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@DouglifeDouglas Is this a pro ignoring concussion tweet bud? @rememberngfacts Lasers are a reach! @MRacMC Zero defense against nuclear laserI love nature’s gentle ape King Kong as much as the next guy but Godzilla would beat the shit out him it’s a very unfair fight I’m sorry @marxuckerberg Fuck you!!Has anyone mentioned that Mahomes got his brain damaged so badly he couldn’t stand a week ago? @della_morte_ @marioistluigist The evidence of this is, I’m pretty sure, is that most socialists or dem soc or what… @della_morte_ @marioistluigist Yes, any non-DEMOCRAT FAN!!! progressive is ripe for the picking to be turned so muc…
The duality of Josh Allen on those two playsAll that said the fact that she went out of her way to ask people not to unsubscribe from the NYT after they cut he… @MrSeanOC choose your boston guyLove hearing that faux native american chant baby!!Football players saluting the flag while a guy shreds a guitar solo is a joke you would make about what America is…'s go Bills!! AFC East baby!!as I’ve told prior bosses directly, gutless and reactionary responses to bad faith online outrage are more embarras…
Retweeted by luke oneilRodgers could’ve run that in easy. I would have personally done that no problem. @ArkansasFred Calmer than you are dudeHm Brady sucks never mind @willmenaker I thought you were in Bills mindset already!?American football, it is, how you say, le sport of centimetersI can’t take it / my stomach is rumbling / Lorraine get me that Pepto Baby.
Retweeted by luke oneilIn fairness, I imagine shoving it up Belichick's pipe would be a pretty strong motivating force for anyone. @kdub549 never had it did we @nastacular not clear what the percentages are but seems to be a fairly even mix of Go Tommy!! and fuck him as far as i can tell. @DTenenbaum Not aware of any of that since I'm not an nfl fan guess I am just a better person. @DTenenbaum Don’t recall @joshgondelman Vikings in NFCCG right after or shortly after I thinkPeople who were Colts fans or Packers fans etc, did you want Manning and Favre (or whoever comparable) to win after… the point is Is it ok for me to piss in these monsters’ fucking food yet? way to say it! denying life saving and needed money to people during a pandemic isn't killing them in the same way tha… every single utterance from a republican (and plenty from democrats) about their intended policy is an attem… whole thing is a stupid game, like when kids annoy their siblings with "i'm not touching you" and they're pokin… @wolicyponk sure, i'm just saying the parameters of the entire "cancel culture" thing are ridiculous."Invading Iraq is the right thing to do" will never get you fired, but saying "I'm going to come kick your ass" to… don't have much new to add to the getting fired for tweets conversation, but you can remain in media or politics… much of journalism seems like this prim upper class crisis of manners type of thing. “Well, that’s simply not do… think the right understands that better, and they play the refs all the time. Like how in a game you get a makeup… saw a "people don't like their insurance they like their doctor" in the wild. So many people, even with insura…
Retweeted by luke oneil“The world has 193 countries. 179 of them have paid sick leave. That's 94%. That's not just the high-income count…
Retweeted by luke oneil @Dave_willbury Is that trueFinally watched Wolf of Wall Street. It’s about how being a criminal is bad...but cool imo.
@aaronjmate Ok @aaronjmate Yes @empdenied okNot sure if this amount to a "coherent politics" but all cops in every country anywhere and especially all intellig… Russian secret police from the people revolting to present as anti-American imperialism is a high degree… @Dave_willbury lot of money in it!Who's that dumb fuck again? It's Aaron, mate @crulge Normally I don’t care when a pal has a unique enemy on here but I’m invested in you getting this guys ass @thejohnnymop We do a diminutive thing to our places here I dunno if it’s unique or not @thejohnnymop WHERE YOU FROM KEHDJust occurred to me every photo of Ben Affleck with his Dunkies order on the way home in the morning is a portrait… @bainard haha i didn't even notice just now @ArkansasFred Sorry my wifi is being weird @ArkansasFred tell me something i don't know dumb ass @ArkansasFred You figure you can count out ol Touchdown Tommy tomorrow? @Robdobi yeah i dig thisRIP to a legend @CmonSmokesBoys Oh right Alabama. They’re listed on a bands from CT list I just looked at though @pasta_ben Ovlov good tooUnless there's something obvious I'm forgetting I'm fine giving Hostage Calm the Best Connecticut Band title. Ah Ho… @pasta_ben just reminded me i wrote this years ago. barely remember what it was about @pasta_ben I WOKE UP NEXT TO A BODDDYYYYYYYYY @sam_jail i actually heard it was bad and if you didn't go it was no big dealSpeaking of Have Heart I just remembered I didn't go to this in 2019 for no reason. aha it's fine. @en_cohen
Retweeted by luke oneil @en_cohen @badsandwich we did indeedChoose your path divorced man be clear fighting the cops to oppose an authoritarian who jails his opponents is good and fighting them to keep one in power is bad.I’m used to the dissonance by now but still weird that all republicans gotta denounce the storming the Capitol thin… sicko mode grew up hearing a lot of fables about the perverse incentives of life under Communism
Retweeted by luke oneil @lukeoneil47 As someone who has worked in healthcare foodservice for 15 years....this is very correct even in hospi…
Retweeted by luke oneil“I’ve never called in sick to work,” a career bartender in Boston told me. “Ever.”
Retweeted by luke oneilThis is one reason we need monthly payments. On top of facing punishment from management, no one can afford to be…
Retweeted by luke oneilI want to eat the spaghettios and garlic milk pieRolling Stone seeks 'thought leaders' willing to pay $2,000 to write for them don't drink much, never have. But sometimes a good beer hits the spot... #ItsMy2Cents
Retweeted by luke oneilRIP in peace
Retweeted by luke oneilLib rumspringa right nowNEWS: Members of Congress call on Biden to commute everyone on federal death row
Retweeted by luke oneil @randygdub @charles_kinbote Randy, I am sad to say, rarely misses @JoshZ2012 @nathane95 @RuckCohlchez Shut the fuck up liberal @JoshZ2012 @_RyanMorrissey We are not “sanders fans”
lol like when Frank was trying to get Jenna to keep it a secret the shit the guy has been in lately and he’s suing over being accused of boning Jenna MaroneyReal let them fight scenario here genius move by Chuck to let the republicans who were aghast have a month to cool off and regroupThey will never do the trump impeachment lol @JonDArsen Joe Biden is president @amazonpay Sucka fucka ding dong @itsclasswahh that's a fine criticism @chrisboogz not sure