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Details on this look are now up on Instagram IG: lunafayebeauty ❤️
The @norvina1 volume 3 palette has been bae for fall looks and general warm toned glam😍😍😍
Retweeted by Bicht You Look Like Tuesday AddamsYee haw @evildildos Tbh this is why I’ve slowed down on saying yes to brands sending me products bc some of them are getting too bold and demanding @DollS0ul It sucks that brands will mislead people (me included for awhile until I sat down and read more about it)… @DollS0ul After researching further into what they mean by “cruelty free” I don’t get how they can be cruelty free.… on this look are now up on Instagram IG: lunafayebeauty 🍑’s why I failed my calculus class the first time in college I knew how to do shit but god I just really hated d… used to be so good at math. But I haven’t thought about math in almost 10 years so it’s been a struggle to have t… lawd I’m literally in tears bc I took my final test for statistics and did way better than I thought I would and…
I love my lip shape and how prominent my Cupid’s bow is @Ayyrika I have quite a few things from them! Lately I’ve been loving their dry shimmer oils and body and face high… @NikkiGlamXo Thank you so much gorgeous 🥺Gosh my queen! This is just beautiful! I am in love with this! @lunafayebeauty ❤️😍
Retweeted by Bicht You Look Like Tuesday AddamsLast day to enter this giveaway! little kids compliment my makeup it really lights up my heart @dianac1977 I get remaking it once bc I’ve had to do that too if they give me the wrong thing but dang 4 times 😩How can you be that dissatisfied with simple iced coffee 4 times omg get a gripI have been waiting for my coffee for 20 mins now bc the Karen in front of me keeps giving the barista iced coffee… @Marty___ns They’re from aliexpress! I think the search term is celestial earringsI went with peach’m doing a peach, yellow, and pink look but I don’t know if I want to wear a peach wig or a blonde oneDetails on this look are now up on Instagram IG: lunafayebeauty 🐻
Neutral glam @douglaskidd5 I want to! Everyone deserves food and warmthI still have items for sale on depop. I would love to sell a few things today and donate to help @douglaskidd5 get… have a type. 😰 really like the wig I wore today it might become a new favorite. And now I want more short wigs with bangsdetails on this look are now up on Instagram IG: lunafayebeauty 🦋
Why do people come to my page saying my foundation is too light that’s my skin tone you tater tot you can tell by my arms and neckThe only photo of this look that turned out cute. One of those days baby @royalglowtv It’s comical sometimes lmao 😂😭I can’t with people sometimes. If you’re gonna block me from seeing something pls make sure you block my bf too bc… @gothikvnt I know it’s a small giveaway but I wanted it to be cute and slightly festive 😭And now for a small twitter giveaway! This is open to the US and Canada and ends on Sunday Dec. 8 Rules: Pls be fo… @DebraMacki Oh goodness 🥺 i feel the same about you!Just posted a giveaway to celebrate 70k on Instagram! Winner will receive all of this plus a $100 gift card to not…
@douglaskidd5 Thank you 🥺🖤I'm DEAD!!! Like OMG Gorgeous!! 💋
Retweeted by Bicht You Look Like Tuesday Addams🥀🥀🥀 also purchased these @ColourPopCo and @ultabeauty exclusive palettes bc I love butterflies. The @SolBodyCo set wa… Devinah order arrived today. This is my idea of a “me” single shadow palette @xoShaaan Omg...imagine looking so hard for something to be “wrong” that you go and compare different angles of someone’s thumb i can’t 😭 😂 @Lisamariegmail1 Thank you ❤️ @evildildos I think IG is doing a sweep bc I earlier all I did was check my follower account and lost 100 followers… on this look are now up on Instagram IG: lunafayebeauty 🌸 conceal and perfect concealer and setting powder (I use them together), too faced born this way foundation,…
How I look at salads neighbors when I’m not doing anything: *inside their house* My neighbors as soon as I have my window open to ta… toned princess to twitter’s new policy i would like to say that I’m not @DollyParton or affiliated with Dolly Parton although… killed the quality 😭😭😭After cleaning my house and taking care of all of my other errands I do feel a ton better today. I didn’t do a look… @RachelandVicto1 LMAO if you didn’t know that was the name of the palette I could see why you’d think that 😂I love Disney plus for all of the Disney movies obviously but I also love it for all of the animal shows under National Geographic @mossg0blin Oh gross I can’t stand coors. There’s one we tried recently called Tennessee Red by fanatic brew and it… feel called out. I do like some beers though
Either the @ColourPopCo whatever palette (all of the grungy shades I use constantly) or the @NyxCosmetics modern dr… know I said I was taking a break and I am but I just received the most awesome contribution to my giveaway and I’… I’m extremely thankful for the fact that my partner and I have pulled ourselves up countless times and we ca… this look to Instagram This applies here as well but I’m going to take a mental break for a couple of days…
Hey school quarter ends soon so I’ll have some more free time to do more elaborate looks. I’m also down to do collab… @mechanicalmia Fetch me the melon baller I tire of my vision @mechanicalmia I barely know who he is I only know of the drama and who he is through tweets but those tweets are h… @cierajewelmua Omg lolDetails on this look are now up on Instagram IG: lunafayebeauty ❤️
If my period doesn’t arrive soon I’m flipping tables bc this is the only reason why I feel like this today ffsOutside of my own little corner I feel so outcasted among a lot of other artists. And I don’t even know why but the… @jerkitty I love looks like this. Some intense pink blush and highlights and you can be a cute little grungy bunny ☺️Holiday grunge😍🖤😍🖤😍🖤😍🖤😍🖤
Retweeted by Bicht You Look Like Tuesday Addams @VisariaLugosi BH cosmetics has some really nice sets. I like their marble set specifically. Coastal scents everyth… @VisariaLugosi Oh lawd I use so many different brushes at this point I can’t keep up lol @DebraMacki @TooFaced I love the whole collection but the bronzer surprised me the most I can’t stop using it. The… @Marty___ns Thank you 😭❤️This is BEAUTIFUL and so aesthetically pleasing 💕💗
Retweeted by Bicht You Look Like Tuesday AddamsDetails on this look are now up on Instagram IG: lunafayebeauty 🌸 @AnnieThingBeaut Awww no Im not I hope they find it soon :(
@Kakarthot It’s not a huge deal to me either. We don’t call each other names at all so that’s never been an issue.… of the house is “you can’t say it outside of home bc others don’t understand but at home I don’t care.” And I… video is way better love a natural glam queen 😌 two weeks left of this math class I’m so readyWe’re getting them things they need and a few toys that I know they’ll play with and can also enjoy together. My ul…’m really proud of myself for controlling my spending and not going over the amount I allotted myself and for not… you’re looking for an indie brand to purchase from, notoriously morbid is one that I personally recommend and th… on this look are now up on Instagram IG: lunafayebeauty 🦋 @Rocioceja_ This must be how my farts feel when I hold them on the first date
My legs are going to get cold but that’s okay👼🏻👼🏻 @april_f00l_ Omg I miss you and your kids too! @glamvvitch I’m trying so hard to keep myself busy and I can’t lmaooo I can’t do thisI’m trying to stay awake bc literally the only makeup sales i wanted to indulge in are notoriously morbid’s and Devinah but man I’m tiredI’ve tried really hard not to thrift shop so much lately bc I’ve accumulated a lot but like...god I love the rush of digging through boxesA local vintage shop is holding a fill a bag for $10 sale on Saturday and I’m really hoping it’s the same I’m wishi… anyone’s interested I still have a lot in my depop store to sell. I’m doing BOGO 50% off and I’m giving away lip… do feel kinda cute in these softer eye looks