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i will wear them later in the weeki did not wear them because i felt like they were too much with the coat i was wearing @soobIuvr i was about to start watching little women is it goodit’s not even really that cold but i want to wear my earmuffs today because i am wearing a wintery outfit
good nightttt don’t think this would workvitamin gummy od 😍😍 @V0RLD YOU SHOULDi turned on haptic keyboard and typing is so fungot stressed earlier because i thought i wouldn’t make it to 10k steps today but i think i can do iti swear my parents have a sixth sense when it comes to me crying because they always come into my room and i have to suck my tears back ini feel like i’ve gained weight 🙁🙁 @peachwj ITS SO GOOD @svtbmi vi x luda 4everi think about this video all the time @svtbmi YAY @svtbmi @wonyocake yay i’m glad you’re feeling better @loonaticaIs thank you <33 i think the only reason i’m worried is because i know there’s lots of things that i’ll h… @svtbmi @he4rtst0p @svtbmi no it is not @Ioonarexia they’re so fun @k4h3iii parker parkeri didn’t know parker had gifs @grlhrts OMG I DIDNT REALLSE THIS WAS YOU?? @L00NAREXIC NO THATS WHAT I MEANT BUT IM NOT BEING SERIOUS SERIOUS @L00NAREXIC which one were you thinking of 🙁this is a draft and i still agree but was i ok when i typed thisi need to plan my attempt for a good few months before alevels incase it fails so then i will have time to revise for them @soobIuvr @lilaflrtz @lenotfy I LIKE THIS @ ITS CUTE @svtbmi noi think i forgot to pack the coat i wanted to wear this week face looks so fat todaymy studytwt account is actually going to end up as my academic vent accounti ate a little bit of a baguette and i feel so sickim stressed because im closer to my 18th birthday than i am to my 17th one @wonyocake omg hi shu hru @lilaflrtz omg thank u thqank umy layout isnt actually that good but i still cannot bring myself to change iti am trying to think of foods that i want to try to stop eating altogether @ghibIicals go checkrecently the smell of bacon has been making me feel so ill @ghibIicals on my studytwt account @ghibIicals i think the blue is too purpleythis is all i can think of atm’s a pink and blue music video or performance i can use for my pinnedi kind of want to move seats in one of my classes because i sit next to one of my friends and i find it so distract… @soobIuvr yes but i don’t really use it because i do t know what to tweetmy dad keeps taking packs of bagels out of the freezer to defrost so i can eat them for breakfast during the week a… love cutting my toast into slices and having different topping on each slice without having to have more than one slice of toast @soobIuvr add me @violetsolos i love the stickersi’m so wrapped up in my own little bubble of the kpop groups that i stan that i forget about other groupsi have so many things to do today but if i finish them all then i will play my new games @ilovefroggiez i like the butterflies @lovlythin i’m glad my mom died by jennette mccurdy🫶🫶 have had pink hair for nearly 3 monthsit’s still good but it does not compare to some of the othersonce i saw someone say that let me in was one of wjsn’s best title tracks @L00NAREXIC i did not know that you biased exyin my dream i was dancing to fearless
when does the poll end i will stay up for the finalelvlzdiet fans i will love you forever if you vote for lila and vote for it on the next poll too because i will be a… thing is that i do not want them to see me when i’m sad and stuff which i why i avoid them sometimesyou might think that i hate my friends because of my tweets but i am actually quite obsessed with all of themmy stomach feels weird @choerrydiet me me medeserved higher GIRLS because they only have like 12 songs actually like their discography a lot idc… after i remember my crush said her type is gamer girls @nmikgs NAO YOURE BACK @L00NAREXIC i’m excited to play it @L00NAREXIC lost sphear, overcooked, tasomachi, and root letteryes i have spent £26.94 on switch games today but if i paid full price for all of them then it would have costed me… top artists on lastfm 🫶🤭😘🤲👍 @Ioonarexia using all my accounts you must be the winnervote for Ioonarexia pls pls pls pls i will love you forever cried because my stepdad was shaming me for eating rice pudding for my tea 😍😍 @ghibIicals @lvlzdiet U would never understand the kind of amazing intelligent athletic kind funny person u have to be to be a horse girl
Retweeted by violet ʚĭɞwhy do my two friend groups keep going to the same concertsmijoo is so funny @Ioonarexia i want to be the girl in green because she’s riding with one hand so she is the best @ghibIicals will never drink all of the tea in a mug because i will not touch the little bits of tea at the bottom of the mugi need this so much we should get this