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Tried my best to draw everybody’s favorite senpai 🥲 @1SakuraFPS @vesperslol @RESHURAA 🥲 @vesperslol @1SakuraFPS @RESHURAA 🥲 @fype215 Happ y birthdsyyy @1SakuraFPS Ask mr bitches for some advice @1SakuraFPS Ur having girl troubles too I seeHaii T^T | !DISCORD
Haii T^T | !DISCORD every hour is a blessing @Asunaa @diceyzx Perfect pfp @chloe_hime7 Where @chloe_hime7 Peter not an awperJust played Star Wars for 6 hours straight GNHaii T^T | !DISCORD @Asunaa WhereIt’s kinda insane to me that people don’t know what a pint and a quart is @ukiyozzz I don’t rmemebr @ukiyozzz Dude can u send me ur vibrance settings thanks
@heatycs Happy birthday coachHaii T^T | !DISCORD
@jembhoe U right @Sanity_FPS Ur still 19 it’s ok @bearkun @Teoiwnl_ @tsynadeZK I’ll tell u if u mod meUhh mom came in yeah SORRY STREAM I will be back on tonight :)Haii T^T | !DISCORD @caraisop Holy fuck that is adorable @ennpeecs Oh yeah? @ennpeecs I can’t hear it @ennpeecs Problem Jacob? @ennpeecs Jackson @ennpeecs Ok mr bitches we get it
@RadixRR trying @RadixRR can u derank rqHaii T^T | !DISCORD some pictures of my friends back in NY mf looking like goddesses and I’m just here @LispyJimmyBoss @ProdigyDDK 🤨 @1SakuraFPS U managed to give pikachu a black eye. If that’s not talent idk what is @1SakuraFPS Agreed @1SakuraFPS If only that talent was for gaming @1SakuraFPS Oh. Thank. U. @1SakuraFPS Thank u alexsandr 🥲 @1SakuraFPS 🥲 Idk it just don’t look right to me @Mitsuki_BOW Want to buy my art for 100000 bits? @koalanoob Fr all my homies love dazai @ennpeecs NahNot done yet BUTT this is the definition of when you try your best, but it is not enough. @1SakuraFPS His forehead size @Mitsuki_BOW How much is 100k wtf @Mitsuki_BOW Chase the bag then donate 100,000 bits for mog @Blakerscs @JPARKJMC Green? @1SakuraFPS Miscalculation @JPARKJMC But white oni @Mitsuki_BOW Grind it mf @1SakuraFPS I- messed up
@1SakuraFPS This eye man is so hard @1SakuraFPS @1SakuraFPS Nope @1SakuraFPS Can u guess who this is @1SakuraFPS I wanna start something new rn but I only have lined paper unlucky @Teoiwnl_ God Idek if I’m capable anymore this shit was so many years agoNatsu and some random shit idek who that is @Teoiwnl_ Wait look at the 2nd picture and look at his arm to the left LMFAO the fingersOkay. No flame. I know they’re bad BUTTT saw these in my camera roll and I kinda want to draw again. Wall of anime… @Remv_v That’s bizarre @claudiavalorant @kayvalorant @TradeLikeProsGG @1dianazzz @ripsofiia @1dianazzz @claudiavalorant @kayvalorant @TradeLikeProsGG Vouchh @aSauce0 Why does cache look like thatHa gn guys ha
@vrfys Well I’ve seen prime like 3 times when I was waiting for dragon. After I got the dragon I have not seen the prime since mothermoggers @vrfys I just want prime vandal , got prime spectre yesterday and before that. 3rd times the charm. @vrfys Teach me @vrfysHow do ppl use ads shit is aids @Mitsuki_BOW @graphitecs @rabbitcs1 MeanOuUuUuUuuu chilLs
@RadixRR Just thinkTwitch really would let me click into a stream wait 5 seconds to let me type my message and click send then play a… @bobaconan Can u put in the clip whereDoes anybody want to play swtor with me @Pinoyed_ Are u talking about promised neverlandI’m finishing bungou stray dogs already what’s next @Smithninjas Unreal. I pretend I do not see @Smithninjas Holy shit LMFAO
Watching VCT shit/anime then val? | !DISCORD @Asunaa @Sentinels No aiyahs this time hopefully @thi9f @ripsofiia VouchParting ways with @SakuraStormVal, I have seen this one before. LFT as a duelist but will be willing to learn every…
Retweeted by MoggyOh. @Asunaa @thi9f @st9llar Aiyah
@nlbil Who is screaming @MangaContexts
Retweeted by MoggyOnly Jujutsu Kaisen fans will understand this image
Retweeted by Moggy @ennpeecs Yessir @ennpeecs Because she was some girl from my middle school manDude. Fuck off. No way an actual human being is doing this rn. being sad yesterday and impulsively transferring $1,000 to my account. I love meInitial link has expiration. This one doesn’t. was going to share this when I finished it, but I’ve been pretty lazy sooo yeah. This is my scuffed discord serve… fucking day ever