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Luke Turner @LukeTurnerEsq London, England

Author: Out of the Woods, a critically-acclaimed memoir of sexuality & 'nature' Co-founder: @thequietus 🌳🏳️‍🌈⚒

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@timburrows @Jenn1fer_A @JahDuran @RepeaterBooks @theQuietus #code @leebrackstone @Jenn1fer_A @JahDuran @RepeaterBooks @theQuietus always pleased when I see them on the catering trolly of a long-distance rail service tbh @thedalstonyears @jennyjennylord @natgalustian you can all take two each? @Jenn1fer_A @JahDuran @RepeaterBooks @theQuietus shortbread fingers are really nice though, this feels more like a HobNob (no chocolate) @jennyjennylord @thedalstonyears @natgalustian actually can you pls collect all my neighbours' cats on Saturday and take them home with you? @thedalstonyears '"There’s a crazy cat lady on every street," Butcher says seriously. "They are always women."'… by @thedalstonyears is further evidence that cat people are completely mad @willjennings80 @MrTimDunn @GardenMuseumLDN oooo hadn't seen about that exhibition, wonderful news @GBudden2 @KateHandheld cheers for the tip, just bought Blitz Writing! @timburrows @dominiclmiller1 yeah! Rumour was Andy Carroll was going to buy thatTilda Swinton did a lovely speech and was wearing an absolutely brilliant suit, which you can see in @PaddyClarke's… been to hear about a very interesting project to save Derek Jarman’s Prospect Cottage for the nation, not as a…"Jarvis Cocker - isn’t he that skinny lad who does extravagant hand gestures over his brow? Oo no, I wouldn’t inter… people are the worst thing about modern transport in the capital. WHY CANT YOU USE A CARD like normal people…
@AngelicUpstarta Perhaps Sullivan popped down the road and asked these? @hawthonn Haha! Better late than never! @MsLouisaKnight the generous bread provision is a sign there is humanity in the kitchen @MsLouisaKnight portions look a bit small there"I GAVE YOU A CARPET!!!!" I asked @WestHamClips if they'd do a Downfall parody video meme thing on David Sullivan's… @WestHamClips @AngelicUpstarta hahhahahaa magnificent! And thank you. that's brilliant. well chuffed @RHummBooks b b b b but that's a lovely windmill in the background! @MichaelAHann @leebrackstone "Each song feels as though it should end with a shout of: 'Three more, Geoff, and one… @chalravens It's depressing seeing how much space even the Guardian is giving all this crap. Much as Megan has obvi… @MadsDavies @MullenderRob I really hate that film! American indie slacker culture! Argh! @brainlove ooof where does it put them? @MullenderRob 'Imagine', 'Love Shack' and 'Rock Lobster', but apart from that, no. Actually those last two are very… @fugitiveink stunning! @DasGiftBerlin hahahha I remember you or @plasmatron saying that when I interviewed you about ten years ago - you s… @HoundstoothLBL @kgsounds this tune is utterly magnificentHey internet! Weird ask but here goes: I am looking for a photo that I saw online of a guy giving the camera the fi…
Retweeted by Luke Turner @Corbel_Stone @ccohanlon hahahhaha incredible! @IdeologicOrgan @thebugzoo @BigFlowdan @OssiaOssia @clubGRETCHEN oooooooooooooof bloody hell, come over here with that will you? @SimonGuy64 @HaltThe @Oniropolis *goes* @eleanormorgan @TheWorkshyFop @MinorLits can you write a book on the Tyranny of Should? I've gone on about it to so… @TheWorkshyFop @MinorLits ...also features discussion of The Tyranny Of Should, the concept @eleanormorgan introduc… I have a disappointment with Out of the Woods it's that it hasn't necessarily kickstarted more of a questioning… @incendiarymag @GaryTomWilliams @JahDuran Hahahha bloody hell! @leoniemaycooper sidebum bonus! @leoniemaycooper we just started using the Farmdrop delivery service that does all sorts of organic, aged, rare cut… @leoniemaycooper get on the Eurostar at Kings X and head to France. Have you tried Hawksmoor? Obvious suggestion I… @AngelicUpstarta @WestHamClips can one of you do a Downfall parody video of David Sullivan in transfer window after… online with every stranger with a dumb idea is like taking someone’s hands hitting your own face and then claiming you were attacked
Retweeted by Luke TurnerFriends confused by Payments On Account in your tax returns!! Make sure you subtract the money paid in Jan and July… @TheWorkshyFop Cheers Thom! That’s grand. I will share this later @HMRCcustomers Amazing, thanks for your help. If it were possible to make this more prominent on the site that’d be… @HMRCcustomers Ok great thank you. It’s very confusing as when you do ‘view my return’ it doesn’t say what the calc… @SocBen @BeatonsGroup @HMRCcustomers Yeah this is what is so crazy, nowhere in the return process or on the HMRC we…
@bradscottsand Woah congrats sir!Incredible winter sun in Epping Forest yesterday as the EFCV worked clearing away a deathly thicket of holly around… @ScottBarleyFilm @EmmitFenn is that video online anywhere? That's a lovely shot @HMRCcustomers right, that's very useful thanks. Is that on the HMRC website anywhere? I couldn't find anything at all explaining. @GBudden2 lurking with the mammoth bones of the Dogger Bank @BeatonsGroup @HMRCcustomers ahhhh I see. Thank you. How come HMRC don't explain that anywhere at all? Or have I missed it? @BeatonsGroup @HMRCcustomers but this seems to contradict that? @HMRCcustomers sorry, but where do I minus it *from*? My income? @BeatonsGroup @HMRCcustomers yeah the trouble I (and all my pals) seem to be having is where exactly do you put that in? @HMRCcustomers thank you Suchona, but I'm sorry if I'm being dim I can't work it out - where do I minus them? There… @soniccathedral @HMRCcustomers yeah I do not get it at all. Normally I find doing my own tax fine but this bit is madness @BeatonsGroup @HMRCcustomers I did indeed, both in January and July! @HMRCcustomers there isn't a field to input past payment on account though anywhere? Or at least, not one that is clear to me? @soniccathedral @HMRCcustomers "It doesn't include any 2018 to 2019 payments on account you may have made" is confu… @HMRCcustomers what does this MEAN? When do you take off last year's payment account from this year's bill? *fa… @yeoldemother very kind of them to make us feel invested in The Nation in this way. There never seems to be a field… swear HMRC Payment on Account is a massive scam. So complex! Makes no sense! I am sure I'm being robbed. Argh.From today #BaitFilm is available to stream on iTunes/Amazon and also out on DVD/BluRay. The Original Score vinyl i…
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@AngelicUpstarta @whufc_news @davidgold by then it’d be too late, I’m not sure they’d spend more if we were down. J… @juderogers (even if ‘monkeys rafting’ could be a Partridge TV programme idea) @juderogers Yes! @whufc_news @davidgold could see it going to the final day against Villa, the Sheffield disallowed goal losing us a… @ehgillett @baitfilmuk @gwennosaunders @jockstrapmusic1 @Mark_Jenkin @BFI I can’t think of many DIY artistic endeav… @Mark_Jenkin @baitfilmuk @gwennosaunders @jockstrapmusic1 @BFI no trouble at all, sorry to have missed you, one day… @gazelletwin @baitfilmuk @gwennosaunders @jockstrapmusic1 @Mark_Jenkin @BFI Same for me too!Thanks for heads up @LukeTurnerEsq. Watch Bait, now.
Retweeted by Luke Turner @AngelicUpstarta I’m not sure - #dogsinhostagesituations @FluidCloak what is it about our area where there’s so many of the fuckers? Someone was saying this evening it’s be… @AngelicUpstarta dangerous after all that apple crumbleSeven mountains of cat turd in the garden and there seems to be one if the bastards present at all times, whole pla… @solly_mark Lovely stuff! Great to see it there. Greetings from a smoky EFCV session - are you likely to be back at…
@vinnywhufc @whufc_news depressing to watch all afternoon, you really get a sense that this “he cost £40 million so… @Adam_Higton @PrideOfIrons My first with a season ticket. Timed it well 😬 @Adam_Higton @PrideOfIrons for my sins and errors yes! #COYIIt’s depressing being a West Ham supporter at the moment so good to see some positive news of a new BAME group alon… @joy_lo_dico I did yes, such an incredible spectacle but not done in the way those things usually are. I found it i… @joy_lo_dico really love that point about 1917 “releasing men from the myth of heroism”Wallsend in 1963 by Colin Jones. If you are a young photographer who is just starting out remember to photograph th…
Retweeted by Luke Turner @TheDaiLlew @baitfilmuk @gwennosaunders @jockstrapmusic1 @Mark_Jenkin @BFI That would be excellent! @baitfilmuk @gwennosaunders @jockstrapmusic1 @Mark_Jenkin @BFI Genuinely one of the best films I’ve ever seen and I… to watch @baitfilmuk again last night, with a soundtrack by @gwennosaunders Georgia of BCNR & @jockstrapmusic1
Given how much the media landscape has changed since this was broadcast, this remains astute @leebrackstone @BBCRadio4 genuine question, vinegaring your balls is disgusting you sick man @leebrackstone @BBCRadio4 do you ever pickle your own onions, Lee? @solly_mark ah is it just Lawrence who's the bad egg then?Given that the senior members of the Fox acting family have for years satisfied both my degenerate and derring-do '… @BenMyers1 @BookCornerHX @BloomsburyBooks @GregHeini @BloomsburyNorth @circusbooks @BloomsburyIndia @DHAbooks @leebrackstone if anyone called me that I'd jump into the ThamesSad to see Derek Fowlds has joined the Silent Majority. He was incredible in Yes Minister - Bernard and Sir Humphre… @maxjohnporter @TATFS that one underneath the oak looks well shifty @HMRCcustomers Hi Steve, thanks for getting in touch! I have tried that, and used three different browsers, but it… @HMRCcustomers hi! Any reason why I can't log in to my business PAYE page on your useless system? I enter the user… @jamesdgreig the app appears to have turned you into a rasher of bacon!