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🤠I think videogame cows are very cute 🌈Community Director @aggrocrabgames / @AstralShiftPro ⚡Icon @uejini 🔥header @munakata301 🍕 🎏she/her

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@FalKoopa_ @MatttGFX @PushDustIn Specially the roms @PushDustIn a follow would be pog tho.. @PushDustIn how u even found this tweet if u dont follow me..................... @ShadowNTG yessirI would rather get a Wario Land Shake It HD port tbh @Atokarii rtd ! @Atokarii what?? no way
???? @drellatsun My favorite onlyfans is just this lady who has cameras on the woods and it takes pictures when an anima… indie game got you like this?
Retweeted by Lulu🌈🎏 @AggroCrabGames FROG DETECTIVE IS PAYING FOR OUR SINS @uejini Dragon Quest 4!⚔️
Retweeted by Lulu🌈🎏 @V_Phantom that was a decision made, right? not sure the same thing @streetcolossus Yup, its incredible, real funny, real charming @streetcolossus yeah, but I already have the manga, i expected better for an animation of it :CWill check it out but, its not looking awesomeIf I had like a cent for each frame in this trailer I would have like 14 cents @EDJRMorpheus95 DAMN YOU EVEN BETTER BECAUSE IT HAS THE FIELD
@ApeMiIk APE......WE GOTTA SAVE MARO... @nudeobama public transportation isnt the best always; one time I was just minding my business and some dude was li… @AggroCrabGames thats why he is pissed; you shrunk himowning a car: - cringe - you have to feed it - give it a half your house just to park it - thousands of dollars jus… month before Mario is executed @nudeobama suffering from success...My commission queue is now open for the month! Slots tend to fill up fast so get in touch if you want a model :) Se…
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@snowii_cat this was a post for Her.Do you hear that sound? It’s every screenwriter in the world whispering a reverent “RICHTER” under their breath. training pokemon and send me my stimmy🧚✨✨✨
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@TheSphereHunter 'i hate her because she is doing and getting the stuff i want for me' probably lol @ArcanaLegacy but we wouldnt be able to play uh demons souls and uh uhhh uh...playing the new dark souls is very good we need another one @KaoruisiA Your art is incredible! Happy for you! @uejini INCREDIBLE, THANK YOU GASHI 😭💗😭💗😭🥺yeah my friend from @luulubuu 😋
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2021 presence of roll, dodge, hide and run in Poke Legends implies that wild pokemon will just beat the shit out of you ON SIGHT @spencebarrett11 @MrClemps clemps plugs are always welcomeThis is how my mind palace looks like @CyberTwilight yeye thats what im saying @G1Gusty @Reimu_Kirisame Not the point of the post, Gusty‼️
Retweeted by Lulu🌈🎏no no NO IT CANT BE
Retweeted by Lulu🌈🎏 @bestgirlyazy @tenleid hotPokemon Remake #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @Negro___Man delivery on 2040Cynthia from Pokemon was way too hot and im sure made loads of girls gayCrazy that people were like 'BOTW but make it pokemon' and they said 'alright' a way. steel pokemon are shiny, right??If pokemon gen 4 remakes are announced, I will send everyone who rts this a shiny pokemonHappy #drawingwhileblack everyone! 💖 I'm Nykira (they/them), a black, non-binary, pansexual artist! I do mainly il…
Retweeted by Lulu🌈🎏 @dongobongos I really like all I have seen about ur ocs, webcomic or not! ur a great designer @dongobongos Ohhh you kept her old eyes?? I just love this oc @drellatsun @SquareEnix you just posted the same pic twice?This man is extremely important in the FF7 lore Fantasy VII First Soldier LEAKED gameplay
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I made this picture like like last year? and I have seen it EVERYWHEREFF7 news got me like @BombosMedallion Gackt is nextthe tifa enjoyer mode is that weiss, literally the enemy of the PS2 tps shooter sequel Dirge of Cerberus but like in 4K??!!!! my girl!! have been owned TWICE by the SAME game Ash looks so so good this studio just dont miss
Retweeted by Lulu🌈🎏💛NEW ART for Patrons.💗 I worked super hard on it!!
Retweeted by Lulu🌈🎏Reminder that Aggretsuko is ALSO a sanrio character, put my stressed office worker girl there! @adashtra FF14 has several instances of both and pains my heartPOV: You just mentioned the word 'essay' in a tweet go follow @almightyplate she is COOLgrvaity rush 1+2 on pc @alterego I keep forgetting fleets are like a thing? @abjectwhore exclusive content: nothing @uejini everything alright gashi? @alxndra_0 dont
@nichola54135254 i made itto all those people who always rt and like your stuff no matter how stupid it is @ladycuttlefish THAT SMILE ALWAYS THERE! @DemonNoises I'm seeing a lot of dunks on the game, and for what I heard, hardly their fault but executive decisionsI hope the bioware devs who were working into this, get to be celebrated on their next works It's always a shame t… @pigdude their loss!Ask your crush out. If Disney/Sony can come and say they will releasing Spider-man ONLY in movie theaters with what… @LotteYanson_ oh that EXPLAINS ITokay we've seen your final forms now post an image of yourself as a lvl 1 enemy without downloading new pics here'…
Retweeted by Lulu🌈🎏📢Announcement time📢 Dread X Collection: The Hunt is our latest adventure coming to PC! Play 7 new FPS style games…
Retweeted by Lulu🌈🎏 @drellatsun right? @BombosMedallion I think the Prof Utonium car is almost identicalas a fan of 2000s Cartoon Network I wish all cars looked like this @FreakNastyWu AMENCan you imagine like a parallel universe where it did take off with people like CHAIN CHOMP MAIN | BEST player on… absolute favorite switch memory is that people were so thirsty for smash that we all ate up MARIO TENNIS as a CO…
@DEKOStrife let me dream deko @ToadPacShakur Concept art already exists, so who knows, even if just a presentation to the public @Valyrym like novemberI wish all parents who are jealous of the success of their children a very shut up