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That's my purse. I don't know you.

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The winner of the November 3rd election will be inaugurated on January 20th. There will be an orderly transition ju…
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@iowahawkblog I'd say it's more like 80% of twitter though.I think the world would be a better place if scientists spent time binge watching scifi on Netflix or Amazon Prime…
@arleigh What it means is that things are so bad that 'defund the police' makes sense to enough people for it to be…
@EmmaleaT @markduwe I'm sorry for your loss.Re.: Drew Brees. Bad timing and insensitivity <> racism. Barkley is correct.Since we have to pick a side on every issue these days, no gray areas left for open minds to ponder and evaluate, i…
Something changed last night. I am hearing from conservative friends and relatives in states like WV, VA, and SC wh…
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelEvery day I think “Things can’t get worse”. And then they do.
Retweeted by Dantagion Shargelwhoever's saying, "what else could go wrong?" could you shut the hell up
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelMeghan, we live in the same building, and I just walked outside. It’s fine.
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JR Smith: "One of these little MFin' white boys didn't know where he was going and broke my window in my truck."…
Retweeted by Dantagion Shargel NBA star J.R. Smith beat the living daylights out of a man who allegedly smashed his car wi…
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via @NYTimes in 1921, the deadliest racial massacre in U.S. history began in the thriving Greenwood African American commun…
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelWhile white hipster anarchists were getting arrested for destroying property, these men in Louisville protected an…
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelNashville is being destroyed right now. Every brick I saw thrown without exception was thrown by white people. This…
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@SaintRPh I have a hard time saying “no, thank you” instead of just “no.” You May be on to something there, with w…, please be aware that a curfew is in effect tonight and Sunday night from 8PM to 5AM . Check out this press…
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He’s lucky he didn’t arrest himself or he’d be dead.
Retweeted by Dantagion Shargel @killpundit Bet those donkeys are happy though.Had you told me a decade ago that in 2020 Taylor Swift would be accusing Donald Trump on Twitter of stoking white s…
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelIn related news, this examiner has a rare medical condition which prevents his optical receivers from recognizing t…
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelThank You #Denver for voicing your opinion in a safe and peaceful way today. We are grateful to have amazing reside…
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelTrump's Section 230 executive order would circumvent the legislative branch and encourage the chilling of speech.
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelCOVID-19 may be under control in Florida but they have an unprecedented “pneumonia” crisis.
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelGeorge Floyd and fired officer worked at the same club. This is getting weird. I think more investigation needs to…
Retweeted by Dantagion Shargel @exjon So you’re saying there’s a chance we could be changing minds?
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelRonan Farrow’s Botched Journalism is Troubling. The Response to It Has Been Worse
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelI think he just said the buck stops with him. @papacass84 @Target_min I wish it was realJeff Rosenstock: NO DREAM via @pitchfork @arleigh No. No. Yelling at strangers on a street corner. Trump’s a pathetic baby.I was moved to tears when I heard Archie’s story and saw him perform "Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me". The courage…
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@SQLRockstar @IrishSQL I read this 1st as “MySQL” lol
Pro Tip: If you can afford rent or a mortgage, you can also afford to never ever accept used and unwanted mattress… May 1929 | Hungarian Jewish girl Edit Spitzer was born. In July 1944 she was deported to #Auschwitz and murdere…
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelListening to john’s new album for the first time. “You know there’s a lot of women tryin to take your place” bitch what the fuck?
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelGuessing the replies are hilarious. @bugfrog @AP Because the news can’t get any weirderAlligator rumored to have been Hitler's dies in Moscow (from @AP) we turn everything into a culture war. It’s really pathetic."Many of the rats in our cities depend on their nightly food, which is the restaurants and hotels and bars and doug…
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelHilary Duff shuts down 'disgusting' sex trafficking Twitter rumors about her son Luca's a short list of things we do and don't yet know about #COVID19.
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Just posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo If a pig, molten lava, and candy, met on a beach and made hot sweet love in my mouth. am proud of you! via @YouTube
If you missed it yesterday, may I recommend @jmooallem’s story of Genie Chance and the earthquake as weekend listen…
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelThe Fonz has morphed into Mark Twain. Because, you know, 2020. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #HenryWinkler
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelThe Democratic Party seems to think some black voters are weighing Biden vs. Trump when I think they're actually we…
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelLas Vegas was desperately short of #covid19 equipment, until it received 200,000 test kits worth approx. $20 millio…
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelI see Ryan Leaf came out of retirement.
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelThe CDC now says COVID-19 "does not spread easily" from contaminated objects, surfaces or animals. "Direct contact…
Retweeted by Dantagion Shargel @ACNewman Mild Nothing @ACNewman The Shite Stripes @ACNewman Beards of Canada
2020! graduate selected someone they wanted to thank for helping them and these two picked a teacher (left) and a tu… from an 8th grade graduation @ Aurora, Colorado Grade Graduation @ Aurora, Colorado Grade Graduation @ Aurora, Colorado
BREAKING: Court papers show Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, will plead guilty in college admissio…
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelHello! Sorry to ruin the fun! NASA didn't find evidence of a parallel universe! Okay, bye.
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelThe depressing future of food is all delivery apps and corporate chains masquerading as local restaurants. I spoke…
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Retweeted by Dantagion Shargel @Stephamaybe YuckFacial recognition helps reunite kidnapped toddler with family after 32 years Cordero's wife says he has suffered a health setback
@kkboo10 I’ve got one scheduled for 10/10 out of Miami. What do you think the odds are it will happen?When you order food through delivery apps, restaurants pay via @9NEWS
A pizzeria owner made money buying his own $24 pizzas from DoorDash for $16 via @Verge
“ Conflict is exhausting. Living in a state of constant battle, looking for people to beat, looking for slights, le… ⁦@nytimes⁩
@TweetsByBritt Solid 6.25 @arleigh Nope. I only knew one IRL. That’s not bc I think it isn’t real but bc the testing is so pathetically bad.
It’s time! It’s time! #Reunions is available everywhere now.
Retweeted by Dantagion Shargel @mhdksafa Yes @WriteGrlProbs Been a few years but yeah. Mr. Perfect Family man turned out to be a really bad dude and I freaking… matters anymore
Retweeted by Dantagion Shargel @DLoesch I’m too lazy to read article but I’m not getting why protests will lengthen stay-at-home orders
@matthewdmarsden Moving Pictures
I was today years old when I found out about donkey nannies, which are donkeys that are used in Italy to transport…
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@MrPaulGroom Robin Williams @rkylesmith Geddy LeeI didn't spend my childhood in barbed wire enclosed internment camps so I could listen to grown adults today cry op…
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelPark cops in Beverly Hills are going up to couples in the park and asking if they have a note showing they live tog…
Retweeted by Dantagion ShargelJapanese Breakfast's Michelle Zauner is playing a livestreaming gig to benefit her bandmates and crew -…