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❣︎ 17 | imm 1 sage & kj main :) | @n0rmaIize ❣︎

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@7lilay thanks momm y @Soryuiii no u !! @haydcncs i followed @haydcncs WHATS UR TWITCH @kittylover938 says u it’s all u @valslikesballs u pretty or whateva @maifatnutz ITS SO CUTE @1EDEN_ i’ve had my ares skin forever since like two seasons ago i already took the L @maymayVAL <3 u baestargazing
Retweeted by ❤︎ hannah ❤︎ @okmelll okayy gorgeous as always @bvbymoo I LOVE U OMG WIFE @S1SS1L no u ^-^ @bvbymoo I LOVE. UUU @bvbymoo MOMMY Y @okmelll love u bb @graveval song lyric bozosuch a strange girl @n0rmalizeSTAN think so @luxyyk lmao cant be that bad @n0rmalizeSTAN hmmm are you giving away your identity rn @S1SS1L i spent too much on val that i can’t afford a good cpu @luxyyk yes this is just my thinking rn @n0rmalizeSTAN low iq? @jemmmyy_ i’m just contradicting my own thoughts at this point @luxyyk i don’t even know @venusluvvr hi @jalccna SAME I LITERALLY CAN JUST HAVE FRIES SECOND DAY FROM A RESTAURANT @oooo0oo0000000 ur gorgeous @_ninaxo I DO ITS SO CUTEi think i’m the shit but then why am i so ugly but then why am i so talented at everything i do but then why so bad at valorant!? @haydcncs preach hayden @Toastedtw lylac#noah @daintierr @_deb777 OMG UR SO FINE @daintierr @_deb777 MOM @mulancholy1 @n0rmalizeSTAN LMAOOO @redemonstrate_ i’m home lol @oooo0oo0000000 ong queenhot girls don't sleep enough
Retweeted by ❤︎ hannah ❤︎average iron valorant player
Retweeted by ❤︎ hannah ❤︎ @n0rmaIize my bf is so cute oml @n0rmaIize who got u that shirt !? @iluvharryosborn IM SCARED DONT OPEN IT @haydcncs @bvbymoo yessir @redemonstrate_ i hate it there like a genuine triggering hate @bvbymoo be my wifey pls @bvbymoo ong! 💍 @havenily UR SO CUTE OML @haydcncs @bvbymoo what happened to ribbit @AquiDog IM HONNA CRY THEY SAID I AM TOO SCUCESSFUL TOO MANY AP CLASSES @haydcncs @bvbymoo HAYDEN!??? LMAObonjour j'adore les milfs
Retweeted by ❤︎ hannah ❤︎ @bvbymoo MADS UR SO HOT @bvbymoo HOLU SHIT @loveeleexi ok we’re qing tmrw! @AquiDog i didn’t get into mpa this year lol… i’m so fucked i need to get in next year or idk @loveeleexi but i will that’s the thing @zenjttv ong stay on the grind!! @kfc__japan @SpacceVAL i don’t even go out i just refuse to go backme deciding if i should skip school again 🤔🤔🤔hi xd
Retweeted by ❤︎ hannah ❤︎ @kittylover938 OMG HOTTIE @n0rmalizeSTAN @n0rmaIize Pushin' 🅿️ Yeah, pushin' 🅿️, turn me up Turn me up, 🅿️, uh-ah Pointers in the Patek and m… @n0rmaIize @JukzYT @n0rmaIize @n0rmalizeSTAN I THOUGHT THATS HOW U SPELL IT @n0rmalizeSTAN @n0rmaIize it’s aidan my bad @n0rmalizeSTAN @n0rmaIize HUH @n0rmaIize @n0rmalizeSTAN yeah ong @n0rmaIize @n0rmalizeSTAN MY BAD @n0rmalizeSTAN hi aiden @n0rmaIize @n0rmalizeSTAN LMAO🅿️ @triggyrd it’s okay you’ve never been demeaning to me so i respect you @mangosmxxthie LMAOO it’s bc i’m not down bad @mangosmxxthie hi @luvducki feltstop obsessing over girls you see online, they dont want you
Retweeted by ❤︎ hannah ❤︎ @n0rmaIize SHAAA @n0rmaIize why my bf is so crazy @FlareGTS @N0rmalizeSTAN guys it’s totally me @FlareGTS @N0rmalizeSTAN it’s me @N0rmalizeSTAN ong!!IN NOAH WE TRUST 🙏 AMEN
Retweeted by ❤︎ hannah ❤︎ @n0rmaIize it’s mei’ve been called “dyke” because of my voice and i’m also underage so when i tell people that because i don’t want t… how i feel everyday it’s terrible enough that i’ve been calling myself boosted i seem to have little to no…
@ItsAtko i’m so cracked right @redemonstrate_ it is of my alt LMAO but i was ffing games @zuckrs @n0rmaIize same but i deserve it so like … cant believe i was d3 @loveeleexi we tried our best @JukzYT ong! @JukzYT its me throwing on my alt so i can be iron @zuckrs @n0rmaIize my main be like... LMAO LIKE WTF @zuckrs @n0rmaIize i do it for him hit bronze! @whoGhostie same! W @Cliptomaniak i have no problem with being known for that ong @Cliptomaniak my bad ur really cool and funny and nice 😭 I SWEAR I DIDNT MEAN TO BE RUDE IM SORRY @Cliptomaniak BRO IM SORRY I THOUGHT U MEANT IT LIKE HOW DID I MEET YOU @Cliptomaniak UR SWAG OKAY IM SORRY I DIDNT MEAN FOR IT TO BE MEAN