't until Blade Runner 2049, which was an incredibly good choice.❤️🤩
Retweeted by Luke @eric15650 @abc7johngregory, I know this like *worked* as far as marketing. Like, look, I know they're getting attention for their show thi… MY naMe'S CAtRinA
Retweeted by Lukeconservative: Greta Thunberg should be ignored. She's just a kid. She's no expert. me: Ok, so do you listen to the…
Retweeted by Luke @jenndangerous Jiro Dreams of Sushi! @RiotGrlErin Yep!
Bigger than before
Retweeted by LukeAdam: This shit fire, which fruit is this? Eve: The Forbidden fruit Adam:
Retweeted by Lukescully: Epstein died of strangulation by an unknown assailant mulder: *throws her a file* ever heard of the suicide alien
Retweeted by LukeThe bigfoot hunting documentary begins. White text on a black screen: "And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the ab… the limit is 412 chicken nuggets
Retweeted by Luke#SEKIRO #SekiroShadowsDieTwice
Retweeted by Luke#brockhampton Boy Bye is REAL GOOD!just discovered self-deprecating humor
Retweeted by Luke @jokers_trick There's a part of me that has to wonder if all of these wonderful tweets are just quotes from fanfics.Y E S @LauraWobbe The City! A fascinating short podcast series by USA Today that is an exploration of how marginalized pe… @SuperManuelJrJr @AmmonMiller @YouTube This is, man. Gosh that was so hard to watch.
Retweeted by Luke @jonrog1 @garywhitta If I was not being paid enough at my entry level position I would simply go to the job store a… @smaisley It really, really is. @donoteat1 gentrification, distilled into the form of some drawers
Retweeted by Lukeholy christ
Retweeted by Luke @JasonSCampbell Evergreen:
Retweeted by Luke @smaisley A Woman of No Importance by Sonia Purnell. It's the true story of Virginia Hall, an American spy known to… @ZhugeEX Honestly this looks kinda alrightThank you GQ Magazine for the Game Changer Of The Year - award! #fridaysforfuture #climatestrike
Retweeted by Luke me through the fish tube so i can feel something.
Retweeted by LukeI put Crazy Train on the fish tube video. #fishtube
Retweeted by Luke @SuperManuelJrJr @ericallenhatch @chismosaaass Okay! Here's my suggestion: 1. This is the water, and this is the w…'s a clip from it Special Edition copy of Katamari Damacy for PS2 is marvelous!
@princess_jem4 Assassination Nation. It is insanely hard to watch for multiple reasons, but is also acutely aware o… people accountable for their actions, seriously please do, but please hold back from going full cancel culture… stress level
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Retweeted by Luke @Dan_TheSwede Trying to pronounce enough how it's spelled now and I'm dying. = Eee nooooo uuu g hhhhboomer memes: 😜 I am Not Like The Other Moms Who Need A Glass Of Wine To Fall Asleep.. I Need A Whole Bottle Haha 😜…
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Retweeted by LukeLast week @Delta gave me my own private jet...kind of.
Retweeted by LukeI watched this video last night and it's still freaking me out. A deep fake where Bill Hader *turns into* Tom Cruis…
Retweeted by LukeI am a: ⚪️ guy ⚪️ girl 🔘 millennial Looking for: ⚪️ a boyfriend ⚪️ a girlfriend 🔘 a way to prevent global…
Retweeted by LukeImportant.
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@Boogie2988 Video games cause I don't want to be in the office tomorrow. IndeedLil homie hit the cleanest Woah I’ve ever seen 😂😂
Retweeted by LukeA quiet night in the Infrapink.
Retweeted by LukeI LOVE THIS ❤️ And she most likely went into own pockets to do this for her students. HEROIC considering teachers…
Retweeted by Luke @midniteeuphorea @ayylmaotv SameKaty Perry has had the hardest shift for me. I used to be like, "oh, of course she put out her 10th uninteresting h… @ripcorbin Same @Alcapownage you getting ready for your grandmothers 89th birthday party while wearing this @ripcorbin @audytallblonde @ripcorbin @audytallblonde
this cursed shirt from the county fair for it. turkey is a champion. Rap Songs - Earl Sweatshirt (2018) to be a better person is good, but do not compare yourself to others. Don't poison the well of positive chan…⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🤠   🐀🐀🐀 🐀 🐀 🐀 👇 🐀🐀 👇   🐀 🐀   🐀  🐀   👢 👢 howdy. i'm the sheriff of rat
Retweeted by LukeMy digestive system after I drink cold brew
Retweeted by Lukeif you read one thing today let it be this poem by @RuthAwad in @platypuspress
Retweeted by LukeThis public LEGO building expo at the Tate Modern in London. Everyone is free to take part and build using only whi…
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Preaching the good word of G R A S S can’t this guy be the witness for everything
Retweeted by LukeBut I said please, Kid Rock. I said please.
Retweeted by Lukeme after one sip of mcdonalds sprite
Retweeted by Luke @New1027 🎶Hot damn, hot water, hot shower Hotlanta, smoking green, cauliflower🎶🎶Hot damn, hot water, hot shower Hotlanta, smoking green, cauliflower🎶 @calvinjburke I love this so much @julesbear9 I love it!
if this gets 1,000 RTs i'll read the entire novel "DOOM: KNEE-DEEP IN THE DEAD" live on a stream, on camera, accept…
Retweeted by LukeSTAR is RATS backwards.... did that change your perstective? ~Joker
Retweeted by LukeThis stream was a complete disaster and I had an absolute blast.
Retweeted by LukeLeft a political comment on Facebook again for the first time in years
Retweeted by Luke @julesbear9 Yes please!Provo guys on Monday nights
Retweeted by LukeDeku: It's your power, not his! Todoroki:
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