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Lydia de Leeuw @lunapuella Utrecht, the Netherlands

writer & editor, feminist, bibliophile, geek, busker, singer-songwriter (@LydiaZingt). this is my personal account & I tweet in English and Dutch. She/her.

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@anne_theriault It is a truly amazing thing! My first baby was fairly massive and I was just astonished he grew lik…
Lieve verhitte zwangeren... Die leuke hydrofielen die in de kast liggen te wachten op je kleintje, kun je nu ook go…
Retweeted by Lydia de Leeuw @nosinne Maar... selected fiction. Dan heb je waarschijnlijk alles toch al? @eddus @flutteringazure That's very cool! Incidentally, tolk is also the Dutch word for interpreter. :)Door #corona gaan mensen deze zomer dagjes uit in eigen land met bus of trein. Maar hoe toegankelijk is ons…
Retweeted by Lydia de LeeuwIn a relationship with a selfie that is the worst of all time @scib0rg @markpopham And Tiger Lily. @scib0rg @markpopham At the very least the mermaids and Tinkerbell, also possibly Wendy.
@TammRock Oké @LadyHawkins Yes please! I'm having an utterly shit day and this is just what I needed, thank you.Het is zo'n dag. @BathysphereHat What I hear from parents of multiples is that they often want to have exactly what the other one ha… @KonMarty Oh ja, als de rest van de inhoud ook niet neutraal is lekker weg ermee! @KonMarty Zijn pagina's stevig aan elkaar lijmen, hoef je ze nooit meer te zien. @geenkatja @demiviring Geen zin is toch gewoon prima? Ik was 30 toen ik mijn rijbewijs haalde. @twistedsoup What the actual fuck."They are just hungry and cold, help them."
Retweeted by Lydia de LeeuwI feel like I'm mostly dealing pretty well with *vaguely gestures at state of the world* but then sometimes I see a… tip (literally, I’m a professional in heavy metal): There’s no such thing as a metalhead card. Your favorite m…
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@heinragas @trayaisms Also same. And my office is in the attic.Technically, @terzijdehorde 😂, diabeet, hoge bloeddruk, getrouwd vader van twee, docent. Ik hoop dat alle boomers die weigeren mondkapjes te d…
Retweeted by Lydia de Leeuw @clairewillett On a rewatch a few years ago I was struck by how KIND Janice is, and all the friends make fun of her…
@geekingthething Oooh, that was just recommended in my book club! Nice to hear someone else is a fan too, I'm defin… @flutteringazure If he thinks that's long hair, he should see my eldest... 😂 @GoingMedieval Thank you for teaching me that bubonic plague and Black Death are not interchangeable terms. Is it b… know I share this article fairly regularly, but since the forecast is "it's going to be hot enough to melt the pi…
Retweeted by Lydia de Leeuw @Zoetgevooisd Ik blijf me verbazen over hoe mensen achter bedrijven zo onprofessioneel leeglopen op social media.
I am STILL seeking justice for Breonna Taylor. Her killers have STILL not been arrested. They NEED to be. I am goin…
Retweeted by Lydia de Leeuw @yehaToni Rarely for me, but I'm also tall and big and have excellent resting bitch face, which seems to intimidate… @Charley_56 @holly_bourneYA Paris was the only one who ever really supported Rory anyway (though since the Netflix… gezeik over Irma ook. Het gaat er om dat dove en slechthorende mensen ook begrijpen wat er gezegd wordt. Of dat…
Retweeted by Lydia de Leeuw @Orquidiart @BathysphereHat Thank youuuu ❤❤❤
@LifeByndBorders @anne_theriault They're both British, aren't they? Wait, is there a third David Mitchell I'm not aware of?! 😱 @vIeeseter Bakpapier ertussen? Also mmmmm zin in spring rolls nu 🤤🤤🤤 @asinnema Is een lowtweet hetzelfde als een subtweet?
'Orchard sketched out his initial idea for the show in 2012: back then it was called Chop Chop and Duggee was Berti…
Retweeted by Lydia de Leeuw @coderGirlnl Je kan ze ook nog even in de vriezer leggen, voor extra verkoeling. :) En ze zijn wel echt handig! Mij… @coderGirlnl Ik voel je, ik was hoogzwanger in de zomer van 2018... Ik legde vaak een natte handdoek in mijn nek (h… @banaan666 I wouldn't quite call provinces different countries. 😉 @ciselering Ik duim superhard! Het klinkt erg tof in elk geval. @heinragas What, did you think I would post this before checking first? @heinragas Hey, I did start in the centre of the country! You could get to Luxembourg in an extra half hour too.You could do it in two hours if you start all the way in the south of the country but I figured that would be cheating.🇱🇧 Community driven resource, listing ways to provide support (donate blood, send money) and get support in locatin…
Retweeted by Lydia de LeeuwNetherlands: you drive for three hours. You leave the country, pass through another country, and end up in a third.
@geekingthething Ik testte in regio Utrecht, 27 uur tussen test en resultaten. @TammRock @TammRock Watermeloencurry ❤ @linpatootie Oh jee. Ik duim voor een goede afloop! @ZiggoWebcare in de VS komt deze week An American Pickle uit via HBO Max. Kunnen we die straks in Nederland ook zie… juwelier maakt geen schijn van kans. @antionette_69 Mijn eerste gedachte is een heel fris lichtgroen, beetje zoals de eerste blaadjes in de lente. @sannemaasakkers @danielverlaan Haha ik ben blij dat je je me nog kan herinneren, anders was mijn eerste berichtje… @sannemaasakkers @danielverlaan Hee Sanne! Wat een leuk doch licht bizar gevoel om zo mijn achternichtje tegen te komen online. :)I've seen the "sell ugly fruit" thing going round again, so I guess it's time for this thread to come back:
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@LadyHawkins Will any of the upcoming ones be open internationally?Frank Lammers is een verre neef van mijn opa. @BrydieLK Didn't he do one with Rihanna? @jenb_davies Breastfeeding came about as easily as possible to me (plenty of milk, no latching problems, everything…
@tiniebeeb @ellle_em A little on the cold side.If you’ve been watching and enjoying Mrs America you should read this. It doesn’t stop it being riveting drama. It…
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@haIfbewoIkt Gefeliciteerd! @FadingGender Yoko Tsuno! Dat is me een partij jeugdsentiment. @heinragas 24/7 in dit gevalHet is 33°C en mijn kleuter zingt sinterklaasliedjes.Laatste dag om te stemmen. Dus als je dat nog niet gedaan hebt: stem op mij en krijg een digitaal koekje! 🍪 Ik kan…
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Kudos for the processing speed too. 27 hours between test and results, which is very impressive considering the tes… test came back negative! @Zolphia @heinragas @LenMariken That's why you use the leftovers from the risotto you had for dinner the night before. @menysnoweballes Omg this is perfection @verepeer @dittesque Er waren meerdere mensen op de fiets en dat leek ook goed te gaan, voor zover ik kon zien. Vor… @jephjacques MENEER KAARSTLDR: since today, I know I need a stem cell transplant for my worsening leukemia. Without it, I won't survive. Tim…
Retweeted by Lydia de LeeuwA lot of feminists I admire have by now discovered the roots behind the black and white photo challenge. Here’s a l…
Retweeted by Lydia de Leeuw @PuckBunnyGold @MavenOfMayhem There's still dæmon
@Invictusforlife Niet te doen hè. @bumblebeedc Heel tof stofje!'the r-number stands for revenge number.. ' Linnet's poem gets better and better. She's 17.
Retweeted by Lydia de Leeuw @seriouslyhilary Just imagine the uproar if we Dutch claimed Flemish talent as our own...Can confirm the test is not nearly as bad as reported! I honestly thought it wasn't even a big deal. Now keeping my… son told me this morning he likes me better than dinosaurs. Coming from a 5yo, there is no higher compliment. @linpatootie Yeah, I've heard it's not pleasant but very manageable. I'm definitely more concerned about the result than the test itself! @dittesque De Koploperstraat in Utrecht. En geen idee, ik gaf aan dat deze locatie mijn voorkeur had en er was nog… @Inked_Archivist Me too!And very happy we decided to wear face masks inside everywhere last week, even though it's not mandatory hereOn the upside I called the test line basically the second it opened and got the final testing spot at my preferred location for todayI woke up with a cough so this afternoon someone gets to stick a swab entirely too far down my nose and throat lot of women are posting for #ChallengeAccepted, so here's a post that talks of the origins/purpose of the challe…
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@panthouse @nosinne @linpatootie O ja het hunebedcentrum vond mijn destijds vierjarige afgelopen herfst ook tof! @nosinne In Drenthe is Zoo Bizar in Orvelte een aanrader! Kleine dierentuin met 'rare' dieren en demonstraties waar…
@flutteringazure Aren't these the important conversations you're supposed to have *before* marriage? @nicoleteunissen Ik heb 'm denk ik al 5 of 6 keer gezien maar het blijft een heerlijke film. ❤ Wel typisch van het uitzendmoment ja :/ @vIeeseter Bread and roses, altijd huilen hier @vIeeseter Mijn eeuwige crush 😍😍😍Filmtip vanavond! Pride, zo'n fantastische Britse feelgoodhuilfilm over mijnwerkers en homo's die elkaar vinden in… @vIeeseter Oooooooh 😍😍😍 Maandagavond is hier University Challenge avond maar daarna... ! @vlindervleugels Daar is ie toch ook perfect voor? Zodra ik geen borstvoeding meer geef ga ik al mijn fancy jurkjes… @vlindervleugels Woooooow 😍😍😍 @trayaisms Oh no...