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Sass & titties.Thirtysomething. White Sox, Blackhawks, Bears, Arsenal, vinyl, Star Wars & my mischievous cattle dog, Angie. Also known as @SnarkBuehrle

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What will it take for Matt Nagy to give up play calling and how do we make it happen sooner rather than later?Heyoooo 4th quarter Bears are back but they're going to waste too much time and burn timeouts for no reason and still come up shortWell now that we got that third quarter out of the way...Should've puntedWatch them win the challenge and still punt
Retweeted by Lauren Wilz & Barkevious DingoThis dumbass is going to punt now 🤣😭 @owemyself14 They're both my spots so it's not like I'm doing anything wrong. I'm the queen of petty!! @cth71 Good questionMy mom just texted me and asked if Pagano went home at halftime 🤣Take Graham out and throw into double coverage.... hey Nagy let's rip this page out of the playbook, eh? @Michael_AC23 I might text my dad for a wellness check @Michael_AC23 My mom isn't even yelling at her tv anymoreAt this point I'm just watching the Bears game to increase my pain tolerance and my mom isn't yelling at the tv any… @Hall02 That makes two of us @Jozefowski SABER!😍😍😍 @Jozefowski If not I'll take an extra word!Nagy you idiot @chendershott We need a punt returner @JamesNeveau I think the refs hate him for some reason, he gets so many bullshit callsSafety incoming quarter Bears are so bad. I don't know what Nagy says to them in the locker room but it ain't working. Can they decline halftime? @chendershott Why is he such an asshole?WHAT THE FUCK why not use the timeout and make them punt it? Is Nagy incompetent? A study. @tom_paints "Hey coach, they know what play we're running" I DON'T CARE, WE STICK TO THE SCRIPT @MikeReynolds63 All of the above?Oh sure, NOW Leonard Floyd figures out how to sack a QBNagy just iced Foles. I believe that strategy is best used on the opposing team's kicker but go wild, man. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Still waiting @NotRalphFurley Cyanide @chgfanclub I only drove to one funeral hahahaha the person would have appreciated it 😆 @chgfanclub Hey I'm a huge hit at funerals @Michael_AC23 Everything 💩💩💩💩💩This offensive play calling 🤮 @HaHaBennyBlades I was just going to pee in their spot but I don't know if there's cameras in the garage 🤣 @Frank_The_K @HaHaBennyBlades I think so. A bunch of entitled idiots live here. I was here first and then they came to lower the average IQ @cfunkadelic84 I'm going to leave condescending notes and my real estate tax bill. If he wants to park there then he can pay for it @HaHaBennyBlades They were about to tow it when he came to move it. I was hoping for the tow @jcgreenx He claims it's his wife and she "forgets which spot is theirs" ok well write it down then, dumbass. If I… @ERuns Yeah why do I have to call you and tell you that you parked in a numbered spot that I own? Figure out how to… @DaGerbs Highly recommend. Really good crust and sausage so good you'll call your parents to tell them about it. I'… @Mattheius2783 Let me know when you go, their patio is dog friendly so I'll bring the pooch and come have a drink with ya!!My idiot neighbor parks in one of my parking spots all the time. Today he said "Do you want to take down my number… @Moncada4P It's almost like it's not the qb, but the genius calling the plays 🤔 @Moncada4P I think the 3 and out punchcard will be full after like 2 more, we probably get a free sandwich or car w… @Moncada4P Reschedule 😆 @HawksObsessed Hahaha I just texted that to my mom. They're so badBears play calling: @Mattheius2783 This is my first time trying it, I don't know how I lived this long without it! @sharamia This one is ricotta but I LOVE goat cheese on pizza 😍😍😍😍
@mares62J Road white! Here's all of them @MySoxSummer It's better than it looks, if that's even possible @ChiSquatch @RecoveringProf Apologies. It's always pizza o'clock in Chicago 😉 @ChiSquatch @311Chicago Since she's missing a bunch of teeth her face is really derpy so she's good at cheering peo… @quernzy Come pick up a few slices and pet Angie 😉 @RecoveringProf Yes!! that's the equivalent of a triangle piece on a tavern cut @RecoveringProf Here's some pornography: I bit open one of the air bubbles on the corner. There's a tiny little kis… @311Chicago Can I offer you a picture of my dog eating whipped cream to improve your mood? @cwsoxfan43 I've only been on it in a cab and it scares the crap out of meAlso, for those of you who are on the fence about Neapolitan because of the flimsy center, this one isn't flimsy. S… @MailmanJack65 I'll sign a confidentiality agreement 🤣🤣 @ChiSquatch Why even live? @MailmanJack65 It's soooo good! Not cheap but I'm happy to pay up for it, many of their ingredients that aren't mad… @ChiSquatch Bread and pasta are 90% of my diet @HalloweenHalpin And they should reimburse BWW for the second order, it's not the restaurant's fault it got stolen @HalloweenHalpin it sucks that they close the order so it can't be modified, since my order was "finalized" there w… @HalloweenHalpin I didn't know that's who was delivering it, the restaurant's ordering service was SpeedETab or som… Sox better make me a co- manager @Slaughter_Rule You can't cut neapolitan pizza tavern style 🤮It's called Robert's Pizza and Dough, do yourself a favor and order the $3 "half Za loaf" it's really fucking good… cannot recommend Robert's Pizza in Streeterville highly enough. They're super nice, their crust is one of the bes… restaurant is already out the free pizza they offered me to make it right, as well as whatever doordash fees th… didn't want to make them refund the order and reorder it so I just picked it up. The delivery driver told me "the… ordered pizza and a salad and @DoorDash dropped off the salad and closed the order. The restaurant told me they'd… @colleensullivan It terrifies me because there's not many street signsMy navigation wants me to take Lower Wacker to get to Streeterville from my house...that's a no. That's one underbe…
@SavesTuesday I don't understand. Was it supposed to say one person per family?When you ask for ranch dressing with your 3 wings & gizzards:
Retweeted by Lauren Wilz & Barkevious DingoOne person per family member, whatever that means @isureppin12 @ChicagoPhotoSho One person per family member 🤔I'm sure these will help make a case @ChiBDM The last thing I want to do is escape the pandemic by watching a show about the pandemic @FrankiesTooLoud your mom finds them sufficient thanks
Retweeted by Lauren Wilz & Barkevious Dingo @ski2point0 You can order almost anything for delivery if you know where to look! @ski2point0 Can you order it for delivery?Houston's offense looks like Nagy is calling the plays @SoxyBack @pasoxandswim @Larry_Boa Yeah it's not pretty @SoxyBack @pasoxandswim @Larry_Boa It's not fair that the team with the worst record in the West still has a better… @SoxyBack @pasoxandswim @Larry_Boa Name one NFC East team that isn't a trainwreck. The FIRST PLACE Eagles are 2-4-1… @barstoolWSD She let my mom put a Halloween costume on her 😆 confirm @barstoolWSD Oh shit. I hope you get better soon! Here's a picture of Barkevious Dingo to put you in better spirits @pasoxandswim @Larry_Boa How do you not have anyone deep to receive a punt? It seems like the majority of the teams…'ve been wearing a mask and eating candy for the past 6 months so I really don't find Halloween to be different from other days @JenStojanovich She was soooo dumb. If I had a microphone I would have probably accidentally been caught on a hot mic calling her a moron @Frank_The_K Why not all 3? 😉 @HockeySavants Make a power rangers one for @SavesTuesday @Frank_The_K Wine rules