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nina @luvallbeings Palm Harbor, Fl

I provide pet sitting services to be there for your pets while you are away.I am licensed, bonded and insured.

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Nina needs your help: Shut Down 17,000 Hellish South Korean Dog Meat Farms! my very near future! final decision will be on my birthday! It would be such a wonderful birthday present if this passes and take… you? you spare a minute to help Nina Perino?Χιλιάδες πολίτες υπογράφουν: Όχι στο νέο νομοσχέδιο για τα κατοικίδια Shut Down Race Track that's Killed 37 Horses So Far This Year job Hillsborough Commissioners!! Now we need Pinellas, the entire state and country to follow! If passed,…
Today’s tragedy on the Verrazzano Bridge speaks to everything that is wrong with our society’s attitude towards ani… Hotels: Cancel Elephant Trophy Hunting Auction Expedia now Justice for Loving Dog Chained Up, Bitten and Beaten now in Palm Harbor, FL, United States🆘🆘🚨🚨🆘🆘🚨🚨🆘🆘🚨🚨🆘🆘🚨🚨 ST PETE PEEPS - BENTLEY IS MISSING!!!!!!!!! This scared soul was adopted after nine months of pat… the Destruction of Monarch Butterfly Habitat When asked why he bears witness to animals being sent to slaughter, Phoenix replied: “Because I have to.” Phoeni… you spare a minute to help Nina Perino? wonderful! a cruel and unnecessary industry that needs to end already, How many deaths, how many horses sent to slaughter…
2020’ve been kept in barren metal cells, slowly wasting away, experimented on. 😢 Tell Texas A&M University that t… Years Behind Bars: Free the Dogs in TAMU's Muscular Dystrophy Lab a relief she was found safe and sound! Oh my gosh YAY!!!!🎉🥳 Mahi is home! And we still won’t use Lyft. 😡 Veteran Picks His Service Dog To Be His Best Man At The Wedding🔥Act now: Pig farm Hell Hole shutdown whales hunted in Iceland in 2019 even though permission was granted..👏🌿🌍💙 you help support King Charter School? FLORIDA’S KING CHARTER AIMS TO BE THE NATION’S FIRST 100% VEGAN PUBLIC… billion and rising: the global trade in live animals in eight charts #banliveexport #endliveexport The world’s… Justice for Puppy Thrown Over 29 Feet from Overpass is a new documentary on Netflix about pandemics and the people who work to prevent them, going to watch tonig… you know paying to pet cubs is the main cause of their extinction in the wild?, ethnocide, ecocide': Brazilian tribes call for protection of Amazon from Bolsonaro They want our lands'… you spare a minute to help Nina Perino?
Can you spare a minute to help Nina Perino?🔥Act now: Prosecute Perry County, IL man for stomping, kicking and abusing injured baby deer. and send the petition: Urge your governor and state legislators to urge state pension fund divestment from fos… needs your help: Demand end to the animals suffering in Zoo’s in Sudan U.S. banks to stop funding drilling in the Arctic Refuge! the Victorian Government: Food drops for wildlife NOW!
2020 victories? This hasn't happened in a long time I'll take it!! Petitions, calls and sharing work. “This long-suffering bear finally has a chance to consume healthy foods… conceived the show after reading Next of Kin, a memoir by psychologist and primate researcher Roger Fouts. F… Justice for Nearly 30 Horses Found Starving or Dead
Nina needs your help: Shut Down Commerford and Sons Traveling Zoo you Joaquin Phoenix! "He disrupted the Washington D.C. Fire Drill Fridays climate change rally... he got up o… are flying in 4 cats from the Bahamas who need either temporary or permanent homes. All are healthy, very sweet… Congress to support the Voluntary Grazing Permit Retirement Act peeps, please sign and share!“We’re going to court because we don’t want this to be the last generation of Floridians to ever see a wild Florida… and #SavingLifeOnEarth so we can demonstrate the strength of the campaign. And here's the link to… to Get Active Over in Virginia: Help Save the Terns! me again how much you love Lady Hag Gag me and 'how everyone is on their own path BS', talent does not trump h… to get out in nature and beauty✌🌞😎 @ Honeymoon Island State Park — at Honeymoon Island State Park
2020 needs your help: Stop Wolf Trophy Hunting Near Yellowstone Park! Justice for Baby Possum Beaten with Golf Clubs Until She Was Blind Alert: Protect Seabirds by Saving Forage Fish
Tell AZ Dept. of Ag: Protect the Salt River Horses! Action: Contact the Forest Service deer being abused buy a few yahoos again! Please take action. This deer desperately tried to escape her att… this is very disappointing from @Chewy a Comment: Tell EPA NOT to let power plants dump toxic wastewater into our lakes and rivers Emory University: End Painful, Invasive Experiments on Primates are safe now sweethearts, you don't need to be afraid anymore.❤🐏🐑❤🐑🐏 Thank you #FourPawsInternational These ar… Valentine has dedicated her life to helping animals. In 1995, with just 20 acres of land, she founded Hillsid… Florida's Coast From Industrial Fish Farms Petition: Why Is This Country Letting People Hunt This Beautiful Endangered Bird
Heartbreaking and infuriating! "Animal rights activists are deeply concerned by the plight of the... the petition: Demand Congress address Dark Money in politics and end unlimited spending on our elections took part in this webinar last night and I'm excited to get involved with helping with the extinction crisis! We…'s administration is trying to force through a massive new development near Grand Canyon National Park. Take a… Justice for 49 Wounded Dogs Forced to Live in Own Urine and Feces Farm Sanctuary is just a wonderful amazing beautiful page to follow! 🐮🐄🐄🐮❤❤❤ UPDATE ON RESCUED MEAT PUPS The puppies are still in hospital, fighting for their little lives against parv… donate if you can💔 Yesterday we received a call from animal cruelty investigators about a case of 28 Yorkies… Action Alert: Save Globally Important Arctic Habitat a Powerful message. Thought provoking. Each of us has the power to bring about positive change. 3 times a day… my God what an adorable pair!❤❤🐾🐾 April 2019 but worth sharing Stop Vietnam's Cruel Pig Slaughter Festival"Fields Beneath is now dedicated to two things. The first and original one - make coffee, make food, make it tasty.…
THIS IS A DAA (DAILY ACTION ALERT) - PLEASE TAKE ACTION AND COMMENT HOW YOU DID BEFORE LIKING, REACTING, COMPLAININ… Justice for Elephants Beaten Until They Bleed at Cruel Chitwan Festival Take Action to Stop Ontario Ag Gag Laws needs your help: These Islands Are Covered in Plastic can I say, I certainly second Captain Paul Watson: “The Economics of Extinction $2 million dollars for one fi…