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@michaelgaydos93 Wouldn't that be cool! @Jana_MarieMc @lushbathbomb So soothing💤❤️ - Angie @sanarose Oh no! Hope those bugs aren't getting you too badly! We can definitely pass your suggestion along. Thank you @YesHi_itsMe Hi there! This looks like our Pumice Power Foot Soap. Check it out here: @m_e_r_a_k_i Hi friend. Thanks for your question! You can return your 5 clean black pots when shops are allowed to… @kirsten_massey Thank you for the bath bomb love!🛀 @MRosenfeldDC We understand that this is different than how we have previously operated and we apologize for the in… @MRosenfeldDC Hi! Our Customer Care team is currently focused on supporting our phones and webchat channels at this… @DakotaTruax3 Hello! We would recommend booking an online virtual consultation with one of our Lush managers for yo… @elsie_go Hi Lindsey. We also love us some Lip Service Lip Balm. We can definitely pass your suggestion on to our teams. Thank you so much! @Erica_mm94 We want you to know that we're doing everything we can to speed up the process while keeping our employ… @Erica_mm94 Hi Erica. We are very sorry about this. Were you able to speak with someone? We understand it's been di… @BrianRicci Brian this was such a fun video to watch. We are glad to see that you are taking care of yourself durin… @carolnguyen_ Well hey Carol...I quite like you too! - Angie😘 @BossiLadi313 We love you too Charmel! @lindsaytothemax So satisfying to watch (and hear)! We wish we could smell it through the screen❤️ Hope you enjoyed your bath!
@KilonTyrome92 ❤️ @Nikkiayana Sounds like a damn good weekend! Enjoy your Lush goodies❤️ @CTobinKemmer Oh we love some Silky Underwear Dusting Powder on the thighs! Especially during the summer! @LadyHijabi Hi Nadiyya. So sorry to hear about this! To find a solution, you can get in touch with our Customer Ca… @emily__rose25 @kittyannm00re Hello! As a campaigning company, we work together with organizations that lead this w… @nairdyag Oh no ! We are so sorry to see that your bath bomb was damaged in transit. Please reach out to our Custom… @headf1rst4halos Summer in a bottle, we like that description. Karma Perfume is such a classic Lush scent!🍊 @ashleychandra_ We appreciate you spreading the message Ashley!❤️ @toniannkeiling7 Thanks for supporting and spreading awareness about some of our packaging!❤️
@SourPatchKikii Hey there Lushie! They will reopen again at 9am EST tomorrow. Hope this is helpful @SourPatchKikii Oh dear! I am sorry you haven't received any updates yet. Sadly, we're unable to help you with orde… @DreKingston Hey there Lushie! We are sorry you feel that way. We have extended our free ground shipping for orders… @RubyJoule Looks like a fab time! ❤️ @BountifulBussy ❤️ #BlackLivesMatter @LRasmussen_ @astoldbyabbey ❤️ @ShortAlek Thank you Lushie. Thank you for standing with us. @kayleighathena Ooooh what a fab shower routine! ❤️ @OrianaCruznMox Hi Oriana, I am so sorry that you haven't heard back. Unfortunately, our Care team is not currently… @skeezerbozzer We feel your love and love you too❤️❤️If you want to learn more and continue supporting please visit @mstmar1e *screams* Ah! Baby Yoda, grateful for you we are. @missprdiva Thank you and we love you! If you want to learn more about how you can help, please visit say enough. Violent beatings and killings must end. Racial profiling must end. Mass incarceration must end. Im… @mstmar1e Hello friend. Thank you for inquiring about this. We would recommend our Dirty Shower Gel as it shares th… @Fineartbyjamie We are so sad to see your order arrive like this, but we are glad that nothing inside was damaged. ❤️ @ambisextrous Hey Lushie! So sorry for the confusion. We would love if you could contact our Customer Care team on… @LadyJSaysSo ❤️ Love this! What a great #LushHaul @jemappellepatty Hi Patty, so sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with our soap. Were you able to chat… @shearsln Ohhhh what a fab #LushHaul you got! Love this ❤️ @handsomecatfish ❤️ Love this for you! @klheik @AlliAlliG Hi Lushie, great question! We don't have a lotion with the same fragrance, but Pansy Lotion is s… @noheroesall0wed Ooooh cute. We will pass this feedback on to our teams and see what can happen. @kaceesylene We pair well with many things. Relaxation being the main one! Hope you enjoyed your bath. ❤️ @tatcattydonuts @MissVedra We couldn't help but overhear that you're in need of skincare. Lush is offering 30 minut… @kevinyyc85 Hi Lushie, thank you for letting us know about your damaged products. We responded to your DM. 🙂 @ItsBegger We are so sorry your products leaked during transit and arrived like this. That is not the experience we… @abigail_mbt We're so happy to hear you received your Lush treats. Your haul includes some of our faves.😍 Which pro… @ELISAxiii We're so sorry to hear this. Occasionally we split deliveries to get goodies to you faster. Take a peek…
@VINCEELICIOUS @gaabgabs1 We have opened some of our stores for curbside collection. Hopefully, one near you will b… @CAGurlChris we love your post and want to feature it! Reply #lushaccept to approve. See for more info @CAGurlChris Oooooh nothing like a fresh shampoo bar. LOVE @ih8bingcreative Yay! So happy you were able to get through to someone. Hope they were able to help! @Nikki5698 We are so sorry to hear that those options didn't work for you. Our Care team might be able to help more… @brand_asking ✨A bath bomb bath tub, The color takes over me, I relax and smile. ✨ @Nikki5698 We use food-grade, vegetarian dyes in small batches, so occasionally the colour will stay a little longe… @Joesexycool Hey there Lushie! So sorry you're missing items. We would suggest calling again tomorrow morning. Our… @ih8bingcreative Hey Victoria! We're sorry you've had such trouble getting through to us. We are striving to staff… @ih8bingcreative Thanks for that feedback. We've flagged to our teams that the information needs to be more accessa… @lindsey_baker18 Oh no! Try getting in touch with our Care team via phone or webchat to get this sorted. @ih8bingcreative We are so sorry for the difficulty reaching us and understand your frustration. Unfortunately, we… @Miminin @USPS Hey there Lushie! We do ship to Puerto Rico! If you buy from our UK site, you'll be able to get all your fave Lush goodies. @MoonstoneSand Ugh fab. Those are all such great products. Your shower sounds like a paradise. 🛀 @gingervlogs If you love the scent, here's a link to the American Cream collection 🤗 @samanfraaa Oh no, that doesn't sound right! Was the address on the label incorrect or was it just read wrong? Have… @sarabistudios Hi Lushie, we are sorry to hear that your package is delayed. Our Care team can support you via phon… @Kemeah520 💚🐢 @gingervlogs Ah brilliant! We love that you were a fan of our pop up! It's such a great scent isn't it? We are all… @milktoothisland We love love love seeing our stores pop up on Animal Crossing. So cute! @gingervlogs Wow quite the #LushHaul you got there. Which one are you going to use first? also lol! We agree the pa… @ChisandCrackers @thequeenebs @SDJBeauty We are always happy to help out! ❤️ @BeeMcBee1 We went dairy-free a year ago. 😜❤️ @MoonstoneSand Thank you so much for being such a loyal Lushie! What's your fave? 🚿💙 @halsteadandhunt 💃🕺 @HeatherBenson75 Hey Lushie, all our products are made with food-grade, vegetarian dyes in small batches, sometimes… @Tristan29038482 We're so sorry. This is is not our normal customer care standards and understand your frustration.… @robotikPanda Hey there Lushie! We're sorry you haven't been able to connect with us. We would suggest trying again… @gingervlogs We couldn't agree more! What Lush goodies arrived today? ❤️ @deadxmermaid @eadoyle Such a great mask right? We are big Cup O' Coffee fans. ☕ @Chandler_TV We miss you too!! Check-in with your local store on FB for their opening plans, hopefully, we can see your face again soon. 🌈 @ShojoPower Enjoy your Lush treats! We have a feeling your hair is going to look and smell incredible. 😍 @kuorra Hi Lushie, we responded to your DM. ❤️ @gabxcast Sorry to see your delivery was damaged, this is not how we want our Lushies to open their packages. Feel… @lacucarochaaa We're so sorry it's been difficult to reach us. This is not our typical Care standards and have incr… @emilkovacevic Wouldn't that be great! We’ll pass your suggestion to our teams ❤️
Good news, Lushies - you got it right! Imani has never been stuck on a rollercoaster! See you next week 👋 @CaptainKaytee Just make sure it doesn't send you to sleep mid-shower 🚿😆 @killla_kamm Hi Ali, thanks so much for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that your experience wasn't how we woul… @CaptainKaytee That's a great looking bathtime right there! @fireinherveinzz Hi Beau, you can follow your local store on their own FB page for live updates on their opening pl… @MSparklezzz 💖🌈 @MSparklezzz Hi Mel, thank you so much for making this video and giving Lush a little shoutout! ✨ @REESEOMEGA4EVER That sounds dreamy! 🛀 @StilettoSuprmom Love this! ❤️ @AngelliJim Great choices, let us know what you think. 💖 @AngelliJim What are you most looking forward to trying?! 😍