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@Drew_I2G your @ is so ugly never again @HaanzeR @YktvLewi @Alithy5 @snirot Idk it kinda seems like Reprive is the carry here (IMO) @irimw @exbuna knew she was bad not this bad tho 😐 @faxuty Please I'm a zonewar demon 👀😈😈🔥🔥 @BennyTheAsian I think I am to @Reverse2k @jay_rosez @TRNLGaming @criizux what a goat @salvoFNBR @blaykoo this wasnt what it was for btw you bouncer impulsed on a team right after this lol @Rucien2 @litzinio $2.50 lledesman600@gmail.comprac scrims for all duo events w/ @Reguletor @bhronosFN @paper_fn @xoonies You guys clearly took different paths @paper_fn @Ryancreachh @MED9Y Nice. Minecraft is fun to watch sometimes @yuhtrix @RichHomieQu1nnn lucky I didn't play ong @FortniteGame code Lxdesman #ad
@thome210 Hi @Venor @vohlii ☹️ @CeeBeaZ Had to hit a lil trampoline park session with my little siblingsGood morning everyone. Another day of self improvement and getting better is upon us 👁 @MonsterDface 100% @XTRAGAMlNG If it’s not XTRA Slays it’s not the right pickup 🤷🏽‍♂️ @vohlii 18 in 3 months @vohlii Give me a chance please @vohlii It kinda looks like you took a picture of yourself in an oval shaped mirror @MoonyFN @faxuty Goat emoji Moony @LucasIsBadBurn tell her i said hi @LucasIsBadBurn what did she say to my reply @cmrn47 all i listen to tbh @vohlii hey lolIt ain't perfect but I don't mind, because it's worth it 🫂 @G2Coop @slaysfn can you vouch me? It would mean a lot. Please? @slaysfn @G2Coop HI @leooiwnl @AimerBond tell him to dm me @captainyFN @toxiiczlol so what do you believe the purpose of your life is (genuine) @trisskers what if we played duo arena lol @trisskers hey @TRNLGaming can vouch this happens all the time @KonaG_ @BennyTheAsian @yabinskiy @Sparkzwtff @captainyFN i also enjoy playing video games and am happy with where I am @CeeBeaZ @kylie7k bump @Revo5G @DannyHoldsW @5G_GamingLLC 🤐 @KonaG_ @elchief222 @ImNedak @CeeBeaZ @GubbbFN @BennyTheAsian @captainyFN Chief is the goat @ilyhayli Hey @KonaG_ @ImNedak @CeeBeaZ @GubbbFN @BennyTheAsian @captainyFN my mom is very proud @ImNedak @KonaG_ @CeeBeaZ @GubbbFN @BennyTheAsian @captainyFN I'd do it again to @DannyHoldsW @5G_GamingLLC 5G Danny or this will happen to you on January 24th at 8:57pm @Revo5G @KonaG_ @CeeBeaZ @GubbbFN @BennyTheAsian @captainyFN this just isnt true lol @KonaG_ @BennyTheAsian @captainyFN you play the game for free lol @KonaG_ @captainyFN Nice failed comp player, failed gfx designer, failed team owner, mass follower, and only known… @KonaG_ @captainyFN are you real @captainyFN just wear a mask it isnt hard @Trashyfnx 🐐 @PrimagineArt @Lucas_IsBad How long did this take @flurWTFF Ok changing it because you told me to @Lucas_IsBad @PrimagineArt @Lucas_IsBad @PrimagineArt You should tell her that me killing you Game 1 cost you $1k 😭 @Lucas_IsBad @PrimagineArt Wait till she finds out you can’t even make it to finals 😭 @christfup happy birthday chris @FortniteGame @TheGrefg Code Lxdesman #ad
@ItsAircool @corruptedray001 your hoodie is cool AC @exbuna z @CeeBeaZ 🐝 @Arkhram1x @FNGamepedia @EpikWhale Here before Epikwhale earnings check @cyrzrs Thoughts?Thanks for 4.3k appreciate it @TRNLGeneral NotiNew profile pic gonna stick with it I think @snirot Ok @snirot Variant album cover of my favorite album @snirot What is there to not get @ImNedak It doesn’t have a true meaning to me I stole it from someone 3 years ago and i don’t have best rep so it h… @slaysfn Bump @CeeBeaZ Maybe with the Beaz gasGrind in silence, let results speak for themselves💯🗣🕵️‍♂️ @snirot I see the contradiction here @CeeBeaZ 🐝💯 @KgPowur @Twitter nvm fake Powur @KgPowur @Twitter oh so now that you're suspended you want to follow me again @middifn No way they’re making the Among Us task into a real thing @TRNLGaming Reply to this comment if you are grinding for TRNL @ryswtf :( @snackyfn rip bro @CeeBeaZ @SDverT fncs champ put down @exbuna @lildedjanet thanks for putting this on the TL @CeeBeaZ @hSnackbar vouch for my man Beaz he's on the comeup @hSnackbar 👀🔥💪💯 @norcalnugzz @hSnackbar you been in here for 2 days you didn't know the struggle @Reguletor @snackyfn lmfao how did you photoshop this fast @5PEHS @exbuna must have some. Nvm
@jm0ckFN 😭😭 @brixfn Make what you like @vohlii It’s vohlii thicc it literally says it right there @RichHomieQu1nnn Thank you Quinn! I will be using this in the upcoming FNCS# 1 @RichHomieQu1nnn fan thanks for carrying me and Middi in trios 🥰 @Reetlol Tbf, it’s 8 am and they probably tryna sleep lol @cooper_fnbr @snackyfn @Reguletor Idk @Clyfen_ @caleighbtw Help me Clyfen 🙁 @caleighbtw Idk what to say after this 💯 @caleighbtw Hi @vohlii I’ll hyu in 3 months @vohlii ...