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Western Canada Prairie Companion ⭐️Feb 21-March 3 Northern Alberta/ BC, OFF March 4-15⭐️

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@cougarnikki ❤️❤️ @AlexRiley808 well I found out in FSJ there have been alot of girls with drug issues ripping guys off by getting de…👍😍 safe'M AVAILABLE IN WINNIPEG
Retweeted by ❤️Miss Athena Lust❤️Cum say hi🤑🤑Working 10-5 today with my shop ladies @Jade51668923 and @sugarathottoppix 💕💕💕
Retweeted by ❤️Miss Athena Lust❤️ @Roselyn_Mae_Yyc @LunaLace90 @HunterVanDyke1 @KandyMillionXXX @Karina_Vlt @theKatrinnaBlue @MistressBlaq @Charlotte1Quinn thank you beautiful and how are things?Safe travels @gray_service @KeissyHennessey @cougarnikki @Skylar22630577 @LacyLovelle @SweetLauraMoore @hotblueyes36 Thank you 🤗🙂travel safe beautiful @Irishfreak27 because your awesome @AlexRiley808 i have been paying my education on my own for this degree and yes its very costly, I was hoping to to relief some stress @AlexRiley808 They are refusing to pay it period and wifes dont typucally notice 50-100 so i try to be fair @Steve49303932 thanks steveEdmonton Gentlemen Surprise stop Feb 20th-21st 20th 9:30pm-11pm 21st 8am-11:30am to book 403-383-4554 RT’s ap…❤️February ❤️❤️ ❤️Edmonton 20-22❤️ 💋Camrose 21-22💋 ❤️Whitecourt 22-23❤️ 💋Peace River 23-24💋 ❤️FSJ 24-26❤️ 💋Da… @HazelVip @latinajenessa @JessicaFrancop3 @Jessica09322736 @AdoreAshlynn @Scarlet57462137 @AdriannaStone @Dvorak11230328 @SweetLauraMoore thank you so much !!! @Dvorak11230328 @SweetLauraMoore been denied 2 years running to work hard, save and push forward 😃😃 @BeckhamAllie @mirandaminx91 @XOCallia @christielamour @ClaraFioreVIP @gray_service @yourninabella @BlizzardBlonde @Dvorak11230328 @SweetLauraMoore everything will work out just got to think positive @TM72774 @Larrytomato1 @DickPound77 @t3mperedsteele @AgentPurple9 @NjGuy51 @MasterZen15 @TrollTerrific @VeronicaMassag2 @LunaLace90 @HunterVanDyke1 @KandyMillionXXX @Roselyn_Mae_Yyc @Karina_Vlt @theKatrinnaBlue @cougarnikki @Unique69er @mrstudyeg @angelicbristol @NitaSapphire94 @MadisonM1dn1ght @MeredithGreyDC @MsMandaHfx @MariaVe97638759 @TashaMadisonxxx @akaephoenix @MadisonM1dn1ght @Billieswife2 @Missgracetweets @enticinggiselle @Dvorak11230328 @SweetLauraMoore they have never ever given one after the evaluation you are decline is what I get @Killabee_00 @Larrytomato1 @DickPound77 @t3mperedsteele @AgentPurple9 @TM72774 @NjGuy51 @MasterZen15 @TrollTerrific @merlot_sk @PiperJackson_xx @msavaoflondon @tashizelle @ArianaStar777 @annaliselane @BustyAmandaTO @Adele47018578 @Dvorak11230328 thank you @annaliselane @SweetLauraMoore lmao exactly but meditate and thinking good thoughts to everyone @222TudorTerrace @SweetLauraMoore ❤️❤️❤️Thinking happy thoughts just a rough week we all have them 🤗🤗🤗 @SweetLauraMoore Right !! i was just denied students loans i can reapply in july but no guarantees hopefully we can meet one day @Scott94946679 I love hearing that!! she is my second mom and love her to bits @DickPound77 ❤️❤️❤️ @Scott94946679 Thank you kindly I am excited to leave, my booking lady always does the good news or bad news she… positive, cancelations have started, refusing to pay deposit! Three - Four appointments is my goal daily… you beautiful @BeckhamAllie @mirandaminx91 @XOCallia @christielamour @ClaraFioreVIP @gray_service @yourninabella @BlizzardBlonde @annaliselane @tashizelle @PiperJackson_xx @msavaoflondon @merlot_sk @ArianaStar777 @BustyAmandaTO @Adele47018578 @therealzarquon @laker082 @Al_Pkhill @Dean40967304 @Phenom_in_ON @cafreviews_com @reas19999214 thank you @TeckOtto @Rivergianna1 @BlasiGeovanna @SexiSummer_NJ @vanessa54771463 @EricaMassage @kali_gail @CindySensual❤Thursday❤ @Rivergianna1 @BlasiGeovanna @SexiSummer_NJ @vanessa54771463 @EricaMassage @kali_gail @CindySensual
Retweeted by ❤️Miss Athena Lust❤️ @_torriewolfe @AgileMuscle69 good morning @NjGuy51 thank you @Steve49303932 @lawruw115 @grizbear41 @UselessTit @OhThatGuyYYC @bigsexy6987 @TBR_AKA_Teddy @bynsny @thetawlguy has a story to tell, we all have a history that has helped shape us. Try not to judge until you walk a mil… @KylieSpearsXo @zorro7411 good morning @roamingguy1 @Chicoboy2017 @HappyCanuck99 @NakotaWastes @wildmanblue2 @casey_hpl575 @M0001Mr @outdoorsman5297 @DaveBoo1 @lawruw115 @grizbear41 @UselessTit @OhThatGuyYYC @bigsexy6987 @TBR_AKA_Teddy @bynsny @thetawlguy @kwkfxti @NakotaWastes @Chicoboy2017 @HappyCanuck99 @wildmanblue2 @casey_hpl575 @M0001Mr @outdoorsman5297 @chris_chrisr123 @TrollTerrific @Larrytomato1 @DickPound77 @t3mperedsteele @AgentPurple9 @TM72774 @NjGuy51 @MasterZen15 @NjGuy51 good morning Nj @mirandaminx91 @XOCallia @christielamour @ClaraFioreVIP @gray_service @yourninabella @BlizzardBlonde @BeckhamAllie Thursday Thought: They say ( whomever they are) the best way to learn something is through experience. Unfo…
Retweeted by ❤️Miss Athena Lust❤️ @thelovelycandi Good morning beautiful @TeckOtto good morning @Josmala2 @MariaVe97638759 @TashaMadisonxxx @akaephoenix @MadisonM1dn1ght @Billieswife2 @Missgracetweets Thought: Start the day off with a positive thought, a small goals and a vision of Your goodness and bette… morning have a terrific day ❤️🤗@Bigsexy4996 @RLarge77 @ejklane @T_ROT_83 @stevend1187 @scott_horneland morning have a fabulous day 🤗❤️ @Larrytomato1 @DickPound77 @t3mperedsteele @AgentPurple9 @TM72774 @NjGuy51 morning have a fantastic day ❤️🤗 @lawruw115 @grizbear41 @UselessTit @OhThatGuyYYC @bigsexy6987 morning and to a great day ahead ❤️🤗@Chicoboy2017 @HappyCanuck99 @NakotaWastes @wildmanblue2 @casey_hpl575 morning have a spectacular day ❤️🤗@laker082 @Al_Pkhill @therealzarquon @Dean40967304 @Phenom_in_ON morning amazing ladies, set your tone for today and have a great day ❤️🤗@EdmontonAstrid @SGardenGirlsYYC morning beautiful make today fabulous like you deserve ❤️🤗❤️ @shanniaspinner @AmberMeowOtt @RileySwede morning inspirational ladies, make today awesome 🤗❤️🤗@keevah_simone @devyn_grey @adriana_cage morning terrific ladies, set a positive intention before you start your day ❤️🤗❤️ @MariaVe97638759 morning amazing ladies its a new day, with a new story to be written 🤗❤️🤗 @LunaLace90 @HunterVanDyke1 morning beautiful ladies have a fantastic day and adventure today 🤗❤️🤗 @StephanieMystiq @Mallory00489584 morning sensational ladies, have a fantastic day and enjoy the moments you create!❤️🤗@latinajenessa… morning terrific ladies, no dream is to big, might just take longer to reach it! 🤗❤️🤗 @sydneypriceyeg morning fabulous ladies, have a wonderful day full of great things 🤗❤️🤗 @PiperJackson_xx @msavaoflondon morning beautiful ladies, have a wonderful day and try to reach one small goal today ❤️🤗❤️ @ModelFranchesca morning fabulous ladies, make today as wonderful as each and everyone of you are ❤️🤗❤️ @mirandaminx91 @matthewleal09 @Seraphaine1 @lolabaci8 @GemmaRoseNZ @KPRC2Haley @KartelVienna @StephCmj @Hollytaylornzxx! @Seraphaine1 @lolabaci8 @GemmaRoseNZ @KPRC2Haley @KartelVienna @lust_athena @StephCmj
Retweeted by ❤️Miss Athena Lust❤️ @VictoriaPhoen14 you too @Nicolefoxx21 @HazelVip @AleksandraRay_ @MiaFerrerXOXO @BlizzardBlonde1 @HunterVanDyke1 @KaliGailxo @Savannahdate @VictoriaPhoen14 night @Nicolefoxx21 @HazelVip @AleksandraRay_ @MiaFerrerXOXO @BlizzardBlonde1 @HunterVanDyke1 @KaliGailxo @Savannahdate @AvaMariaMadison beautiful @VictoriaPhoen14 good morning but I am off to bed❤️Kamloops now!!!! ❤️
Retweeted by ❤️Miss Athena Lust❤️ @annaliselane @LovelyBonnie1 @Real_Goode love it ❤️❤️ @ShantieMtl I will be around forsure :) @ShantieMtl I would love too!!Thank you everyone for you kindness ❤️💋 much love to everyone today Tonight’s Mantra Be safe, have fun and sw… @LovelyBonnie1 ps beautiful❤️❤️❤️ @MsMandaHfx @ShantieMtl awe you ladies both ❤️🤗❤️ @ShantieMtl @MsMandaHfx blood or mot beautiful bonds are so important to me ❤️❤️ as one of my besties says “sister… @ShantieMtl your beautiful 😍 @ShantieMtl @MsMandaHfx awe ❤️❤️❤️friendships and bonds are important @ShantieMtl when touring it like ooo gym time ... ooo I can geek out time and ooo maybe a movie @ShantieMtl sweet ❤️❤️ @ShantieMtl only time its a no if the girl has to much drama attach to her or known to “party” way to much ya know @ShantieMtl I am typically a loner and keep to myself, and shy to ask but 8 times out of 10 when asked I say okay @ShantieMtl I know the frustration is real