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@endrynaphobia idk why i kenw immedietly. @incrimate Nah bruhthats me LMFAOO @TheeHornyyPoPo @figiwyd @606Ericaa @figiwyd
@ExtremeZbtw have fun @ExtremeZbtw the temple? @ExtremeZbtw bruh why r u awake @1nxsh @matchacataimers HOLAYY @Macolettee meow @1nxsh @matchacataimers HOLYYY @nhuciferr 40 @cal3bval LMFAOOO ITS NOT A ACTUAL CLIP @cal3bval caleb.. @splqtt nounrated demon @Yumifps69 hbd !!!AP scores released tomorrows guys !!! @sketuwu @1hruki yes ur a 0 @nintendh0e8 @ @kittelux Im so sorry ): @adorbse i cant win at all either im gonna shoot my head off @momosFPS i dont wanna die @ivyy6969 @Kezyyz sorry wanna be mine instead😁 @momosFPS i havent had mine in like 4-5 months now and atp i dont care @ivyy6969 @Kezyyz v @ssav1or @nhuciferr I AM SCREAMING AND CRYING @nhuciferr i am screaming and crying @cal3bval @chrissyvcsc @fearglcck @maumiee LMFAOOOOO @cal3bval @chrissyvcsc @fearglcck @maumiee wait what @chrissyvcsc @cal3bval @fearglcck @maumiee yo what up shawty im radiant in val and rich @fearglcck @cal3bval @chrissyvcsc @maumiee same girl @cal3bval @fearglcck @chrissyvcsc @maumiee LMFAOOOO I KNOW @cal3bval @fearglcck @chrissyvcsc @maumiee why did u put this on my tl i am screaming and crying @snowbxllsgf @LightDiff @shuboxs @1EDEN_ @Snowbxlls @wlyrrr LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @jacksonaliu @urfavradiant @angelvxq @sekiroosa @saiisnthere for adora why the f would i be on ur side wtf know ur limits @jacksonaliu @urfavradiant @angelvxq @sekiroosa @saiisnthere im the lawyer @urfavradiant @jacksonaliu @angelvxq @sekiroosa @saiisnthere oh wait this is not good @saiisnthere @jacksonaliu @angelvxq @urfavradiant @sekiroosa hey lol @jacksonaliu @angelvxq @urfavradiant @sekiroosa @saiisnthere EVEN TWITTER KNOWS ME AND EVIE MEANT TO BE @angdownbad @kayze777 I DO THIS TOO :D @t9ler @itachidere shut UP @iloveycuu LIKE MARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY ME @jacksonaliu @iloveycuu yall men say that like one day u wont get pegged @sekiroosa @iloveycuu Alive and well currently eating @sekiroosa @iloveycuu anti vouch @iloveycuu u are so fien when are we getting married pls ahve my kids they would be so cute
@aailya_ OMGGGGG @strahtosphere amen @arth @splqtt LMFAOOOOOi win now @tbhpey @urfavradiant . @urfavradiant what @tiffanyhpham yo @tiffanyhpham hi @urfavradiant I CANTTTT @urfavradiant YES ITS SO FUNNY LOOOOOOL @urfavradiant LIKE ACRUALLY TEARS ON MY FACE RN THIS IS SO FUNNY IM DYING @urfavradiant IM CRYINGGGGG @urfavradiant I STARTED WHEEZING HOLY FUCK ADORA 😭 @cecesoo_ sleeping on highway @bunbunciel omg i love this wtf @dawnmoer OK SO U CAN LOOK CUTE AND RHEN BUY A CLEAR RAIN JAKCET @dawnmoer OH WFF DONT WEAR ANYTHING THAT THE PAINTBALLS WILL RUIN 😭 @dawnmoer ITS SUMMER WEAR LIKE A MIDI / MINI DRESS @DarthShadowTV @Jollztv is that pao @weirdoliv PLS HOW DO I BE LIKE U @splqtt STOP NOOOO @zmaxiie i ised to have one staring at me @cordzjrs @angelvxq wanna q @splqtt K_eep Y_ourself S_afe🥳 @cordzjrs @angelvxq BRO IT WASNT SUPPOSED TO BE MEAN LIKE IN A WHOOESOME WAY @splqtt playeri swear i am the most inconsistent palyer alive @cloudyerin_ I CANT DO ANYTHING ERIN I SUCK IM PLAYING SO BAD @7kimchie @kevsarcade @Kezyyz I will literally never see kez like that @7kimchie @kevsarcade @Kezyyz thats my lil bro @zylyn_ MYAAAAAAA @kevsarcade personally i would not take that 🤷‍♀️ @sekiroosa @angelvxq girl r u stupid @angelvxq u wish he was there @wlyrrr she want him fa shawty was typing paragraphs @jacksonaliu @iloveycuu wdym what bitch unless u want to do it for me stfu @jacksonaliu @iloveycuu bc i have shit to do @jacksonaliu @iloveycuu shawty so fine too @yousmanZK wait that reaction timw is actually crazy @yousmanZK yous noti @iloveycuu @jvIiah yes 😭 @jvIiah wanna @ her so bad @angelvxq LMSOAOEIAOA @bumfkd @angelvxq oh my townhaiiiiii
Like we are calling rn @bumfkd @angelvxq hey guyslol woops. ig restart.
Retweeted by @tiffanyhpham GOOD GOD @Kezyyz @whysaku VOUCH @Fixitfe11xx @woaruh 😭 @sekiroosa @Kezyyz @yoonchiiu @VobengKhee LMAOOOO @zefiyy what screenshots @cal3bval Absolutely not