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lululemon men @lululemonmen Vancouver, Canada.

If you're up for adventure, a good sweat and cold beer, we'll get along just fine. #stretchyourhead Instagram: @lululemonmen

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@dabit3 We're just trying to keep you and your boys as comfortable as possible. @MikeSilver @lululemon @ETMoreau @MichD10 @PeteCarroll @Seahawks @nflnetwork There's only one way to find out. @chicofithuggins Sounds like a stellar way to release those endorphins. @chicofithuggins How are you sweating it out, Chico?
@Jenn_Cooper58 That's what we're here for, Jennifer. @_E18_ You never know where your friends in our sweaty community might lead you. @Jenn_Cooper58 Feedback is important to us, and we're always here to continue the conversation about what is coming… @thekygent How do we like this 100 times over? Sweet content, Josh. @johnmmblake While we can't say for certain if he's rocking our product, we can appreciate the comfort of joggers. @morlando93 If you're looking for some wallet friendly finds, check them out here:
@morlando93 What game changing gear has you raving about us this way? @maevee_degnan Evan knows what's up. @emperorofmine Oh no—please send us a DM so that we can chat more about your boxers. @_Stylite_ Matt, Cody, Bob, James, Riley, Tyler, Carter, Aaron, Dean and Dave.
@_Stylite_ @LasVegasIrish09 @SlapTheSign We could name a few. @theombrehombre Our hemming services are offered in store, so you can contact your local store educators to see if… @DanielAparici17 Sweating it out through something you're passionate about alongside like-minded individuals is one… @ZACHCRUZ The official 5th season.
@josephfrilot Comfort as easy as ABC—see what we did there? @Midwestgay With the Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve Henley's bacteria inhibiting Silverescent fabric, you'll be ready… @cam_koons6 Which pair has you stepping up your game? @CoachJimmyDykes Stoked to hear your fresh gear is supporting you, Jimmy! @aleccain44 A power combo. @aleccain44 What's your go-to gear to assist in crushing all of your sweaty goals?
@cadams_123 The Commission Belt giving you the type of support you need in a loving relationship. @lowkeymuz We're always down to make new connections:
@MoyaGran Free gear or discounts are not something we can swing. If you're looking for some wallet-friendly winners… @ethanmoore_3 We dig your style, Ethan. @wade_andrew Slipping into something so comfortable can have that effect on people. @MoyaGran Take a peek at the City Sweat Jogger 29": These breathable, stretchy joggers are… @ethanmoore_3 Which pair keeps you coming back for more? @wgrnt Send a DM our way—we'd be happy to chat about your joggers. @IsaiBCortez It doesn't get much better than gear that supports you (and the boys). @homesoonlou You can probably also hear the call of comfortable, technical gear for active living.
@AdamGardner01 We won't argue with that—technical fabric and our ABC engineering give you freedom of movement and a… @EmployeeID1018 All-day comfort so good, it's hard to say no. @xLAWx_ Once you know, you know. @TheBlackWaldo You know it's real when you want to shout it from the rooftops. @kdrewmorris If you're looking for some more wallet-friendly options, the search is over:
@bpilk10 We understand that your return experience wasn't quite what you had expected—we're happy to be your voice,… @bpilk10 We appreciate your feedback, Bradley, and we'll be happy to share with the returns team that the result was not what you hoped. @TheBlackWaldo This feels like the start of a love connection. @CoachTMJames Send us a DM, James—let's chat opportunities. @ZacLowther Closet goals. @ZacLowther We vote all of the above. @JESSE_EST01 Being number one in your heart, makes us happy. @Younggun1396 We're stoked to share this feedback of adding belt loops to our joggers with our product team. Any ot…
@AnimeBaddie You earned that extra dose of comfort. @GotInstrumental A closet full of four-way stretch and sweat-wicking gear—we see you like to live comfortably. @bertjwregeer Wear what makes you feel you. P.S. we do have men's tights—check them out here: @DedmundsUF This doesn't scream happy Friday—please send us a DM so that we can chat further about your joggers.
@JoshAlan83 Looks like you're all ready to crush some more sweaty goals. @realcamblack8 Consider us impressed. @Midwestgay We price our gear based on fit, functionality, premium materials and detail, craftsmanship and technolo… @c_hen83 We think you're pretty rad too, Collin. @camstewart @mcwm Black athleisure jackets—say no more:
@JakeRaczywolski We know that feeling, Jake—prepare to enjoy the freedom of movement and ultimate comfort for many years to come. @lululemon @diggymoreland It's true, and you know distraction-free is where it's at to crush that Chicago Marathon. @MisterMagenta Wait until you work up a sweat—your tee will make you feel like you're on a whole other level. @TeagueZach Ditto. @TeagueZach While we don't have a code, we recommend checking out We Made Too Much to get the latest and the greate… @TeagueZach We'll hold you to it, Zach. @_mattchewwws Which gear will you be rocking during your next sweat session? @dlawson78 We like to keep things fair for all of our friends on social—we'll send over a virtual fist bump instead. @CoachJimmyDykes Welcome to the sweat life, Jimmy.
@ryanandr3ws @veryann0yed Our Commission Pant got you covered when it comes to office attire, with an all-day comfo… @spupp We'll put in a good word with our design team for a Cruiser Backpack comeback. @spupp A beautiful eulogy for a beautiful 5-year friendship. @rywasney Right back at you. @rywasney While we cannot guarantee a specific timeline for the turnaround of your requests, we're always committed… @rywasney Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on our updated logo. Our designers have been hard at wo…
@MoyaGran Sounds like a comfy idea to us—which pair are you going for, Andrew? @Seanburns410 Good to know⁠, but we like to play hard-to-get—have a peek at what's new in our men's collection here… @DBrick11 We're glad to see that you're hitting the gym in some comfortable, supportive gear this morning. @Seanburns410 You're never too old to learn something new: @Dr_MUJU We're stoked that our gear is going to work with you—thanks for spreading the good vibes. @BrandonMoody As someone who crushes kms on the daily, you can never have too many pairs of trusty running shorts. @BrandonMoody We're stoked to hear that our gear is supporting you in all of your most intense sweat sessions.
@JCampagna15 We hear your clear feedback, JC⁠. Please know that as our brand has evolved, we have continued to pric… @ivanesparzaaa We will let our design team know you would like to have your favourite Pace Breaker Shorts back. Sen… @Babyharse Thanks for hanging with us while you cool down, Ralph. @niksyukri When in doubt, lunge it out.
@DionMar84184800 Right back at ya—we have no doubt that we'll be seeing more of you. @marky_bernardo Powerfully sweat-wicking and ready to support you during any workout—we'd have to say it's hard to pass up these two styles. @DionMar84184800 We're not about handing out free gear, but we appreciate your hustle. We'll be keeping our eyes on… @Cammie_Darko Way to take the plunge, Cameron. Let us know which fresh threads you pick up. @marky_bernardo We're stoked to hear it—which gear has you feeling hooked? @byteflip We promise no shortcuts when it comes to gear that fits and preforms—what's your go-to jogger? @SpacyLacyJ The law of attraction—we knew they'd make it back to you, Kevin. @kossg_3 Rumour has it that they're pretty comfortable.
@callmeshitto Don't fight the feeling. @TommyO53 The love is mutual, Tommy. @KevinMawae Sherlock Holmes, who? @1bryan We'll pass the fist bump along to our design team—that extra length was all them. Feel free to send a direc… @aleckloss We hear you loud and clear, Alec—while we never know what surprises our designers have up their sleeves,…
@itsnotyasser We're stoked to share this feedback with our product teams to introduce a 37" inseam for the Easy Com… @dave__whiteside Over to you, friends and fam of Dave. Hint, hint: @itsnotyasser We hear where you're coming from and would be happy to be your voice and pass your thoughts along to… @gregory_obi_ Join the club, Gregory: @MRCONYERS We firmly believe in rewarding yourself for all your hard work.