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@lauvishwya like a 7 u need to get a stinger bulldog ares basiclaly make it color coded + all vfx and u chillin @maxefn_ hi @_Od26 i’m on 1200 now but i originally played 400 but that’s when i was like silver … @nhuciferr girl how is ur aim so controlled it’s so smooth @774saturn i’m so sorry </3 @nycpto does this mean it’s more precise if it’s higherforgot to add like if i’m playing on the same sens technically if i convert it @haydcncs no like just say i convert the sens what does it dookay so like what’s the diff between 800 vs 1200 dpi etc like how does ut affect aiming @seoulops_ @fireballops OMG SO CUTE @RetroAlexVAL how do u not have $2 @_Od26 only @RetroAlexVAL can reynaNEW ELEMENT
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@nhuciferr imm next @Obsessed_SOS probably not @RetroAlexVAL #1 naI'm kinda cold 0_0
Retweeted by ❤︎︎ limit hannah ❤︎︎ @Obsessed_SOS LMFAOOO @nhuciferr U ARE SO GOOD HOLY @zenjttv trip flank bro @xanadicto OH NAH
@seoulops_ IMY2 @seoulops_ ELI UR SO PRETTY @crystaltft best support @ZeroX5Z @RetroAlexVAL yes i am bitch
@ZeroX5Z wait @RetroAlexVAL @RetroAlexVAL i eat olives well cooked steak banana peppers burnt burgers and play rust @zenjttv @RetroAlexVAL christian. @nuwumy u one tapped that can @luvducki i’m stealing @gwacies those are good everything else ass
@rosaphy UR GOOD ILY @rizekuVENTI just bell peppers @WIIREE_ FINALLY SOMEONE @shuboxs no. the green ones taste like dish soap more than the others @Ghost_leones0 green bell peppers are not spicy fym @kickerCS_ YES @foreignerjpg @RetroAlexVAL @camilleettv ur so pretty camille omg @havenily All THE EEVEELUTIONS @hyunnybyul ur so pretty @zenjttv like everyone bro @soaksVAL bro i have never met anyone WHO DOES LIKE THEM WTF @rosaphy slay @soap_val ass rank ass rank @satori1738 stranger things has me @audestball ur so fine @taoseu_ aceu???? @sigh3479424 OMG OMG OMG U GUYS ARE SO ADORABLE @mangosmxxthie @bvbymoo @Fixitfe11xx lmaoooo @lolmochiiii i love these
@RetroAlexVAL LMAOOO @RetroAlexVAL real as fuck @nickaimmm nick ur a npc for this @ZeroX5Z DONT CARE IM STILL GOING @ZeroX5Z wanna diehey guys i am back to say drake is ass. now i leave @ZeroX5Z why. the duck @ZeroX5Z oh don’t worry i am @indi_tky happy birthday !
guys my mental is in a really bad place so i’m going to take a break from twitter for a bit , see ya @Ghost_leones0 i’m quitting everything
@lz4yas @florscnt @gaiavj @annetteloll @hanuhz nice shottt @abgluvrhotaku imm2 @LightDiff not like i can fix it now
@Cronus1xx 5 @charris4422 don’t throw the placements u will be ok @charris4422 yeah so i’m never getting out basically @charris4422 didn’t feel like playing themguys don’t ff ur ranked games i ffed all mine and got placed d3 even though if i tried i would’ve been ascendant @zenjttv @RetroAlexVAL he said no gg @soaksVAL HBD AHAUSYSSHSH @RetroAlexVAL AM I GOOD ENOUGH @TOMMYYBANGG just do @Littleliver442 @RetroAlexVAL @aceCourtBot2 render @resqwtf unfortunate, one day @Kouvall ALL GOOD i’m praying for them @resqwtf cant @resqwtf i can lie this is true @Kouvall that’s honestly worse @resqwtf try harder it’s so easy wtf @clonezval there’s so many people u got it @resqwtf go looking @Kouvall personally i find it sad like i wish they would have more respect for themeselves @resqwtf then it’s valid @JPVRBRIFLE she knows @clonezval go find her @Kouvall what if they have an ass personality too what does that do for them @resqwtf well maybe you’re just lucky bc where tf @eugenevlr future eugene shawty @clou2s looks aren’t everything but come on like if they’re mid and act like a bitch then what’s worth staying for @splqtt JUST saying @eugenevlr @ eugenes shawty if u see this go play with him @eugenevlr go get her wyd @eugenevlr LMAOOO it’s ok @Sharkyzalt that’s just the truth or ur shy @eugenevlr i thought u had e bitches @Sharkyzalt probably means you have a shit personality @nickaimmm @Littleliver442 sorry bist friend @nickaimmm @Littleliver442 question little liver are you a real