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Can't talk I'm doing hot girl shit 😌
Retweeted by Luna P 🌙Anyways here's some nudes I'm gonna disappear again now 💜 @Little_sun_boy Ummm me 🥺🥺🥺People are just plain mean on this app and sometimes it's not worth the sales I get from it to be around the negati… for festivals and shows like crazy. I miss being in my element doing what I do best ✨ wrong and so loud about it 😌
this !!!!!
Retweeted by Luna P 🌙 @brandiou_ Exactly like sorry I don't want the razor bumps from shaving too often bro get over it, we have to deal… mental health still not the best rn, watching Lucky Star for nostalgia and comfort. I promise I'll go back to being hot again soon 💜
Let me reintroduce myself... I am Spinnin Shae I'm a worldwide known Stripper, Entertainer, Performer, Contortionis…
Retweeted by Luna P 🌙Have you ever noticed that my nipples are peirced? Asking for science 😌 @littleredsmut @goddesscarlette Jfc I'm not usually into water sports but this shit is next level hot 🥵
@TheRyanNYC @yeahrightgirlhg Good to know she has shit opinions on everything then 🥰Still blocking people over cnc and kink shaming 3 days later. I'll be back active when this triggering bs is done with 💜 @oceanselene Yeah pretty sure while they're fucking the narration is telling you what we already guessed, that they… @oceanselene Oh no they definitely did on the boat 😂 It was fairly graphic I'm surprised you forget 😂😂😂
Whatever the fuck I want 😌 sex workers wanna do is shake a lil ass and make a lil money so we can feed our stupid bodies that need to get…
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@notsquidfingers Bathroom floor with the door shut and shower running 🙃 @Justin1194 Omg no not you lol it was another thread, go into my tweet replies if you want the context.Someone should tip me for all the bullshit I just had to go through that was insane. @_SoleilFleur @Merchaunt @nataliebarber22 @bunnygirIs @iskandar_wilson @ChachouMaeva @lexiraet @bunnygirIs Exactly ✨ Because they sure as fuck aren't listening to the ex… @fairyoutboy @misandrelle @bunnygirIs Bye bitch 🖕 @Justin1194 Consentual non consent @rugratti @cthulhusrose @bihetcat @bunnygirIs Okay that makes more sense I thought that was just their gross way of… @oceanselene I'm shaking. I've spent like 2 hours now defending myself and I'm so drained. These people are the worst. @fairyoutboy @misandrelle @bunnygirIs What's creepy is you caring so much about what my husband and I consentingly do in bed 😬I literally want to cry. I've been told that I'm being abusive to my husband by having him participate in cnc with… @fairyoutboy @misandrelle @bunnygirIs Lol where did I say that. No convincing was done. The discussion was about bo… fucking hate vanilla twitter. Cnc is valid. Cnc as therapy is valid. Those who participate in cnc aren't rapists… @fairyoutboy @misandrelle @bunnygirIs Honestly, at this point go fuck yourself. I'm done 🖕 @Daere86 @ChachouMaeva @bunnygirIs We're doing just fine thank you. Considering that I couldn't have sex, and now I… @thedevilslvt Fuck off 🖕 @misandrelle @fairyoutboy @bunnygirIs Not all our sex is cnc. Cnc should always include talk about it, so that it c… @fairyoutboy @misandrelle @bunnygirIs Nope you're just a rude bitch apparently who has been calling me thing like u… @Daere86 @ChachouMaeva @bunnygirIs Proper cnc involves the setting out of firm boundaries and consent ahead of time… @_Sommer_Thomas_ @bunnygirIs You would think but the way I've been attacked on this post sure says otherwise 😔 @fairyoutboy @misandrelle @bunnygirIs gets soft as he worries about how I am, rather than how hard his dick is. You… @fairyoutboy @misandrelle @bunnygirIs You guys are literally making up situations in my relationship that haven't h… @fairyoutboy @JemTheDoll Yes. Like I already said. The aftercare is for both parties, as is the norm with kink. Tho… @misandrelle @fairyoutboy @bunnygirIs I've been to 3 separate therapists dude. It's not like they just throw you in… @misandrelle @fairyoutboy @bunnygirIs We literally talked about it in depth and he agreed. So let me get this strai… @JemTheDoll @fairyoutboy Willfully ignorant and trying to make me seem like an abuser. I'm so done dude. @Daere86 @ChachouMaeva @bunnygirIs Well I've been to 3 separate therapists who have all recommend this. I'm sure th… @fairyoutboy @misandrelle @bunnygirIs The same thing can happen with rough sex if the dudes afraid that he hurt you… @fairyoutboy @cthulhusrose @bunnygirIs Yes and that wouldn't be helpful as a form of therapy though would it 🙃 @AlexDiduk @bunnygirIs I agree with it not being made to be no big deal! Cnc should be thoroughly discussed and res… @misandrelle @fairyoutboy @bunnygirIs I said he didn't enjoy it in the creepy way they keep trying to say he does.… @misandrelle @fairyoutboy @bunnygirIs @fairyoutboy @bunnygirIs You have time and time again? Others have even pointed it out to you... @Daere86 @ChachouMaeva @bunnygirIs ... it's taking back control by having control asserted over me, I'm not taking… @fairyoutboy @misandrelle @bunnygirIs I'VE EXPLAINED MULTIPLE TIMES THAT HE DOESN'T "ENJOY" IT LIKE THAT YET YOU AR… @fairyoutboy @bunnygirIs Do you ever get tired of invalidating someone else's experiences? I tried to be civil and… @fairyoutboy @sp0o0o0ky @bunnygirIs Yet you keep invalidating my therapist sanctioned experiences by dismissing them as a bad therapist... @JemTheDoll Massages, words of affirmation, soft blankets and lots of kisses. It's always obvious that he has zero… @JemTheDoll rough! It works with constant reassurance from either party and assigned signals to stop, so that we ar… @JemTheDoll A totally valid question! He's not the one that came to me with the idea, I came to him with it as a re… @sp0o0o0ky @fairyoutboy @bunnygirIs Holy shit thank you 😭 @ChachouMaeva @bunnygirIs Trisha Paytas is racist and a whole bunch of other shit lol, her being a sex worker is th… @Daere86 @ChachouMaeva @bunnygirIs There's also been studies into the positive sides of it. As with most therapy me… @bihetcat @bunnygirIs Lmao cnc is just the proper term for rape kink my dude. @ChachouMaeva @bunnygirIs Lmaooo I've been a sex worker since before onlyfans. I'll be one after. Sex work is work,… @fairyoutboy @illusionkash @twiggerstorm @bunnygirIs I do. It's my real life experience. I really think that if you… @fairyoutboy @illusionkash @twiggerstorm @bunnygirIs If you think cnc is anyone's only coping mechanism, you're wro… @fairyoutboy @illusionkash @twiggerstorm @bunnygirIs Okay well that's your bad experience, your bad experience with… @ChachouMaeva @bunnygirIs Your disgusting. What I choose to do with my body is none of your business. I do what I d… @fairyoutboy @illusionkash @twiggerstorm @bunnygirIs Well I wouldn't have been able to get to this point of being o… @fairyoutboy @illusionkash @twiggerstorm @bunnygirIs He's not turned in by the sick thing that happened to me. He's… @fairyoutboy @illusionkash @twiggerstorm @bunnygirIs So fuck me then he can't help me with my issues because he has… @fairyoutboy @illusionkash @twiggerstorm @bunnygirIs Also, like I've said, this had been recommended to me by more… @fairyoutboy @illusionkash @twiggerstorm @bunnygirIs Well here I am, a survivor, telling you that before I particip… @illusionkash @twiggerstorm @fairyoutboy @bunnygirIs Yeah you sure can but that wouldn't be helping anyone with the… @fairyoutboy @illusionkash @twiggerstorm @bunnygirIs Again, so survivors are only allowed to participate in cnc wit… @fairyoutboy @illusionkash @twiggerstorm @bunnygirIs My husband, who is helping me work through issues, isn't going… @fairyoutboy @illusionkash @twiggerstorm @bunnygirIs I've already told you it IS HEALTHY as it is RECOMMENDED BY MY… @ChachouMaeva @bunnygirIs The only one acting like a misogynist is you. Like Jesus do you hear yourself? "Just say… @illusionkash @twiggerstorm @fairyoutboy @bunnygirIs Like we've talked about how traumatizing it is as I've told hi… @illusionkash @twiggerstorm @fairyoutboy @bunnygirIs You said you understand if it's trauma, here I am saying that'… @fairyoutboy @bunnygirIs You know about bdsm but you're out here attacking a consenting couple reclaiming their autonomy... Sure babe. @fairyoutboy @bunnygirIs Also he didn't have a cnc kink to begin with. I asked him to help me reclaim my power by p… @fairyoutboy @bunnygirIs Wow you sound grossly uneducated. You have zero understanding of the sub/dom relationship… @ChachouMaeva @bunnygirIs I have healed, thanks to educated therapists and a loving husband 🥰 Fuck off TERF 🖕 @localsxdist @ChachouMaeva @bunnygirIs Omfg I didn't even register their username until you said something holy shi… @ChachouMaeva @bunnygirIs @ChachouMaeva @bunnygirIs if you need reputable sources to believe a survivor on their experiences 🙃 @ChachouMaeva @bunnygirIs Baby I've been on meds before, prescribed by the same doctor who told me that cnc could h… @SamIsGone2 You need to fuck off then 🥰 I've seen multiple therapists as I have lived multiple places. They all hav… @lolabay_ Bro same so much trauma when shit doesn't load 😂 like what did I do now?!? @fairyoutboy @bunnygirIs So in your eyes, my husband, who helps me work through this, in a consentual manner, is fu… @ChachouMaeva @bunnygirIs How is having my husband help me through cnc me letting perverts use my body... The only… @bunnygirIs If y'all could maybe not quote tweet me while on private that would be great 🙃 Not the most fun when I'… @nataliebarber22 @bunnygirIs Exactly they just see us as victims but if they did the slightest research they would… @thespookywook Omfg I watched this last night and thought the same thing 😂What’s the difference between the US Capitol and Mordor?
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