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@eddychemical So weird man - Maybe I’m being over cautious I dunno - but just doesn’t feel right at all People just think it’s overPeople stopping for chats - shaking hands - Getting close in queues- Not moving out of the way Amazing stuffJust been out and it’s as if nothing ever happened Great stuff guys 👍💯🤷‍♀️ @LukeHoward1969 Muted @Faycebuk Shaft
@LukeHoward1969 The artwork? Or the actual song 🤷‍♀️ @LukeHoward1969 Thanks for the feedback 👀👀 @AmyDouglasSings and Queen Rose @classicmusicco Pointless Illustrations brother helping his sister get buckets is definitely the Twitter content I’m here for...🌎❤️🏀❤️
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@Faycebuk Alright Peter KayTune in people:
Retweeted by Luke FM SolomonSo my oldest just shouted “Shit the Bed” at the TV in the other room and now I’m intrigued and also annoyed obviously @MarkTRae Loved it !
2020 @Faycebuk What u gonna be wearin? @WezSaunders DTT™️ @tillvonsein BangersLooking back on 2020 in years to come - what did you do mostly during this time- Me I was on the phoneAre you ready to jump?? You will love it! ❤️Promise!!
Retweeted by Luke FM Solomon @SimonDunmore Sounds like it booted from an old update . Do a quick iCloud update on your iMac and then try rebooti… @blucu Ha ha ha
Well, if anything, it's the end of salad bars.
Retweeted by Luke FM Solomon @richchibuku Wtf 😂 @kerryjeanlister Most people @undeleted RUIN MY DAY BY CHANGING STUFF @Faycebuk And amazing dress sense @Faycebuk Ruin a shit Band Meme Game By Chanbing all the letterbs @graemepark @Faycebuk Featuring Daryll Pandy @graemepark @Faycebuk Pan to Pan meets Pan Parrish @Faycebuk My uncle got his head stuck in a pan once @SamZHolt 👀
@LukeHoward1969 Trollapalooza @tom_wainwright 😘 @graemepark @lukesolomon 'Bin A Log Time' - The Fog. Please
Retweeted by Luke FM Solomon @thatmanmonkz @Waajeed_ @Chrisduck @Junorecords Banger @lukesolomon Play It's House by Skip E
Retweeted by Luke FM Solomon @lukesolomon Please play “Dirty Trash” by Stevie V
Retweeted by Luke FM SolomonShout out to my Dad for making this happen in Weston Super Mare ❤️ @lukesolomon Will you playing any Tip Hop?
Retweeted by Luke FM SolomonAbsolutely ❤️❤️Love this song!!.. sooo #uplifting !!
Retweeted by Luke FM Solomon @LDLDN @residentadvisor Great choice of wordsLive streaming from the tip at 6 guysDavid Bowie's advice to creatives in 1997 is even more relevant during these times
Retweeted by Luke FM SolomonAnother hot delivery from the @horsemeatdisco camp! The follow up to 'Falling Deep In Love', also featuring…
Retweeted by Luke FM SolomonMid tempo disco vibes reminiscent of my Savage Disco warm up days One for the sunshine business @lukesolomon There's a 'No Trailers or Vans' policy at ours now when you book a slot. At first glance I thought this was a dress code.
Retweeted by Luke FM SolomonIt’s all about guest list now guys local tip is taking bookings I repeatRound ✌🏽of @lukesolomon's lockdown mixes... "Another tribute - this time to my residency at Savage Disco..."…
Retweeted by Luke FM Solomon mix coming today - on Mixcloud 👀👖💯
@Faycebuk Your iphone is your actual age minus 40 @mattRiVEM @Faycebuk It’s an old one of these with a puncture Simone discussing the duty of an artist.
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Retweeted by Luke FM SolomonSending love and good vibes out to peoples this very afternoon just because ❤️💯👋🏻👍💪❤️💯 @Faycebuk I’m not surprised with that outfit on 😂 @Faycebuk You just off out to do some murdering ? @hassdaddy69 I can actually hold it for 5 minutes just didn’t want to really really show off @LukeHoward1969 Trolly Adams @LukeHoward1969 I’ve already muted you so @NEEZU5 @Faycebuk Are they track suit bottoms or black jeans 👖🤷‍♀️ @NEEZU5 @Faycebuk Also what are the bits on the top @NEEZU5 @Faycebuk So many questions @Faycebuk What are these clothes thoNot sure if I get more pleasure out of holding a head stand for 3 minutes or the idea of people walking past my win…
Tune in now as @lukeunabomber goes through his musical archive and takes you on a trip from slow motion techno to s…
Retweeted by Luke FM SolomonCome on kids, get his numbers up. Tunes for days
Retweeted by Luke FM Solomon @trevorjofficial @lukeunabomber Yeah people upload their production masters coz they don’t know what they are doing… @DFA1976 Look at medium @Faycebuk Did you get those from potatoes mountain?Shout out to potato mountain @kerryjeanlister @LukeHoward1969 @trevorjofficial He’s retiredMental breaks (such as naps, meditation, and nature walks) increase productivity, replenish attention, solidify mem…
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@russmather @eliesco Amazing tv @KellyAnneByrne2 @eliesco Ooofff destroyed meA little numb after watching Normal People - really brilliant Defo one for @eliescoRare footage of my upstairs neighbour
Retweeted by Luke FM Solomon @b00ked @DefectedRecords @DFTDrecords @Catz_n_Dogz @boysnoize @DariusSyrossian @thevisionishere @PaulWoolford #beatport via @beatport
@totallywould I’ve told @LukeHoward1969 to watch it like 10 times @totallywould Properly amazing TV - loved it so much @LukeHoward1969 @JimmyP_LDN Do they tho ? Just sayinDone all of this - Bypassed mixer - etc Getting lower bass response on left as well as volume - Assuming it’s an… all that stuff Technics 1210 wizards that follow me ? Unbalanced audio issue trying to get to bottom of it x @littlemissgled 😬 @JimmyP_LDN @LukeHoward1969 I can do better price With more choices #bakerlukes @__pand Bad as I Wanna be @__pand Erm hello where have you beenNew lockdown series from @lukesolomon "First up is a tribute to Chicago. Not a tribute to the music but a tribute…
Retweeted by Luke FM SolomonJust spent almost 5 minutes trying to get my AirPods to work and then realised they weren’t in my ears Shout out to that 👴🏻 @AsaHirst You have platinum status x
@trevorjofficial Ha ha @eliesco You went from no streaming to all the streaming 😂I'm starting to miss people that I don't even like
Retweeted by Luke FM Solomon @Faycebuk Good to have you back on Twitter after your hiatus @SamZHolt’s my birfday 😘
Retweeted by Luke FM Solomon @SamZHolt For a phone number sheesh alright Richard Branson