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Some days, I just don’t feel built to handle some of the baloney that’s written on this hellscape. @jenelleriley TAMARA DREWE. He’s sooooo good.Another purchase off eBay made slightly sloshed on rosé: though I prefer Robert Palmer’s “Double Fun” to “Riptide,”… @DavidCRooney1 Haha! That’s right! God that movie is so on point. @gfling She did. There’s a whole section on her bio on Wiki about it. @Todd_Spence Yeah. @gfling Honestly. She was treated so poorly MULTIPLE times in such a short period of time. It’s astounding how freq… @shivvy I’ve been searching for this LP for months now. It’s funny. I saw it in the background of the record store… Wash got done dirty by dance music producers in ‘89-‘90’s. Her vocals on Seduction’s "(You're My One and Onl…“I’m just a squirrel tryin’ to get a nut to move your butt to the dancefloor.” Bough C+C Music Factory’s “Gonna Mak… get a new Ramin Bahrani joint soon! #TheWhiteTigerNetflix looks great. Highly recommend pregaming this release w… @carcarrigan @NetflixFilm @netflixqueue I hope so. @RamiofTeaneck @NetflixFilm @netflixqueue It’s lensed by cinematographer Mike Eley, who shot MY COUSIN RACHEL, whic…’m digging on these first look images from #Netflix’s #TheDig, centering on a wealthy widow who hires an amateur a… *will* say this about #ComePlay: maybe it’s psychosomatic, but I had the worst lower back pain of my life the day… @TheSpoilist I missed that one but the trailer looked cute. That’s too bad it failed. Love Guaranteed was cute an… @bdmurchison Yes! My other big pet peeve is when characters are anticipating and preparing for a huge event that th… @TheSpoilist If you’ve got two hours that need killing and you wanna watch two good actors squeeze as much life as… @bdmurchison Hahaha! Tangentially, I saw someone else say that theirs is when teen characters have giant plates of… would’ve been far more logical had these two kept their pact a secret. If everyone knows about it, like t… @ReelTalker I know we normally split on horror movies. But I can’t imagine your opinion of it would differ much. @ElArroyo_ATX @Piggitypoe I have a feeling you know this already.#ComePlay feels horribly outdated in its tech panic and under-serves its audience on genuinely frightening scares.… & #LukeBracey sparkle in #Netflix's #Holidate, a raunchy romcom about 2 platonic pals agreeing to suff… @mirandambailey Not the only. Healing Energy Tools’ account is one of my favorites for daily affirmations.100% @samCF LOL! That would defy logic.I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: it really bothers me when characters in movies and shows don’t say “goodby…’s Famous Deli is closing on Friday. I’m now clearing our freezer to make room for matzo ball soup. @TomiLaffly Ps. I was told by someone who attended the Sundance q&a that Durkin said that scene isn’t symbolic of t… @KatCorbett Totally relate. Most of that list is comprised of survivalist movies. Too much anxiety. @KatCorbett Like, I sorta want to rewatch it. But at the same time, the first time was a harrowing enough experience.
@AisleSeat @eltonjohn The Bitch Is Back!Haven’t bought a Barbie in over a decade. But, yeah, sure. Twist my arm into buying the @eltonjohn one! @MattPassantino Congrats! @alecwriter120 Yes. I certainly hope it’ll be better than the BH90210 reunion show. @crowe209 Wow. Congrats on your sobriety.This trailer for the new #SavedByTheBell got me hyped. The “in jokes” look like they’re properly spoofed, rather th… @FilmLover85 Absolutely devastating.I’ve only seen LEAVING LAS VEGAS once. Not because it’s bad, but because it pulls no punches and cuts to the bone,… @TomiLaffly @eal7nyc Happy Birthday, Audrey!! Sending you belly rubs and nose boops.We are very happy to announce that the recipients of this year's Career Achievement award will be Hou Hsiao-Hsien a…
Retweeted by Courtney HowardGeorge Clooney’s The Midnight Sky looks like it’s one part Gravity and another part The Martian. I’m all in. @jdonbirnam @CriticsChoice Congrats and welcome to our group. @cevangelista413 Congrats and welcome to our gang. We meet at 3pm, out back behind the building - someone else will tell you which one. @812filmreviews @CriticsChoice YESsSsSSsSSS! So well-deserved. Congratulations! @DanielBerrios93 Right?! But here we are.Love it when my months old tweet regarding the twitter “feud” between the Adam-Jen and Adam-Drew camps takes off. I… @spamby2016 @CriticsChoice From 2016? Yes. I saw 2016.
@TomiLaffly I love that movie. It’s criminally under appreciated. @LandonHJohnson @CriticsChoice Loved OCTOPUS TEACHER. I wish THE SOCIAL DILEMMA omitted the segments with the actor… @Madmaddingcrowd That’s true!! @SabinaStent I bought some new wellies with dachshunds on them, as if I’ll be leaving the house when it rains. Pshaw.Remember canceling plans because it was too windy out? @jenelleriley 👏👏👏. It remains a perfect movie. @SbettsStudios @xphaqtor you’re looking to catch up on documentaries you might’ve missed this year, let these nominees for the fifth annu… @NotSPMulvihill Hahaha.#TheUndoing is PADDINGTON shared universe. @shannon_mcgrew @jameshcarter2 @localish @Legendary @trickrtreat Hair bun ON POINT! @JudiBee88 😱🤢🤮 @lizachannah #Culture @lizachannah Oh definitely. I only watched it for the first time this year. I really don’t know how it had escaped… are at least four perfect movies leaving HBO/ #HBOMax (US) at the end of the month. If you haven’t seen Améli… @MKL712 @rachel_reviews Not sure.
“And you were on a horsie!” They were coming back from voting too. 🐴🐴 voted! @fishandkangaroo @zombietardis To quote Patton Oswalt, “Science: it’s about coulda, not shoulda.” @shannon_mcgrew 🤢🤮🤮🤮 @DanAughey @TaraDBennett Thank you for the fact check on the date and I’ll also add...🤢🤮 @popcornpicks They need to cool it.WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS IN 2020??? @_ShauryaChawla @YouWentToJared @QuiGonJinNTonic like it was a real sting operation to capture these murder hornets. Birthday, @BBW_BFF & @_ShauryaChawla! @JenniferSchadel @mavericksmovies Oh wow! That’s cool. @ThatSiamGuy1988 @mavericksmovies I didn’t mean it as a derogatory. I wanna see the movie SHE’S acting in vs. the m… @mavericksmovies Kristen Stewart in CHARLIE’S ANGELS. @ava LOVE THIS! 💗Extremely good wholesome content!
@popcornpicks Wonder what gives? (My cd set came from Amazon)Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers” is one of my all time favorite albums so I’m so excited to listen to this very thorough s… @alecwriter120 Awwwwww. 🥰🐿One of our friendly neighborhood squirrels scaled our back wall up to our balcony to see if I was home to give her… @JRParham Awwwwww. Damn. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s such a tough thing to do. 💔 @darnthatdave Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear this.It does my crottled old heart good to see HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE on Netflix and getting the front-page promotion…
Retweeted by Courtney Howard @karahontheradio Aww. I love that! @aandeandval Thank you. I’m rewatching IT Chapter 2 now and it only just occurred to me.How IT started How IT’s going @moynes Lol. We old. @rtfgrad @rcolintait It’s a fantastic soundtrack @MoviesMatterPod It’s very prescient.Prime Video finally is streaming PUMP UP THE VOLUME. #TalkHard @FredTopel @Erin_Boudreau Yup. @katerbland I saw it in theaters opening weekend. I love it. The movie only gets better/ crazier from the point you’re at. @mikeryan It’s good Sorkin dialogue.