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>700 dead in South Kaduna, >30,000 homeless, Women and children sliced with machetes. Hadiza El Rufai’s reply impl…
Retweeted by 'Lu.. @abiolabada5 U for real? Na so him dey walk naThere is no need to see more video. There no need to wait to see how “it plays out”. There is no need to put a knee…
Retweeted by 'Lu.. @abiolabada5 U now use mess to finish the bros? 🤣🤣 @abiolabada5 I kuku didn't say so @abiolabada5 Is nor me o. Na the post o @LFC8Josh @hefelove @abiolabada5 chai! Why are u the 5th na? @Funmiscute I know I must see u here. I just knowJust a reminder that when "christians" say they "no longer believe" in God, they either never believed or they simp…
Retweeted by 'Lu..Some Nigerians believe eating Mango with Coke or garri will cause instant death but think coronavirus is a scam💀
Retweeted by 'Lu..What's the cause of the silence over the deaths in Southern Kaduna? At this point, the government is just being wicked.
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@JajaPhD @Onflood_ I don't think they even realize that Mrs is just a respectable way of writing Mr's.
Retweeted by 'Lu..I can relate. On the day i got married, we had just 5 euro, which was meant to be transport to go home. In fact, al…
Retweeted by 'Lu..Proposed to his girlfriend having less than 10k in his account, and just 6 months into marriage they bought a car.…
Retweeted by 'Lu..The first step to real progress in life is to eradicate every form of entitlement mentality you have been hitherto…
Retweeted by 'Lu..For those who watched "miracle in cell no 7" and cried, happy children's day.
Retweeted by 'Lu..This man shouldn't only lose his job pls, he should have his day in court. Such wickedness @Deshysmalls No be only u dey sell us product na25gees. Wetin eye no go see for lagos you are 30+ and still watch Cartoon, Happy Children's Day 😒
Retweeted by 'Lu..Observants Twitter, which people do you think are cashing out big time during this lopsided pandemic period?
Retweeted by 'Lu..The Mayor cried when talking about the death of George Floyd. He cried because the officers failed in their basic…
Retweeted by 'Lu.. @Anu_official Na lockdownYoruba women are the Best joor will Give you Job,Traffic will collect it from you 😭
Retweeted by 'Lu..If you still watch cartoons and anime, happy children’s day to you. 😏
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@Soke_Ikay Not only planks, but it helps build your core and with other exercises u can lose body fatThe egg moves from the factory (ovary) and meets the sperm halfway down the fallopian tube. If you like, sit down…
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@GarriCake "Best african film ever" ke? From where to where?
You’re single, no one is texting you, no one is talking to you, no one is beside you to give you sweet distractions…
Retweeted by 'Lu..Both (more popular) genders should get accustomed to handling rejection. Na part of life
@TheBabaTee I struggled to watch this movie for 2 weeks. I still never finish am. Why was I struggling. Unto say th… @hand2ome U be siren? @phunmysweet I dey o. Been a whileMarriage wey done end as soon as the husband condoned someone raping his daughter. A shame of a man @Yorubad_Man It is arguable bros. But I will rest it @Yorubad_Man What if both besties (Male and female) are not sexually attracted to each other? They just enjoy their platonic friendship @makkymaks Happy birthday dear. Best wishes. Much loveYou're a bloody liar. Do you think people are stupid? You've tacitly supported the heinous acts carried out by the…
Retweeted by 'Lu..All our best football memories were in america. Are u thinking what I am thinking for 2026? paid the plumber to fix pipes not to move rocks 😂😂😂
Retweeted by 'Lu.. @papishawi I am happy for you. Dbanj's Mobolowo won fits your story
Ronaldo's goal was more colourful. Bale's own was harder to accomplish. Hard to choose actually on Chelsea winning the 2012 #UCL 🏆 “I didn't touch it with a finger. Because I didn't win this trophy mysel…
Retweeted by 'Lu..Nje eyin re bi?
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@OluyomiOjo As in. Very big scamI cant try this on anybody. Not to talk of a parent same tenacity you’re using to pray for your helper of destiny not to sleep until they locate you is the same wa…
Retweeted by 'Lu..You’ll carry your own responsibilities. Your siblings too if you’re doing well & older. Shoulder your now retired p…
Retweeted by 'Lu..Search Successful ✔
Retweeted by 'Lu.. @Seriousist_ Lolzz... Let me laugh first. Canada that still has quite a number of Africans and you are still compla…
Retweeted by 'Lu..Someone said they never got a hi in many years from the white men in Canada. Omo. Must be rough as hell.
Retweeted by 'Lu..JERUSALEM t'orun Orin mi, ilu mi Ile mi bi mba ku Ekun ibukun mi: Egbe: Ibi ayo! Nigbawo le mi o r'oju re Olor…
Retweeted by 'Lu.. @Onahi_ Na, u are a "red devil". So it's clear to see @Onahi_ @daveek10 🤣🤣🤣 U chose the "devil" over the "deep blue sea" @fakile_adekunbi @bfaks @_dasola___ @Adeoti1110 @ini_taiwo @AboajahN @its_tuxtorlan Happy birthday dear! Best wishesI got 15 of 15 right, and you ? #zikokoquiz via @zikokomag
@kc_odogwu Lol @beejonson I read ur tweet, I am not. It is still based on "if" So answer the question @kc_odogwu To be fair on agbo, agbo no boast reach like this. Agbo is down to earth or down to herbs @beejonson What of your children? U are okay with them taking her father's? @kc_odogwu I am beyond shocked. After such flamboyant marketingThe same Madagascar? @DrOlufunmilayo 🤣🤣🤣 Very noble confession. The truth is out. Always tweet your hustle under giveaways u hear. Who… @PoojaMedia Eeya. We miss u @PoojaMedia Why u no dey studio boss? @abiolabada5 Enjoyment on the way @Hayweezy__ Calm down @abiolabada5 At all
@the_eniolanimi Tu parles francais? @NigeriaStories @haywhai007 Make una dey cool down to compose tweet. Why the rush?
@trending_medic Lol. My cousin has five. And she has the money to take care of themJames wan has to be my new school favourite director! Everything he touches turns Gold#ChristianTwitter If you want someone to learn more about Jesus and if as a result they give their life to Christ,…
Retweeted by 'Lu.. @IFM4real As in, I suspect something very under handedHope you have prayed this morning before touching your phone?
Retweeted by 'Lu.. @Dammielawlar U try. Even with the poorly written yoruba (without proper delineation of àmì ohùn) u still translate amFor the past two days kano no dey this list. Are u thinking what I am thinking?
If you're in your 20s, I want you to know that your personal and career growth is more important than your lover. I…
Retweeted by 'Lu..Pre-assist? 🤣🤣 @OlisaOsega Lumihide2 weeks and we are in the month of June
Retweeted by 'Lu..Tbf I thought it was with all his Champions League trophies.
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Just bath once in 3 days.
Retweeted by 'Lu..Mr Biggs meatpie of the 90s still remains the greatest meatpie in Nigerian history.
Retweeted by 'Lu..There are many things/moments in football that you won’t FULLY appreciate if you don’t watch them in real-time. Yo…
Retweeted by 'Lu..179 new cases in Lagos and y’all ain’t saying anything? Lmaoo. Nigerians, una Dey quick taya.
Retweeted by 'Lu..Singlehandedly, when used in team sport like football, isn’t literal. It doesn’t mean the player did it ALL alone.…
Retweeted by 'Lu..This is where cakes belong.
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My book will be ready by the end of this year but it will wait till after Buhari is gone before it’s published. It…
Retweeted by 'Lu..Resist the urge to reply people’s WhatsApp status...e get why
Retweeted by 'Lu.. @Deshysmalls Girls wey dey bear femi nko? Wetin u go do for those ones?Messaged you 3 times you no reply, I replied to your status updates you still no reply 😕, now you want me to help y…
Retweeted by 'Lu.. @Funmiscute Fear fear
@d_problemsolver But they still sell na?I forgive you for everything you did to me. Honestly, I have nothing against you but I don’t want you in my space a…
Retweeted by 'Lu..10 years from now, me sef go be 30+.
Retweeted by 'Lu..Read that Aproko's thread three times& showed it to my non Doctor siblings& we couldn't find anything wrong. I also…
Retweeted by 'Lu..I’ve realised, if you aren’t liked as a leader, you can do no right. Criticism from morning till night, no matter what you do.
Retweeted by 'Lu..They did it to me. On this same Twitter.
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