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Them peas look like the soldiers from toy story have been melted
Retweeted by BegeHasbulla is such a vibe 😂😂
Retweeted by BegeThis January transfer window was something else 🤑
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Bismillah, pasti bisa!
Retweeted by BegeThis is how unbothered I'm tryna be in 2023
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selamat pagi para pejuang selamat beraktivitass
Retweeted by BegePut some respect on Bruno's name.
Retweeted by BegeGol nya Victor Osimhen 🥶 Lumayan mirip golnya Kaoru Mitoma
Retweeted by BegeNagi in real life :
Retweeted by BegeGet the deal done @ManUtd 🔴
Retweeted by BegeSomeone needs to stop Rashford
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Teknologi Video Assistant Referee (VAR) akan digunakan untuk pertama kalinya di Singapore Premier League musim 2023…
Retweeted by Bege @ndagels Sudah seharusnya fitur COD dihapus di e-commerce, karena SDM indo masih rendah dan bodohnya sistematis.
Retweeted by BegeGua gatau deh, siapapun itu. Mahkamah agung kek Mahkamah konstitusi kek DPR kek, tolong uruslah praktik mentersangk…
Retweeted by BegeFinally bisa ngetwit from this to this.
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@_iceredvelvet Yes you are 💪i said "gapapa gapapa" to myself for 10000 times
Retweeted by BegePeople don’t realise how disrespectfully good this was from Wayne Rooney 😱
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Kadang-kadang ada aja momen buat ngomong jelek soal mantan pacar apalagi kalo triggered sama hal yang ngeselin, but…
Retweeted by BegeParah banget nih orang, bilang nakes komunis karena mereka menuntut haknya atas tunjangan yg belum dibayar 15 bulan.
Retweeted by Bege𝐁𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐢. #MUFC 😄🇿🇦
Retweeted by BegeUnreal how Lisandro Martinez has gone from being "too small for the Premier League" to getting "best CB in the leag…
Retweeted by Bege @garagarabola_ @FaishalIshal5 Balik borneo diaKejadian semalam adlh hal yang tidak dapat dibenarkan, ttp bukan tdk mungkin jika kejadian semalam dpt terjadi di K…
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@indosupporter Sedekah itu kpd fakir miskin bukan kpd fakir akhlak
Retweeted by Bege @gusbaster87 Sebuah pesan dari uncle
Retweeted by BegeWembley! Wembley! We're the famous Man United and We're going to Wembley 🎶
Retweeted by BegeAntony was good last night. Should've scored, sure, but did lots of things well. United are better with him on th…
Retweeted by BegeWe keep going 👹🔴 #CarabaoCup #mufc
Retweeted by BegeTema outfit : tumbal proyek yg terselamatkan
Retweeted by BegeDid this vs Arsenal and again vs Nottingham Forest while still nursing a head injury. Lisandro Martinez wasn't jok…
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study tour rsj lawang ke rsj menur
Retweeted by BegeRakyat jelita harus hidup bersama orang yg tidak mengerti arti kebersihan selama 9 tahun dan 3 friode.
Retweeted by Bege @iniochaichi Selalu kiyowo 🥹siap mencari hajatan terdekat
Retweeted by BegeAq jg mw :(
Retweeted by Bege😱😱 kaya lagi baca daftar absen
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COD (call of dakwah)
Retweeted by BegeTHREAD - Detail mengenai bagaimana #mufc memutuskan untuk mendatangkan Erik ten Hag, parameter yang digunakan, dan…
Retweeted by Bege🚨📊 Manchester United play Leeds United home & away, Leicester City and Barcelona home & away all in the space of 15 days. @AdamJoseph____ 🚨
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I watched the whole video. The guy glances over a few times, probably wondering why she’s recording herself. Then h…
Retweeted by Bege @kendlIjr Hmmm @gatauapadehh FuyunghaiKegiatan cowo ketika ga bales chat:
Retweeted by BegeKegiatan wong lanang nek gak bales chat:
Retweeted by BegeKe Masjidil Haram trus nyopet sih udah umum. Ke Masjidil Haram trus meluapkan kesange'an di lokasi tawaf, itu level…
Retweeted by BegeToo many people are choosing to ignore the fact that our first defeat in 10 games has come against arguably the bes…
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To be honest, I thought Man Utd would get trashed but we held our own to the last minute and showed some mentality,…
Retweeted by BegeTen Hag: 'At this moment I am annoyed. I told the players if you want to win trophies you have to change your mentality.' #mufc
Retweeted by BegeAbove all, Arsenal emang layak menang. Hats off 👏🏻
Retweeted by BegeTen Hag has 0 depth on the bench. We have no real midfielders or strikers to help. Man is working with one hand tied behind his back
Retweeted by BegeEntertaining game. Two teams going for it. Some mistakes but lots of quality. Wasn't sure if the title element was…
Retweeted by BegeGutted....that's on Glazers, Arnold, Murtough and co for leaving us with no options in big games. Manager being hung out to dry
Retweeted by BegeIni baru pertandingan klub papan atas ajg @LFC @ChelseaFC 😠😡
Retweeted by BegeWHAT. A. GAME. 🔫
Retweeted by BegeFrom beaten 0-4 by Brentford Now being the only team who able to make title contender Arsenal touch the ground. N…
Retweeted by BegeGood game👏 Tanpa Casemiro akhirnya kerasa, dampak jadwal padat merayap juga keliatan. 2 match beruntun kecolongan…
Retweeted by BegeTen Hag is overachieving btw, we never meant to be in the title conversation, fucking give this man some signings you clowns @ManUtd
Retweeted by BegeLosing today was horrible. But it’s our first loss in 11 games. We’ve come such a long way under Erik ten Hag, and…
Retweeted by BegeI'm sorry but Scott McTominay shouldn't be a Man United player I wish him well at his next club
Retweeted by BegeSimilar story to Crystal Palace. United more than competitive in the first half but just dropped off in the second…
Retweeted by Bege#EPL FT: Arsenal 3-2 Manchester United ⚽️ Eddie Nketiah 24', 90' ⚽️ Bukayo Saka 53' - ⚽️ Marcus Rashford 17' ⚽️ Lis…
Retweeted by BegeDon’t overreact, if you can’t see the improvement you are blind. Erik ten Hag has a plan for us.
Retweeted by BegeFrustrating to drop more points from a winning position in back-to-back games after 9 wins on the bounce. Especial…
Retweeted by BegeHow good has Wout Weghorst's play been as the isolated No.9? Holding up play when he can, link up with others and h…
Retweeted by BegeFuture is bright with Ten Hag, he needs quality depth in the squad. You can see the team are together. 🔴🇳🇱
Retweeted by BegeThat has been coming from Arsenal. #mufc can barely get out of their own third and haven't been proactive enough. Invited Arsenal onto them.
Retweeted by BegeGood game Arsenal.
Retweeted by BegeTen Hag and Arteta really bringing back the Fergie vs Wenger vibes
Retweeted by BegeI dont need barongsai, what I need is kita bareng say.
Retweeted by BegeIs this the truest form of sportsmanship?
Retweeted by BegeMale red flag starter pack.
Retweeted by BegeRegardless of the result, I’m just happy we have Ten Hag.
Retweeted by Bege49% possession to Arsenal’s 51%. 2 shots on target each. How level this game has been is a credit to how far Unite…
Retweeted by BegeImpostor among us
Retweeted by Begejangan malu berasal dari keluarga sederhana, malulah ketika..
Retweeted by BegeGoob mornings, relaxing neck massage mornings.
Retweeted by BegeI’ve been going to gyms for 20+ years (including a bodybuilding career) and have never once had issues with men.…
Retweeted by Begesumpah ini keren banget dan lucu banget semua orang harus liat ini😭😭
Retweeted by BegeEfek dari glorifikasi umur sekian harus gaji sekian. Padahal faktanya di sekitar kita lebih banyak pekerja level st…
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You should hear him laugh…
Retweeted by Bege🚨💰 JUST IN: The Raine Group believe that a Middle East sovereign wealth fund will come to the table for #MUFC. [@TeleFootball] ✅
Retweeted by Bege居眠り中のコアラがかわいい
Retweeted by Bege6months time
Retweeted by BegeAlasan gw masuk penjara kalo bunuh orang:
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Retweeted by BegeIni akan tercatat sebagai sejarah kelam bangsa ini. Prilaku barbar para kades yang membuat peradaban bangsa Indones…
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The #Cubs today agreed to terms with 1B/OF/DH Trey Mancini on a two-year major league contract. Welcome to Chicago…
Retweeted by BegeSeriously! How can United's board be giving Ten Hag a loanee from Burnley when Arteta is getting Trossard and a CB…
Retweeted by Bege @gorgarinn Skuy
Belajar bahasa Inggris itu penting tapi belajar untuk ngga sok tau itu jauh lebih penting...
Retweeted by Begeclimate activist gf human trafficking bf
Retweeted by BegeTokoh baik menjadi jahat ketika rambutnya memutih 👨‍🦳
Retweeted by BegePOV: you’re in political science major
Retweeted by BegeA cousin died last week. She was 46. A dear friend died this week. He was 39. Death comes as a reminder of how pre…
Retweeted by Bege @registaco @AppleTV Gug liati gug @Gprastantyo 😂😂😂The fact we’re all devastated about a draw that takes us to 10 games unbeaten, shows how far Erik ten Hag has taken…
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United paying the price for a sloppy second-half. Tremendous free-kick by Olise. De Gea kicked long a couple of t…
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