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im confused

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:) @gullyboysband dam u guys gonna do me like that @Kittencab00dles WAT IS LIFE BUT A SERIES OF HAIRCUTS UNTIL U SETTLE ON THE RIGHT ONE
Retweeted by chef spank williamsBOUT TO GO LIVE ON I drink soup
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From my birthday party to this ok @kristinaabusch :,) ilyPlease don’t harrass me or my family up my birthday party to the general public see you in ten you have a crush on me ?
Retweeted by chef spank williamsits 8:30! time to tell me @Chelsolo IS IT SADNESS ? ? I CANNOT TELL ANY LONGERFor my birthday this year I’m going to improv a stand up set know what i would love right now to feel anything but sadnessMost of the 700,000 people in jail are still eligible to vote, because they are in pretrial detention or serving se…
Retweeted by chef spank williamslate night twitter let me know
Retweeted by chef spank williamssheesh i didnt realiez it was that late night twitter let me know wish i could tell my dog i have a headache and he should chillaaaaax
Who I am at the beginning of the pandemic day to the end of the pandemic day are two very different people🚨 NEW NAZEEM🚨 “POISON FREESTYLE (@Nas Remix)” IF ROCKY WAS A RAPPER 2020 🥊🥊🥊🥊 @bloodsmokebody @SpencerJolesFam
Retweeted by chef spank williamsWhat is life if u don’t try every hair color u know?If u will it .. it is so @hijahntoast A YES!!! im putting it on my "lives destroyed" tallyim going to verbally harrass everyone who says no @gabegundacker ?? you have a crush on me ?Many people on this website were extremely vocal about their skepticism that far right agitators were provoking vio…
Retweeted by chef spank williamsHoglund 2020: ILL SEND YA OFF JUST LIKE THE LAST ONE had a headache for all of 2020301 Cedar Ave S NOV 4TH • 6PM
Retweeted by chef spank williamsmy rats favorite band is goo goo dolls i just told them I opened up for them in 2016
Many great reasons to vote for our great Senator @TinaSmithMN who is an effective champion for Minnesota. But kee…
Retweeted by chef spank williamsHUH I WONDER WATS GOING ON! ass!!!!"cant believe u wipe standing up" i just overheard my sister saying to her boyfriend
pat robertson looks like a young man dressed up as an old man cant wait"ive been really into weezer memes lately" - @awkwardlyasha im laughing
@alyssawahh I think either!just because your friends arent texting you back doesn't mean that all of a sudden "u found out who ur true friends…!! is anyone looking to do PCA work? my client needs an evening person (3-8ish) and asked me to put out a call! s…
ah yes a classic pandemic spending problem @Somniferously literally i was facetiming with one of my best friends on the planet yesterday and it was just so cr… winter i will be adding "vigorous exercise" and "rocking back and forth" are my 5 pandemic tips 1. therapy 2. animals 3. reading 4. going to bed at 7pm 5. actually calling a frien… saying "im fine" 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
@bahroomn @jgfagerberg im smiling @Chelsolo if my psychiatrist is reading this i need a 4 months sooply of trazodonei need to nap through this pandemic this just is not going to work for meok so strait up how are u @jgfagerberg @bahroomn i like to call him whiny wallace @snazzzypants honestly holding on for dear life and staying hydrated i guesslmao how the FUCK. are we gonna do this winterHELLO- I AM "OFF THE NET" but THIS IS STILL HAPPENING!!!!!! i think I will do "bugs life" @meat_costume dude if we dont i s2g... we gotta shut down.
see you around xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo“Tonka truck titties”
Awww, thanks @R_PATT_! 😘 Amplify 10 women in music & keep it going: @lachimusic, @tabix119, @ellensmojo,…
Retweeted by chef spank williamsThank you @GaelynnLea you’re the best!! Amplify 10 women in music Shout out to @mayda @FitzgeraldAnnie
Retweeted by chef spank williamsSharing w u: my past as a furry - at like 10 y.o. I made up a fursona and I just redrew her - the original photo is… is super silly and rushed, and Lydia I'll give you a couple days break after this if you want but here's me an…
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@fhbaer Love you fred!!!!I have a sneaking suspicion 2020 is going to give us one hell of a finale and encore.
Retweeted by chef spank williamsok am i the only one who *doesnt think the video of trump actually sounds like trump at all sick or not it sounds l… @hellojohntoast i am apparently really good at following my intuition or a very lucky person @Dudepuncher now THAT IS WINNINGanyone ever been in a nutrition class and then realized they are definitely struggling with disordered eating and t… just absolutely bullshitted a quiz and got 95% and that is some raging fucking luck @tristamariemcg @alexispolitz i have passed the fuck on bye!!!!!!! I've crossed over!!!!! heavenly!!!!!:——) 📷: @tristamariemcg
Retweeted by chef spank williams @CannerPrice Drowning in the spiral is perfect! I think I’m still kind of trekking along but I am sure next semeste… @DaryoSharlah No I love it and I’m honored every time I’ve never had someone draw me so often I feel like a *muse*Stand up for black women. What else is there to say
Retweeted by chef spank williams @jgfagerberg @gabegundacker Yes and he doesn’t realize that I am his wifeSo what do I have to do to get a date with @gabegundacker - do I need to I need to meet Richard dreyfuss and manifest this whole thing @DaryoSharlah you're fuckin getting so good lmao i lvove this SO MUCH @DaryoSharlah OMFGJGSDLFJSDFthis is my first time being in school and not being a raging alcoholic so 6 weeks into the semester I'm still figur…
I hope I find $5000 on the floor later
Retweeted by chef spank williamsPpl into hookup culture act like they have crazy sex but the reality is that nobody is filthier than a woman in love
Retweeted by chef spank williams @youngnsilky @zola_ellen Zola I did not know ur doin SHOOTS!!!! @m604ever myself a guitar today for the absolute mental torture of 2020 and I really hope it wasn’t a terribly poor economic decision @horshes U do not have to be running up the hillImagine being forced to sit in a car with closed windows with a person infected with the virus, for the sake of a p…
Retweeted by chef spank williamsOnce again, Trump has endangered the Secret Service and his staff for a photo-op.
Retweeted by chef spank williams @lydializamusic TODAY?
Retweeted by chef spank williamsToday has weird energyOk is grump gonna die or @snazzzypants Yes LIGERALLYwho the hell thought it was a good idea to invent apple flavored dawn dish soap that shit tastes terrible
Retweeted by chef spank williamsSorry I’m really hot now press and the public are struggling with this fundamental problem: we do not know who we can trust to receive r…
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2020 by MeTooMPLS @ashleighstill @lydializamusic @marybuemusic @sarahmorris78 @AnnieMackMusic @mayda
Retweeted by chef spank williamsMetoompls [Explicit] @amazon @amazonmusic w/@ashleighstill @lydializamusic @marybuemusic @sarahmorris78
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