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@jacobwt98 (this isn't her worst, though, of course, far from it) @jacobwt98 Thing is, though, this isn't a one-off. Nandy has a habit of 'putting her foot in it' and saying things… Love Actually and remembering that time when we all thought Kris Marshall was the new Doctor Who @drwhofan_194 (this sounds like a defence, oops. I meant to emphasise the "jail" bit) @drwhofan_194 Can you blame him? The moment he's out of office, he's going to jail...The Lib Dems' first step out of the political wilderness will be to vote for the Brexit deal. Sadly I doubt they're going to take it. @GRALWrites Yeah, but I wouldn't put it past EU politicians to be just as childish as ours @GRALWrites I'm wondering whether there might be a certain element of "country leaving EU has beaten it to somethin… love Jonathan Van Tam's analogiesHonestly, this has absolutely no right to be as good as it is @ISetSimsOnFire hahahahaha why is there a duet between dolly parton and jimmy fallon @drwhofan_194 Well then @alexbell Remember being taught about this at school - incredible storyWondering whether, when Suetonius writes about how the Octavii 'returned to the ranks of the plebeians' and only re… @Christie_lover @badphilologist Honestly the key thing stopping me is I don't think I'd be up to it - just don't th… reminder that Catullus 16 can be sung to the tune of 'Gaudete'2 4 6 8 Now it's time to vaccinate @badphilologist Ahah that's maybe a bit of a jumpI'm EGHP. @drwhofan_194 Yeah definitely - I mean I'm not completely hopeless, I do recognise that I get some things right - i… yeah, I get that it's probably not a helpful way of thinking. And I see that it's probably not true. But anot… still think I'm here by mistake - but now it's different - whereas in 1st year it was just a sort of anxiety of n…
And, to be honest, I believed it, and still do.The fact that I still think about it almost a year on says something about the effect it's had on me. Being told… timing alone is poor. The fact that the university thinks it's appropriate to relay such information that close…, I don't want to accuse the university of not caring about student welfare. I can't make claims like that. But… certainly eliminated any confidence which had emerged after Mods.I often think about the 19th December last year - less than a week before Christmas - when the university felt the… mean, don't get me wrong, I do enjoy classics (sometimes) - but I know there's no future for me in this, I'm medi… really wish I could stay at Oxford for another year, why did I have to choose a degree at which I'm so ineptIf years were seasons, this December would be the December of our December
Retweeted by LJSDwatched this episode for the first time a few days ago and i love love love it mean this is certainly an editorial decision that someone made
Retweeted by LJSD @jacobwt98 I think this is just semantics haha - my point was Corbyn was listed separately from Labour MPs, there's… @jacobwt98 Yeah - 15 Labour rebels, plus Corbyn @jacobwt98 He's not one of the 15 @jacobwt98 Who's independent out of them...? @GRALWrites @mscaldwell_dop Ah yes, remembering this from The Times a while back... @mscaldwell_dop @GRALWrites Ah yes, I do remember reading that - but only temporarily @GRALWrites EU deal or no deal? Get Edmonds on the phone! @GRALWrites I know, I was amazed reading it in his book. Cameron comes across as really trying (and, it seems, larg… @GRALWrites I honestly don't think Boris would associate himself with Francois and the like. He's got close with Re… @GRALWrites Fun fact since he's trending (or was a moment ago) - Desmond Swayne was an adviser to David Cameron on… @GRALWrites Who's his replacement? @EleanorMartin sackler's rubbish anyway, the most interesting thing that can happen there is you get lost walking round in circlesWhat the hell is happening over at @BBCOne?
Retweeted by LJSD @EleanorMartin *whispers* I've never been in the rad cam @EleanorMartin I guess I just like underground things - my favourite library is the Lower Gladstone Link @EleanorMartin But it's so pretty @EleanorMartin YES! Love the Norrington Room. @jacobwt98 U B I @AnnaSte49600109 I don't like this @AnnaSte49600109 Tbh the worst one was when I realised that Marcus Rashford is less than a year older than meI hate the fact that I've reached the point where a contestant on Strictly is younger than me @andrewsillett The big question is - how is this translated in foreign dubs?Honestly, the whole "substantial meal" debate is quite amusing at first, but it becomes a bit more sinister when yo… @VivaLaAbbie Opposite for me - my room at home is the old garage, so it's FREEZING hahaI'm still clinging onto the hope that there won't be a Covid-themed rendition of 'Do They Know It's Christmas' this yearFrom 2005 Philip Green pays himself record £1.2bn've all got to make sure we appreciate Hugh Grant before the Tories turn him into Hugh Loan...I think I saw 'The Force Awakens' 3 times.
Ok looking at the story I guess it does make sense that it's on New Year's Day but stillNo one watches TV on New Year's Day !!!!Ok but seriously, why isn't Doctor Who on Christmas Day this year @GRALWrites Wouldn't surprise me. Corrupt as hell. @GRALWrites Thing is, Green could easily pay this money. It's small change to him. It's a disgrace.Every year I forget just how great the Muppet Christmas Carol isIf years were seasons, this December would be the December of our December @cam_sh The series winners of Taskmaster seem to be proof that 'slow and steady wins the race' @estwebber That was 1854, wasn't it?Lucius after his transformation and disgraceful. He just needs to pay £30 million - he wouldn't even notice it.'s not perfect, but I think it's a pretty good compromise to keep pubs open without spreading the virus too muchIt's just a way of limiting the number of people in pubs and restricting the sort of behaviour in pubs - big differ… don't understand the people saying "but the virus doesn't know whether you're eating a substantial meal!!!!" - I… @GRALWrites Hoping it doesn't refer back to that too much - can't be many people who can remember anything from as far back as March...Isn't now pretty much the perfect time for the best of the Lib Dems to merge with the GreensBeen thinking about the lyric "when the snowman brings the snow" - the only explanation I can think of is that the…
Donald Trump: "Where's Durham?" Dominic Cummings: "I believe I can help you there..." @jacobwt98 Feel like "greatest" is a poor choice of words as well - I don't like Thatcher, but I'd have to vote for… @jacobwt98 He was pretty much PM in name only for most of that time!Not supposed to put beef in a shepherd's pie either, incidentally... be honest now is the point when I start to admit to myself that if it were up to me I would absolutely stay here…
@VivaLaAbbie Haha, I agree v much @VivaLaAbbie Is this positive or negative...?This - there's room for 4 judges, why not have both! I love Bill Bailey and want him to win, but I love love love seeing how far Jamie Laing has managed to progress #StrictlyComeDancingStarting to wish I were able to spend another year at Oxford...So might it be that as myth essentially owes its existence to a horse, part of the reason why The Golden Ass is cha… the fact that Pegasus, the finest horse ever, essentially created literature demonstrates that the horse is lin… guess my point is - when the robber says 'you were going faster than Pegasus before' - maybe that's a hint to the… favourite Christmas carol this year is 'Personent Hodie' which I think says something about this year @andrewsillett Reminds me of recently when I was looking through old A level Latin notes and found a handout from a… @andrewsillett It was an absolute lifesaver when it came to revision! @andrewsillett For example... @VivaLaAbbie Such a great film, must watch it again at some point this year...
otherwise i'll just have to do 'o come o come emmanuel macron'Only 4 weeks to go, so taking requests now for this year's Christmas video. For precedent, see:… @alexbell Performing it up in the air sounds like an interesting twist