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I am straight up not having a good day but I liked this color scheme, i never learned how to French braid Bc when I was in school I had very long hair and some of my classmates woul… one: me at midnight on YouTube’s search bar: “how the actual shit do I French braid my own hair”Now if only i could get my confidence back up for outfit posts 😩Going back to posting about as many indie brands I can on Instagram has been...freeing. That’s the only way I can e… this look to my page IG: lunafayebeauty 🦋
@SewerMistress Awwww thank you 🥺 they’re from hell bites beauty! Style vixen I thinkFreya kept waving me to hold her so she says hey feel as solemn as I look
Retweeted by Omfg I’m BackLook at how fuckin cute these earrings are i forgot today is the fourth and did a blue eyeshadow look please know it’s not related. I just really like blue eyeshadowThe amount of money I’ve spent on my hair Bc I didn’t just listen to my gut about products lmao 😭😩 @itsmenavil Omg what a cutie lololOmg this photo of maryna I sprayed my hands with sanitizer spray and the wind blew some into my eye. PAIN.
🎀🎀🎀 😭😭😭 cute today I post my work, I always get people writing to me saying I’m “glorifying” acne, so here’s a little thread…
Retweeted by Omfg I’m Back @SsssamanthaaMUA An English teacher in high school asked me what age my mom was and quickly did the math that she h… @hostile_bean I keep missing your shop updates but I promise I’ll get a pair eventually lolCan I pls request sour patch watermelon earrings from @hostile_bean
Freya is in the middle of her first shed with us and I’m such a proud reptile mom awwww she’s growing up 🥺Okay I low key want the new @elfcosmetics lip balms even tho I have like fifty bajillion lip care products @RachelandVicto1 Not Jeremiah the bullfrog omg lmaooooNotoriously morbid recently released a new vegan mystic matte formula. Their liquid lipstick formula has been a fav… care and cleaning day with my bf today. I will likely do some quick reviews of indie products sent my way on m… @hostile_bean I wanna eat them @thesweatergal Thank you!This is insanely beautiful wow
Retweeted by Omfg I’m BackI was really sad to let Papi go off my island but I found Ellie today and asked her to move in. 🥺
Posted this to Instagram IG: lunafayebeauty 🌻💛🌻🌻🌻 there’s drama 😐 usually when a brand is really shady we’ve had a couple of extremely shady and rude owner… reminder I have a Facebook makeup group called Indie Makeup Lovers where we focus on indie makeup, jewelry… finds today. They’ve all been sanitized so don’t worry! I’m gonna *try* to do a cute little vintage look w… glass serving plate find today. Did I need this? No. But was it calling me? Yes.
Retweeted by Omfg I’m Back @vineyardpressco Lol awww how precious!During sex I like to thank y’all for the help Oh ok
@Lithunium_Snow OmgI logged into twitter and Facebook after thrifting all morning and.... Oh lord lmaooooI never get tired of video clips like this how cute
Just posted this to Instagram IG: lunafayebeauty 💛 brows @DitchMisser I used to use dry shampoo until I noticed how dry it made my scalp and hair so I stopped even before I… @orianna_xox I co-wash in between washes of course but my full wash day is after 10-14 days at the moment @vineyardpressco Yeah I’m really glad you brought that to my attention bc hard water is something I keep in mind wi… @vineyardpressco @manesbymell Thank you! I do live in the city so hard water is probably a huge issue for me right… scalp is getting SO DRY omg someone pls help. 😭 idk if I’m doing something wrong in my weekly hair routine or if I’m missing somethingPosted this to Instagram earlier IG: lunafayebeauty 🦋
Happy birthday to my sweet girl, Harmony. Thank you for being my daily hope for a kind future. feel like this is the prettiest look i’ve ever done 😭
Retweeted by Omfg I’m Back#BraylaStone, a 17-year-old Black girl, was killed in Arkansas. Say her name, protect Black trans youth, and uplift…
Retweeted by Omfg I’m Back @insatiablemoon Thank you angel 🥺Butterfly clips part 2 out my pinky rose peacock palette today bc it’s been a min WHYThis look is now up on Instagram IG: lunafayebeauty 🌈 @The_Sleepy_Bee Awww thank you 🥺
@a_free_houseelf Thank you ❤️❤️Definitely happy I bought butterfly clips🌈🌈 pretty much had pepperoncinis and olives for dinner and no regrets @EmberXtelle @SwatchQueenShop I bought one! Hope you sell out soonI’m gonna do a fun look tomorrow I promise. Like i want to and then I sit down lately and lose all inspiration 😩I went out to get a few things I needed for the house and also came home with butterfly clips oopsEvery time I wear this mask it’s 50% people weirdly staring at me and 50% people complimenting it look is now up on Instagram IG: lunafayebeauty 🖤💜
Ok bye again I have to run errands @GlamGothBeauty Thank you ❤️Harmony turning 8 in 3 days is breaking my heart tonight 😭
@SourPatchKids sponsor me pls I’m your biggest fanYes I did buy 1.9 lbs of sour patch watermelon for $5 today. @DollS0ul Fuck Joffree Shart"Hooty hoo! I see you've uncovered a new specimen to add to the museum's collection!" 🦴🦋
Retweeted by Omfg I’m BackMy thrift find today and now one of my favorite finds of the year @catgothcore Love it @GlamGothBeauty My dad does this he’ll pick at things he’s cooking and snack while making Sunday dinner and then no… @hostile_bean Yes they’re amazing
This is my go to peachy look but my hair is so soft today. I’m about to go outside and ruin it in this humidity tho… Blossom 👄😍
Retweeted by Omfg I’m Back @vineyardpressco Omg we just finished rewatching the avatar series tooMy bf is great with leafy houseplants and outdoor flowers and plants and I’m great with cacti and succulents which… shirt and jeans with some sort of wacky jewelry piece (go figure) @chelsea63746447 Thank you 😭 it’s @ColouredRaine cherry blossom ❤️
This look is now up on Instagram IG: lunafayebeauty ❤️ A good skin day and the fact that my hair looks decent on… @ThatGirlShaeXo ....but how? Lmao @skeletonfreak86 It’s a shop on Instagram called patapatajewelry ❤️red eyeshadow with green eyes is a power move went to a thrift store for the first time since February and it was strange but also enjoyable since no one was t… @hostile_bean I haven’t worn one in so long but my daughter picked out a black denim skort at Justice and now I kinda want one too.happy pride month from me #TransWomenareWomen
Retweeted by Omfg I’m Back @mothofpeace Yeah! I’ve seen a lot of beardies looooveee aloe. Freya likes dandelions too! She’s been a pretty pick…
Freya ate so many bugs and had a bit of aloe and how she’s just vibin @monthewat Lmaooo i feel the same way it’s because they’re so expressive even if they’re not “talking”The art vs the artist🖤🖤🖤