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same my man, arrest this lighting @EvNarc bout to risk it all for this healthy snackapologies if youre at a work computerthis mango
@davidwildgoose @Serrels @noreasonspec or rested teams with 3 games in hand..... @Serrels @davidwildgoose @noreasonspec its the most box office outcome by far @ethangach @Serrels we are all made of dust and ash and rusted iron @Serrels @davidwildgoose @noreasonspec reading this thread like liverpool are absolutely cooked @Serrels my hamstrings: @Serrels played a full 90 mins last night and now my bones are screamingplaying football at 40 in my head vs on the pitch @davidwildgoose games need longer embargo leadsyou cannot scratch the surface of a single yakuza game in 7 days, let alone finish one (or three!)yakuza like a dragon's ridiculous review embargo is back. the remasters on PC have got a 7-day embargo.when PR sends the same press release to every influencer @jrhennessy deltra goodrem booked for every single one of them i never really wanna play RPGs 2021: how about this @LucasArtsMemory ......i was working at gamestop when it came out so got it for under retail people, be honest: do people ever take the xbox codes you're always offering when you can't get us PC codes? @merrittk @GoodwillGoblin (this was a hot potato fuckup, shoutouts have been added!) @GoodwillGoblin sorry, got the links from an internal tip, adding some shoutouts now!i cannot stop staring at this image
@Serrels (in extremely sexy french accent) dont call it a comeback I been here for years @Serrels suarez winning la liga out of spite is my favourite 2021 narrative behind "zlatan's immortal serie a triumph" @Serrels time to clear out the locker room. we'll take benzema and isco on loan.
Retweeted by Luke Plunkett @Serrels @Serrels it makes school holidays so much worse though 4 weeks in im wishing for deathwhen we get a new prime minister they just go like have a cup of tea with the governor-general and there’s like a p…
Retweeted by Luke Plunkettlmao just postpone the season this is a disaster @tinycartridge 😆inauguration flex @Bondles that haircut clips....a lotjust a very relaxing english getaway watch bol bol like frodo and sam watch the wood elves @DaveMilbo "Craven" @jmrivera02 @RaphLife excuse me please send all promotional activity to our tips inbox this tweet is for medieval forest appreciation onlythe way certain genres of male website continue to give this man breathless coverage, even in 2021, astounds me am completely in love with Assassin's Creed Valhalla's wilderness
@jamesajack they absolutely have not @MarcusSpeller this is beyond the verge @polimayo this person is a saint @patrickklepek no i mean the SERIES! i havent played 3 yet either!this is video games this week discovering how many people i admire and respect have never played hitman and maybe my faith in these folks was misplaced❤️ guess im using a gamepad 2077 (2020) @transgamerthink you or the lobster or the chicken, yes @transgamerthink casting my goty vote last year like
“Get creative, 47”
Retweeted by Luke Plunkett @DaveMilbo oh man ordered @ScraftyDevil @ZwiezenZ live in a weird city--it was planned and built out of thin air, mostly in the late 20th century--and this old-tim…
@ethangach SUZERAIN @Aykis16 4K PC screenswhat a ridiculously beautiful video game"There’s pleasure at a job well done, sure, but also a physical rush that I’d say is closer to the kind of thing yo…*pounds fists on table* THIS WEEK THIS WEEK very much looking forward to failing in the best ways possible all ove… hitman 3 is coming out THIS WEEK?!>!> @DaveMilbo @jrhennessy @TimSmithMP victorians are lightbulbs, owned @kasselvania govt and college town so a highly migrational population + lack of supply vs demandI could never afford or get into a fancy ass MFA but I went from playing The Witcher 3 some 350+ hours to getting p…
Retweeted by Luke PlunkettOnly @AuntyDonnaBoys fans will understand
Retweeted by Luke Plunkett @RadicalBoganism mortgages are substantially cheaper than rents here and its just a hellscapecanberra is ffuuuuccckkkeeedddd ONE COUNTY
outfit terrible, he might drop 70
Retweeted by Luke Plunkett
haha extremely casual $3000 acronym outfit flex
@jimrossignol utterly dystopian front page @merryh its unreal that self-taught photoshop skills used to make forum sigs are now a cornerstone of my paid employmenthalfway through a big mission? crash! taking a screenshot during a cutscene? crash! and that's not counting the 5-… love ac valhalla so, so much, and yet, i dont think ive EVER played a game that crashed so much to GameStop be like
Retweeted by Luke Plunkett(typo, meant to say tens/hundreds of years)cons: nearly all of AC4's sea shanties are actually from hundreds of years later pros: they are, to the last, abso… is everyone talking about sea shanties and not to today's chat and Patrick's great piece: this is what early days kotaku was like, and it has fucked me up…"Kyrie didn't want to be Robin for LeBron and now he is Alfred for KD and Harden"❤️ rockets team is now really really really good?)
@GoNintendoTweet very goodi was very down on the ultra boost 21 initially, but there's like 1724502 colourways at launch and some of them are… dont normally get jobs in the white house either"My Dearest Gamers, Know that I still treasure you in my heart, and that my prior indiscretions were the result of… laughing at "Dear Gamers" kyrie) @Serrels"an essentially unmitigated viral pandemic that has infected one in every 14 Americans and killed one in every 900"…