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@magicalbody Whew finally a true safe spacePeople are DYING and these ugly ass family is out here trolling with beans? I really hate 2020 and I wanna personal… at the protest a few weeks ago said “kings, queens and non-binary monarchs” and it was the best thing I’ve heard all summer. ❤️cut the cameras.. deadass
Retweeted by Breniecialet's cut the RPD budget!!! maybe it will b cake
Retweeted by Breniecia @darryl_fish Omg
Retweeted by Brenieciaif you love me please don’t ever go to or support 21c Museum Hotel 😭
Retweeted by BrenieciaWhelp ttfn Raleigh."Memories seem like so long ago/time always kills the pain" Gwen Stefani | Cool
Retweeted by Brenieciapls my children have been breaded
Retweeted by Breniecia😭😭😭 @desark I bought it for 10.00 so I gave it a good home while I could! @jazzminus It’s such a good one!2020 is one hell of a year. Because it is hell!gotta say this doesn’t feel great
Retweeted by Brenieciainside of you are two wolves
Retweeted by Breniecia @normie_fetish Yeah Imma stick it outside and look at it like this @normie_fetish Maybe! Go on! @normie_fetish Like what kinda bag? A garbage bag? @lo_lifer Yeah I haven’t been in ages I’m waiting to setup when I move @lo_lifer Might go somewhere local I’m getting 2 orandas
@lo_lifer I’m stoked! My mom is giving me her 30 gallon tank w a stand!Sup city council my fern is DYING. I tried so hard for that not to happen 😭😭A man whose entire life was built on a rich blend of daddy’s money and financial fraud accuses me, daughter of a ho…
Retweeted by Breniecia @lo_lifer The content I craveMade an observation tower for my fish out of a big pickle jar and now feel at least 30 percent less stressed
Retweeted by Breniecia @Peteyville OK!ok im getting scared
Retweeted by Breniecia @allisonhussey buying plantsLooking for rental houses in Raleigh is currently a nightmare! Does anyone know any private landlords? DM ME.Bought a frame for my black light poster instead of throwing it on the wall like a college student. Please clap.Amy Winehouse passed away on this day 9 years ago, so I finally made a thread of my favorite performances and deep…
Retweeted by BrenieciaThe Nick Animation writing program is still open. You have until midnight PST August 1st to submit 👇🏽👇🏽…
Retweeted by Breniecia @TorraineWalker + Peggy Jones (aka Lady Bo, The Dutchess) !! + Sugar Pie DeSanto. The BEST!!!
Retweeted by BrenieciaRasin bran crunch and oat milk? Legendary comboOn a serious note it’s being said she and her baby died from preeclampsia that was not treated due to negligence an…
Retweeted by BrenieciaI’m watching this documentary called ‘stuffed’ about taxidermy and it’s so good. @egotripping_ Yeah the doula usually still goes w them to the hospital though @SportsCenter And another video of us follow our Instagram and TikTok for more videos @patrickkelvin29
Retweeted by BrenieciaThis bitch needs to go his ass to bed
Retweeted by Breniecia @alliewach WOW @unibucatini Oh my godThinking of more side hustles. Gonna start selling fake MLK and Maya Angelou quotes to well meaning white people.You can find the healthcare power of attorney & living will (advance directive for a natural death) on the secretar…
Retweeted by Breniecia"My Discogs net worth just went up!"I've been struggling financially and need funds for food and other necessities. Of you have the means to help a bla…
Retweeted by BrenieciaTo give less fucks, try Phucumol @BrittniTaylor22 #tiktokmillenial #phucumol #shenanigantwins #itsyadinma
Retweeted by BrenieciaI don't understand why they are trying to make the general public accept that racist girl Camilla Cabello. 2020 did… @burakkuhani she is so dumb!! @burakkuhani SHE LOOKS SO FED UP
Here’s some affordable housing. Just kidding, it’s cake. There is no affordable housing.
Retweeted by Breniecia❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Breniecia @alexherzing Light it and I’ll read her copy of are you there god it’s me Margaret that @GPDrometer bought me at th… should be concerning for every North Carolinian.
Retweeted by Brenieciaif u buy stuff from charity shops Just to resell it on depop for an extortionate amount ... Stop it❤️
Retweeted by BrenieciaWhat if I named my baby this? CLEANSE. IT IS NOT CAKE.
Retweeted by Breniecia @lo_lifer I think I might have stunted them by leaving them in water for too long but I’m gonna shove some fertilizer sticks in them @lo_lifer Look!’d rather listen to beautiful girls with beautiful lacefronts rap about sitting on faces all day than continue to… lady in the plant group is selling her plant because it’s not growing fast enough for her. We don’t deserve nature!Weeks ago @raleighpolice tear gassed children. Months ago RPD murdered Keith Collins. On Saturday, @Corey4DistrictC
Retweeted by Breniecia @p00pskies OmgWe need to be prepared to support a nationwide teachers strike.
Retweeted by BrenieciaA mother tested for Covid but was still bringing her child to daycare. The child was asymptomatic, and infected k…
Retweeted by BrenieciaWake County & partners have distributed 1.8 million meals to kids & families since March! This program provides fre…
Retweeted by BrenieciaThis is .... ART!
Retweeted by BrenieciaMy long awaited review of Hamilton: Def Poetry Jam History
M83 is classic rock
Retweeted by BrenieciaEveryone is struggling right now in their own ways. I’m thinking about the bigger picture- like what kind of differ… don’t miss any locals enough to risk my life to go stare at people who aren’t even acknowledging they are committ… can’t say BLM then still go out drinking at a local bar pop up when our state has one of the highest coronavirus surges in THE WORLD. I’ve created a Patreon & I’d love if you'd take a look/consider contributing. My goal is to…
Retweeted by Breniecia @evankinney That’s hot @magicalbody Pics
Retweeted by Breniecia @mizzpoppyseed A mess!The film Obsessed starring Beyoncé is a Christmas movie @body_games Omg I want some so badI’m so traumatized I thought this was going to be a cake
Retweeted by Brenieciaif i were a boy - beyonce cover
Retweeted by Breniecia @GPDrometer A wine mom tragedy @unibucatini Happy Birthday!I wish I could hear “How Many Licks” for the first time again
Retweeted by BrenieciaI’m crying
Retweeted by Brenieciamade exactly one tellitubby tarot card. the invasive thought is free, now I can live my life
Retweeted by Brenieciaimportant cat info
Retweeted by BrenieciaArt in honor and in memory of those killed by Raleigh Police.
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@Mimi_E @jermainelandon I’ll start it on my couch day! (Monday) @yourmorals Let’s move. It’s across the bridge from Poughkeepsie so my dad will come hang. @DerbyGhostE Right! @chutneyfandango That’s some Satan stuff! Also you know I saved this I’m so repulsed. house? My 80s/90s dream- I wouldn’t do anything but get better black lacquer furniture and paint the walls. @MichaelWilsonNC LOOOOOOLThe lion toilet? That bedrock ass kitchen? Stone flooring everywhere?! I love a home where any trip can result in a… weird homes FB group is ruining me. Look at this colonizer resort home I bet the person who built this is a MON… Lynn performing “What’d I Say” in 1966.
Retweeted by BrenieciaMaybe if I get a phone that is nicer than an iPhone 7 I’ll have less typos