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@partbearpartnot Your tattoo is next level.Cursed tweet
Reminder for myself and anyone who needs it.
Retweeted by LukeI think we all have in our heads a picture of what the top of Mount Everest looks like and this is not it
Retweeted by LukeWhen the Disney film started rolling and lil homie hit that toe touch u knew life was good
Retweeted by Luke @danblackroyd @elizapebble_ Haven't seen this show but LAU👏RA👏 DERN👏tag someone you know who loves music
Retweeted by Luke @madebygoogle My mother and I have been experiencing the same issue with "Identify this song" this past month on Go… thread is so dark. My word.
I took Chem 100 this Spring semester and this is what it consisted of :)
Retweeted by LukeContrapoints is simply one of the best channels on YouTube. Period. @ripcorbin review is incredibly well written. Definitely give it a read. I really want to try this game., the Terminator: Dark Fate trailer posted by Arnold on reddit turned into an AMA and someone asked about Co…
Retweeted by Luke @austin_walker One of the most terrifying things in Far Cry 2 is that sound cue of an engine revving whenever someo… alley screens when you get a strike:
Retweeted by Luke @theneedledrop responding to all the requests for album reviews ... "And you get an album review, and you get an al… a band dies their music catalog doesn’t disappear from stores, royalties are still paid. When game studios di…
Retweeted by Luke @ripcorbin Taste the rainbow
this is really, really something: researchers developed a way to make "perfectly realistic" fake videos of faces, u…
Retweeted by LukeThis has fully broken me (needs sound. Oh god it needs sound)
Retweeted by LukeMy new hobby is finding poorly titled or just plain odd LetGo listings.
Retweeted by LukeHey, I need y’all to Rt this tweet. I’m looking for black women writers. I’m trying to build my community. I’m look…
Retweeted by Luke @iiAKJ Born to be a part of the teamWhat is your weirdest or most unique link to fame? Mine is that my uncle designed the cows in Twister.
Retweeted by Luke @Mack82671603 @AriWRees I interviewed him for a report back in highschool about the privatization of space. @Mack82671603 @AriWRees Ron!Still my favorite @theneedledrop insult lmaooo
Retweeted by Luke @elizapebble_ @carolynmaeee SameStill the best thing to come out of 8 seasons of Game Of Thrones
Retweeted by LukeThis video has brought me to a stunning realization. Stephen A. Smith has major George Costanza energy.
Retweeted by Luke @AriWRees My grandpa helped design the SSRB's (the white boosters on the side) for the space shuttle!
Hey @dannyodwyer, if I had a few questions for you about working in Video Production, how should I go about getting those to you?'Dota Auto Chess' is being forked into two commercial versions of a mod of a game which is itself a commercial vers…
Retweeted by Luke @OneTrickTofani @CSPstuff Getting some David Lynch vibes. Love it!no one: seriously, absolutely not one soul: me:
Retweeted by LukeZUU MAY 31ST
Retweeted by Luke🤘🤘
fr this time I actually agree with James Charles, just watch this
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Retweeted by Lukethe explanation for why he-man has a tiger is one of the funniest things i've ever seen in my life and i have to sh…
Retweeted by LukeHe sounds so presidential. @PeteButtigieg is so impressive. Watch and RT
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Retweeted by Lukei'm sorry i just really really love this so so much and i need everyone to know that it made me laugh out loud
Retweeted by LukeGetting mad at the SJWs over at Nintendo for bowing to the pressure and making a nice version of the mean sun that…
Retweeted by Luke @jhill1181 You can really notice the subtle narrative tones here of lady having something to do with dragon. Fun shot, though. @ripcorbin 🔥ownin the libs with my diamond sword and logic🔥. This is an essay onThis is so reckless and irresponsible. Reporters (including me!) regularly clean up habitual parts of language—"lik…
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@xsqoof @PlayApex
Retweeted by Lukeimagine a world where david video & robert games never met
Retweeted by LukeTrump is preparing to pardon this man. This is horrifying, sickening, disgusting.
I can’t stop laughing
Retweeted by Luke @JosephJBroni Not to mention the ... Actually, I could name multiple more but that's enough. @JosephJBroni Follow up. Seen it, and I can confirm it's incredible. The knife throwing and Halle Berry fight scene…
my tiktok might be the most chaotic thing on the planet
Retweeted by LukeThis is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like. Guardian is updating our style guide to accurately reflect the nature of the environmental crisis. “Climate ch…
Retweeted by LukeJust checking that you've all seen this
Retweeted by LukeThe Firefox Preview browser is so good on Android mobile I'm not using Chrome on my Pixel anymore. Definitely look… energy
Retweeted by Lukei think it would be fucking stupid to be a fat ass caterpillar and have your entire body be made out of weak points
Retweeted by Luke
haha, a black high school should have a “white” day where you *checks notes* shoot everyone because you’re sad
Retweeted by Luke1 hour... #TooMuch 👯‍♀️
Retweeted by LukeEgirl Following Back Her Reply Guy, oil on canvas (1901)
Retweeted by LukeLove, Frida Kahlo, and Other Reasons I Have to Leave the Country examples of courage and strength. Please read.
Retweeted by Lukewild that netflix let the creator of cowboy bebop make a tv show about the martian music industry in the future whe…
Retweeted by Luke#TooMuch music video is here 💃🏻
Retweeted by LukeNew Jepsen album and John Wick 3? Come on. What a Friday. @JosephJBroni This might be the highest praise for anything ever.
Retweeted by Luke @JosephJBroni Holy crap. This is big. Big big big.People not down with Ruby Rose as Batwoman haven't seen John Wick Chapter 2.Ruby Rose as batwoman is so many of my dreams come true
Retweeted by Lukeeight-year-old mormon kids thinking about getting baptized:
Retweeted by LukeHe protec He attac He eat your dinner when you turn your bac
Retweeted by Luke.@GileadSciences paid its former CEO $180 mil, while making billions in profit from lifesaving HIV drugs that are u…
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The city is hers now. #Batwoman is coming Sundays this fall to The CW!
Retweeted by LukeTonight... #Dedicated
Retweeted by Luke[2/2] @RepAOC "Let's say I'm the CEO and I'm ruthlessly incentivized to get stock prices as high as possible. (And…
Retweeted by LukeI've written a piece for Vice on the importance of keeping things mysterious in video games, sci-fi etc, focusing o…
Retweeted by LukeLibraries are amazing, and every librarian I’ve ever known has been a top tier human. ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by LukeWe all have our hard days, but turning it around is all about perspective. People often ask me how I deal w/ negat…
Retweeted by LukeAs someone who works with teens, I know teens who have had an abortion. Let me share with you just one. A thread.…
Retweeted by Lukei just learned that ytmnd is gone, which means one of my greatest creations is lost to time. except not really beca…
Retweeted by LukeThis barely made headlines yesterday... Vulnerable children. Being forced to sleep outside. On the ground. On t…
Retweeted by Luke @SuperManuelJrJr @Garretthanna I feel this tweet.My favorite aspect of Mario Maker 1 was how I could play courses made in different countries and the language of le… into some baby anteaters today 😂💕
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👀👀👀👀 reducing abortions were truly the goal, Alabama would support greater access to long term, reliable birth contro…
Retweeted by Luke @MaxScoville BEAR ON AN ASTEROID @jazz_inmypants, compulsory voting. we should do that
Retweeted by LukeTierra Whack went off. 🔥
Retweeted by Lukeairline employee: i’m sorry your flight has been canceled me: omg tea what’d it do sis
Retweeted by LukeThis law would force children - 12 year olds - to carry a pregnancy by their rapist. This law would force people w…
Retweeted by LukeAfter finally seeing Oscar Isaac's portrayal of a silicon valley tech bro in Ex Machina? We don't need another paro… the seasoning!?)????!!&
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