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Wardrobe Stylist | Social Thot | a chaotic Pisces | He/Him TikTok: @lvteef_

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My friends: Please don’t do it Me: imma do it Me drunk off that egg nog trying to bring up the Holiday morale:
I hope y’all know this is a joke 😂 @petey_pablo32 🙁 @renegade145881 You said @thephillycherub This was an eraShare a pic or a video of yourself where you just knew you were sexy af and nobody could tell you anything.… @Jonasstyy Hahah I have an apartment so I’ve been like super adamant @DussyWetn My mom LOVES house hunters lolI can sit down and watch Home decor videos for hours, am I becoming an interior designer f*g? @realgoodetea Yeah I think my body is screaming at me lmao. She said please take it off @d_ethos Oh nice! Yeah I’m trying to at least do three a week to see what’s up. Cardio is still relatively new to my regimen sadly lol @d_ethos How often have you been Incorporating? I’m doing two 15 minutes of after a workout HIIT and one Low intens… @d_ethos Yeah same. I was trying to do a cut to get snatched and get a solid core but apparently I’ve been eating u… @d_ethos What’s your usual workout schedule. 5 days on? @evanrosskatz Lmao what you do now?To all the fitness gays and thems out there who weight lift. Have any of you taken a recovery week from lifting? Is…
@____Kollin 👀I just realized something horrible. I bet a huge reason why so many people think this whole 'queer fad' is a new y…
Retweeted by FKA Thynative @prettyboydad This caption bitch 😂😂 @AnaisVilliams @petitetweeter_ Might as well include the gays because I’ve always had a lil thing for a ginger @iconickbeauty OH MY GOD @brvtttt LOL!GEORGIA🍑You have 1 week to get 500k new Democrats REGISTERED by Dec 7🗳️ #VoteOssoffAndWarnock If you're already reg…
Retweeted by FKA ThynativeThinking about her
Yeah.... she gotta go. Let’s start rallying around this Georgia election. Donate, RT, get the word out. The work is… @BallinWithColin Yeah, yeah! @TheElliotPage @greg2turntt We love you so much! Welcome to the world Elliot @azuniga1187 💕💕My apartment is coming along, I can’t wait until it’s semi complete so I can show y’all 🙏🏾 @afarlaa Yeah. She literally CARRIED a generation @fkaMattCage @themisstoto Chile. Back to the drawing boards @TREYMORBUCKS @brvtttt me @AW876plus Stahp 🥰 @kuma_619 Thanks papasWanted to try rocking a goatee. Thoughts?
Retweeted by FKA Thynative @wavruby Of course 😌 @wavruby @_ncsweet @Prada @cyberglittter @CYBERDAD444 I need to buy one of your prints soon @chrilliamsX Thanks love @moodybitchtm Right. She doin a lil sumn @darrinisland Lmao omg @isharolprado Thank you 🙏🏾 @_ncsweet @Prada @cyberglittter @CYBERDAD444 Ate as usualWanted to try rocking a goatee. Thoughts?
@abner_rodz Hey 👋🏾 @Ackeem_n I started liking it here @aeskomics Hahaha literally!My voice is so gay, it’s so funny. I use to hate it, but it’s how I got this far in life. Everyone trusts a f*g*ck, it’s a Sunday @knoxdotmp3 Hahah girl why I get the same offer a few months ago. Like $40. That’s it?
@manesca_ Omg I’m so sorry. That’s so fucking ruse @brvtttt @BoringDrew Like dead assIs it everyday? Y’all did the same shit with Serena Williams. Why are Black women expected to bare the mental abuse… @goldenpolaroid LolllllSince today is small business saturday, I would love to make a thread on my work. I’m a queer stylist and photograp…
Retweeted by FKA Thynative @yunghermoso Wow 😳 @LordeCali Side note. I HATTTTED this wig @chidofauxreal A manI just be taking the hottest nudes for absolutely no reason what’s so ever
@CarringtonKelso Thanks babe @TomasVill16 Ooh let me look it up @gayandsweaty I know you ain’t read it because you never shut up 😂 @gayandsweaty LMAO I’m like is this an actual book @lovesickriri @KahlilSassa @brvtttt L O LDoes anyone have any great spiritual books I should ready. I was reading “Spirit hacking” by shaman Durek which was…
@diettrade Right. RightMe and who @clbfbb Pisces tings @itsdantedangelo Same lolNative Americans are sharing videos of history lessons, facts, traditional dresses, and more in honor of…
Retweeted by FKA ThynativeShe got a feature from Billy Idol, Joan Jett and Stevie Nicks.... yeah rock era is here full throttle @TheHeartbeat10 @Twitter Listen!Miley ate, I’m happy she finally found her Rock voice and stayed in that lane! Miley Wussgud? @MileyCyrus @CashApp Ooop I’m Black and it’s Friday 👀 $thynative #PLASTICHEARTS @carmoaner @_benjvmins_ LOLLLL thats the first thing I thoughtCheers🥂
Retweeted by FKA Thynative @PrestoFlauto Hahaha! Thank you! 🙏🏾What y’all eating? Because the food I just had was 😋🤤🥂
@SUNNI_MONSTER At home waiting for my friend to tell me to come over and eat 😩 @SUNNI_MONSTER For this food to be ready Chile @SUNNI_MONSTER I’m waiting @ryxnmxrie country is so..... dark sided. My heart hurts for the families that were dragged out, all the while were suppo… followers, i love you and yt people ain’t shit for what they did to y’all. drop your cash apps below.
Retweeted by FKA Thynative @aeskomics Listen @JackDolan_ So are my guts @nextlevelwnate Sending you lots of positive affirming energy.The way I’m about to pop these lactaids so I can enjoy all these dairy heavy meals tonight! im here to serve @InspiredByLiLi It’s excellent. Deserves every award @brvtttt @kierrazhanee Loll omg @macNC40 Omg lol.This mix just got me sooooo hype
Retweeted by FKA Thynative @tresmye Interesting! Okay I’ll try that @fijaywater @TM4W Us with our prescriptions
Retweeted by FKA Thynative @TM4W Haha so ive heard. I might have to try her out @thejoshterbluez Oh that’s a really good tip. Thank you so much @brvtttt All that head with nothing good in it. Tuh