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James Spader. DSA. tech exec, Founder, @ClothApp @RoboticProfit. Presidential campaign manager. Metal guitar. L'enfer, c'est les autres.

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@valeriesee EXCESSIVE, I NEED @Drain_001 @CBS I would ABSOLUTELY love this @NoelleFaen are they crying while they cut the bangs or is it a lifestyle @caroljsroth Why no "compassionate conservative" option :( @atweetingtwit wow if only black metal were this horny @metaltxt @mattly wtf you have to youtube to pin?? @gabrielgironda Dibs don't seem to be a thing in Wicker Park anymore. You may rest easy.Synthwave is just Industrial for tumblr kids
My Anime profile on Angellist finally got a lead
New bb (the old one broke) #contax from the L (Contax TVS, Ultrafine 400) @AlmostMedia Criminal @gleicon QAnonConugh I logged in for 45 seconds and was inundated with depressing Hot Takes bye @jmhodges I like this one @rhowardbrowne @AnnCoulter what brain disease do you have Rodney @kirabira I DID THIS AS A CHILD WTF @peterdaou Comrade Peter is right @jmhodges Oh now that I realize that I have some self-reckoning @RubinReport Agreed! They should be abolished.Libertarian Wario is canon
@girlziplocked This is postpostpostmodernism @girlziplocked Wtf this can't be real @kksteffany They never were afraid :(Which idiot named it Marxism instead of Lockeblocking?Pelosi has demonstrated that she's willing to placate the left and hey that's a start back to quitting Twitter @gabrielgironda what the christwhat...the...fuck Groves o' Spain
Alhambra at night (Rolleiflex 3.5F, Delta 3200)'m in hell @atweetingtwit are there sufficient quantities of Nice People? @mechamelissa Still not regretting quitting the internet @floozyesq That should really be their new bio @_ghostlight Here come the tears :( @atweetingtwit That's what I miss from my TFC days. I kinda gave up after that. @kirabira solidarity with my feline fam πŸ’–
@chrissyteigen πŸ‘πŸΌ make πŸ‘πŸΌ more πŸ‘πŸΌ crimesAlhambra palace (Hexar AF, TMAX400) of San Sebastian (Rolleiflex 3.5F, Delta 400) @kirabira My Miele keeps me sane from furpocalypse
Alhambra from the Summer Palace (Cinestill 50D, Rolleiflex 3.5F) @atweetingtwit The best takePay up, Jesus #bernie2020
@metaltxt Ugh I'm supposed to be logged off @metaltxt Wow I get this and wow @alanisnking oh, here's a less sleepy one. @alanisnking purrsephone begs to differ chicken udon #japanesefood udon progress @JawnValjawn Used 4 good or evil 🧐 @ananavarro NahBlessed
Udon time 😍 @Ningauble Oh noSaturday is gonna KILL #metal @kirabira because they should be Executed @kirabira To be fair, execs get fuckall done
@kirabira Mute these things, it really helps Can we afford a #GreenNewDeal? A: Yes. The federal government can afford to buy whatever is for sale in its own currency.
Retweeted by brood on the dance floorI only break my Twitter Fast to tweet supporting things to AOC ty @DRUNKAHONTAS Nah @aoc Yo, nuclear energy is pretty green and we need more of it πŸ’–wow a watch with Tourette's thanks the origins of money with a completely true tale
Gehry hotel, Rioja, Spain (Rolleiflex, Ektar 100) Contax TVS has a panoramic mode and it's pretty neat. Shot on UltraFine 400
@HoneysuklDesign @peterdaou Thank godyou: eats vegebales occasionally me, obsessed with San Marzano tomatoes: @mattly well I gotta know this FIRSTmedium/large co #Tech employees: What's your company's referral bonus for engineers? DM if you want. xo @buttpraxis @moonpolysoft @ztellman What I'm saying is I deserve the oncoming drag @buttpraxis @moonpolysoft @ztellman I mean it is, but t's also self-immolation @AmberPlaster Oh man I want an arcade cabinet @moonpolysoft @buttpraxis @ztellman I have the worst story about going to a party at Penn's house where we particip… @eehouls oh my god this is so much better already @janelle_meghan I will keep pronouncing it as "pokeymans" and you can never take it away from me @SEGA_Legend Yours are fine πŸ˜‚ @eehouls Waaaaaait, there's like secret mutes I can do? You may be my savior @Emma_JaneMartin and 300 meatballs(PS I'd hate Twitter a lot less if I didn't see other people's likes, because they either induce rage or misery) @dinfowars yeah no shitlogging off for a week because Posting is a disease. txt me if you need me. if you don't have my number, ask a friend. xo @thottbaio fuck no @kirabira this is Hell @dinfowars we all need a good meltdown @girlziplocked A. they don't understand Socialism with a capital S, B. they're exhausted, C. socialist orgs don't seem to get much done @ASamanthaRae it's surprisingly awesome. @thebl4ckd0g @KatContii @starwars @Obsidian an Obsidian KOTOR would be event of the year tbh @DoctorMeowskis @SketchyMedical that sounds rather unpleasant @NoelleFaen @peachiestkari @_miyakomoon @Shaydozer that just sounds like a date @thebl4ckd0g I'm so tired of computerscrazy that @AOC became the leader of the Democrats by being the first one to have policies the public really likesmood: @AOC vs. joe manchin
Retweeted by brood on the dance floor @seltzerprincess it's such a pain that it's at the end of Feb. happy to see Rahm gone tho @chelseagsummers I really need to get off twitter because I spend all day mad @NoelleFaen @peachiestkari @_miyakomoon @Shaydozer ugh fine I'll get on it do you, uh, play CoD or something? I nee… @SenSanders bernie how could u steal her historic thunder by *wipes glasses* *checks WaPo editorials* calling her y…