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the doctor diagnosed me with lack of hornyif im weird with u, im comfortable with u
Retweeted by Lhe would’ve been an international affairs major at GW
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Retweeted by Li like to bitebiryani will post “nobody cares about your spotify wrapped” and then post a story of them deadlifting
Retweeted by L @rowjay6 true @liam757vt accepted @eleniisabella bts is also an exceptionWhen is this vaccine available to me? Y’all talking about not getting it shiiiiiiiiit I’m gettin it twice. Stick th…
Retweeted by Lexceptions include: - cody & noel - john mulaney - aziz ansarimen r not funny @kimberlytrotter me @storiraven narcissist, love it if we made it, chocolate, girlsme 🤝 @SethMegan b&bw stansi want it. i got it. @meegan_98 they only like email u the morning of for the exact price and then the bight before that something speci… 😘 amazon
Retweeted by L @Ethan_M13 LESGOOOOOOO @thatonesaad @XKimes that is the only time being hword is okayfixed it
Retweeted by L @beomsberet no no its ok im goi g later today! teeheeIf you take an ugly ass picture of me, and I tell you to delete it, or not to post it.... and you do it either way,…
Retweeted by Lbruh i jus want candles.......... havent woken up this many times per night since high school jfci am gonna replace my sinuses @fleetwooodzach thr blankie 🥺am i gonna get upset over a hypothetical situation? yescan someone date lizzie already?? she’s literally the best gf u could ask for???men r so fuckin dumb????!!!!!hey vt twitter i’m considering selling these handmade crochet bees (in any color) so please lmk if you or someone y…
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FUCK YEAH’m only photogenic when I’m taking my own pictures, idk what everybody else be doing. tryna sabotage me
Retweeted by Lhow long do u wait to wash y’all’s hair? i wait about 1 week between washes,,, @prxncvss he aint wrong @danyashere its just 🥺ty snapchat for reminding me that i had a stable big friend group 2 years ago 👍🏽 @jordanphippss MISS VP DAMN @_rocket_man FR FR @eleeeo18 wiat ur so sexy n beautiful in ur selfiewatching free episodes of Giada at Home to cope with SAD @dykeforbrains im sorry but YES“i’m a top” “i’m a bottom” how about you get on TOP of ur schoolwork because ur at the BOTTOM of ur class 😒
Retweeted by LIon usually tweet or anything but my lil guy been missin for two weeks now. He went missing in terrace view hes on…
Retweeted by Lwe should cancel her
Retweeted by L @jennings_finn u doin the lord’s work bruv 👅i keep losing followers because i’m not tweeting anymore sorry i got a bf and became happy and now i’m not funny anymore
Retweeted by Lrail me
they are dating @BryceRoper RINAAAAbrown nips are superiorStop calling people “Sensitive” for not tolerating disrespect.
Retweeted by L @naija_xo and i think he said Darkroom too! it was such a long thread...i wish he just said the apps when he made that original tweet LMAO @naija_xo gotchu morning all, i wanna rip out my sinuses 💚🖤🤍💙❤️ season got me hitting my vicks every 2 seconds bruh 😭❗️😔👎🏽 @CathoLikDizNutz i knew it......😭 @CathoLikDizNutz HEY LEAVE US ALONE @johndenverfan the sugar...she got it on da nail listened to that song 236 timesi was goin thru smthn tht i didnt even know abt am so glad this wasn’t what I thought it would be lol.
Retweeted by L @ChaseSabadaba i would ask u if u r ok but u clearly are not
this one
Retweeted by Lno one: me: do you want ur present now
Retweeted by L @jocelynriet YAYbruh has taught me three things: 1. Our economy collapses as soon as it stops selling useless stuff to over indeb…
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Retweeted by Lhappy DECEMBER!!!❄️
Retweeted by Lis your love language really words of affirmation or do you just have anxiety
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Retweeted by LI ME WT CANCER SUN
cancer moon taurus moon leo rising. roast me.As soon as he started acting like his daddy Diana snatched them genes right back.
Retweeted by LSoulmate friendships are indeed very real
Retweeted by Li got her a car buddy u knew me freshmen year, u do not know me now bc my hair has grown as much as i have @floralflareon hi“im not white” but r u black
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This YALL.
Retweeted by Lyour girl after reviewing the pictures you took of her
Retweeted by Lall i do is make tiktoks and post them privately and then post them on my twitter anyway here's my LOK take
Retweeted by Lbabe if ur stalking my twitter again imy
Retweeted by L @ChaseSabadaba i always enjoy ur mirror selfies chesI’m sorry but it still bothers me, WHAT WAS THE POINT OF TELLING US HE WAS A FUCKING TARGARYEN
Retweeted by L @michael_shiner1 LESGOOOOOkjsbngsdjklDKJgdk
Retweeted by Lneed. is niche to south indians @storiraven i just woke upthat pre-drive upma HITSvcut📸
Retweeted by Lu can be angry at fast fashion while also understanding people in low income households don’t always have many opti…
Retweeted by L @Hannahbanna__ ru ok bby