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EZ5 TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNMan Valorant twitter, y'all you need to chill. You guys are more down bad than the Mariana Trench.
@ValorantRed @morgeestreams @ThirdOOO @SamUnsheathed Tagging you guys because I have a problem.SENTINELS OF LIGHT GIVEAWAY! HOW TO ENTER: ☑️Like + Retweet! ☑️Follow me! @ValorantRed ☑️Tag 2 of your friends!…
Retweeted by LuX.EXEYou know maybe this no coincidence spiritual energy guy had a point. What if he was destined to be a meme.
Prob no streams this week, working some things outOh no, I enjoyed playing a game of league...
Possibly no stream today, feeling a bit tired.Woke up and heard it was one of the hypest grand finals sets of melee last night. Sad I couldn't watch it last night 🥲
@stay__val @C0Mtweets I'm not crying 🥲 @C0Mtweets @C0Mtweets Bro? @eUnited Oh yeah, thats me @C0Mtweets Baiting in and out of game @dakotaz @PlayVALORANT @C0Mtweets
Man it feels good to watch a hype Smash tourney again @C0Mtweets Bro you deserve it, you have been working so hard and its paying off. @theneedledrop Midwxst is going to be the next GOAT in hip hop/hyperpop @PapaC0M @ez5 @dcopGG @VirtuosoVAL True king energyIf Dcop has millions of fans, I am one of them. If Dcop has 10 fans, I am still one of them. If Dcop has 1 fan, tha… #JUSTICE4DCOP
Dcop Pog Moment @C0Mtweets @VirtuosoVAL Love to see it @GeorgeCGed @VirtuosoVAL Big respect*Pax hosting an International Valorant Major* Oh, you're from EU and got invited? Sorry you can't play you're not from NA#justice4dcop @PAXArena That is a dumb decision no lie. First you invite the man DCOP play the first day and then on the second d… Deck might actually be a copWatching the Pax Arena Almost Pro for my boy C0M, but the other guys are pretty cool too
Clip for your convenience had the most fun I have ever had in a Valorant lobbyI'm not a morning gamer, but I'm close uncle asked me if I like spicy food and I responded yes. He handed me some Ramen to try and I did that today. Ne… @C0Mtweets @ez5gg @nerdstreet BUILT DIFFERENT! YOU AND YOUR TEAM ARE INSANE MY DUDE @dcopGG No way you just spammed 3 @PapaC0M @C0Mtweets Based Dad#signEZ5EZ4EZ5 @C0Mtweets @KnightsGG @YFPGamingLive CORBIN YOU'RE SO HOT @C0Mtweets @KnightsGG MENTAL OF STEEL @bumpaah I know man they are just denying facts
@C0Mtweets @NRGgg @KnightsGG This guy is way too attractiveLETS GOOOOOOOOOOO @C0MtweetsNSG isn't streaming the greatest player alive @C0Mtweets and it is truly a sin.Watching NSG open with true low tier analysis @C0Mtweets @NRGgg Protagonist energy
Well there are no streams for the NSG Open, guess its time to actually play games. Can't believe I have to play games on twitch!Watching NSG open if there are any streams @AniTweetCity @ThirdOOOStream at 5 today, watching that good ol' NSG open because there are some banger matches going on.Taking egirl applications. My positives: I simp for the homies so imagine how much I'll simp for you, kinda funny,… @Kamiunist Kami's Retirement Home to the moon!!!!!!!!!!
This is the most factual tier list. Everyone else is wrong because I am right. @C0Mtweets LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOONot gonna lie, death match tilts me in Valorant. @eUnited Good morning Mr. eUnited
Went through all my late grandpa's photos today and it felt like I went through his whole life with him. He was a G… @Kamiunist Minecradt GOATedFive games that made you the gamer you are today: CS:GO Smash Bros FighterZ Megaman Battle Network ValorantAce's are always stolen Sadge
Valorant player tries to not lose sanity whilist playing the game that is causing him to lose his sanity 3 of workouts done. I hear something in the back of my head. It tells me to keep on pushing. I think I'm gonna listen.
My schedule: 3am -wake up, eat a raw egg, work out 4am -go to work as an aspiring entreupenuer 12pm -workout again… cracked tfHey everyone if you are looking for an editor who is willing to make high quality content and give you the best the… Good Copium Unlucky Really SHEEEESH Precise Gunplay Looking for Egirl/Eboy to carry me My Teammates Suck Ranked… @C0Mtweets Some may even say Mr. CleanApex duos is Poggers @stay__val Confident Stay is scary in officials I bet
Mine tries to be average at Valorant but most likley fails. COME JOIN watched Theneedledrop crap on Hopsin for 14 minutes straight and it made my day better. @Kamiunist @stay__val +1
Minecraft with the boys I haven't played this game for a bit I haven't played this game for a bit. Look away before you hurt yourself from cringe
@C0Mtweets CLEAN @C0Mtweets @jacobcavern He's speaking more facts than you wereWe live with the MC server with the homies with the content with the laughs with the *pain* right here right now @PlayVALORANT -can play Duelist, sova/kayo, omen, sage but willing to learn other roles -3x t16 glg 21st re…
Retweeted by LuX.EXE
Happy 4th of July everybody
@parks2214 Poggers @parks2214 You finally got that 5G hotspot goingSo I know cloud storage is really good and all, but man do I miss having your own personal memory card for a console. That was fire.Hey Twitter I sell myself as an NFT?I don't believe in multitaskers. Y'all freaks if you can.D&D is a top tier game when you play it with friends. Y'all need to try it sometime.
Two weeks of workout in and I feel it. IT COURSES THROUGH MY VEINS.
C0M's $50 GIVEAWAY (PayPal Required) Everything needed to enter is here: Winner will be a…
Retweeted by LuX.EXEWow I'm really about to not stream for 4 days straight. Sorry boys, but I won't be streaming today or tomorrow. Bus… @Kamiunist DRIP TO HARDKazuya feelin nice no capWe finally get to see the best region play Breeze today. Lets go #VCTCheck out my new youtube video!
Also can I have a dedicated clipper in my chat. I'll pay you in love and affectionNo stream again today. Gonna work on some youtube content, then help out a friend. Cya tomorrow
When you take your shirt off in the bathroom, you know its a real one.Not gonna stream today, taking a day break just to vibe and think for a bit. PERSONAL DAY TIME