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Alex* @lynchyyy08 1-0 Will Grigg Up The Tics

Premier League Champions 2019-2020 (said 1st November)

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@PeteyPabsFut 💚💚 @PeteyPabsFut Everything ok?
@Rodderss_ ‘Grind’ yeah? Not too sure about that Mr HacksOfficer: People are becoming more aware of racism in the police force, what can we do? Chief of police:
Retweeted by Alex* @ben03__ @lfcctom @MarcusRashford Playing COD. You? @lfcjms Fairs @lukebartolofifa Nah small W for rating @lfcjms You had any good reds? @lfcjms All dead though. @lfcjms Fisted yet again- my guarantee pscks ahve 𝐛𝐞𝐞𝐧: Community: Busquets Prem: Awb La Liga: Carvajal Bundesliga… @lfcjms prisoner, 43, identified as new suspect in case of Madeleine McCann, who went missing in Portugal in 2007
Retweeted by Alex* @FUT20News Community: Busquets Prem: Awb La Liga: Carvajal Bundesliga: Ginter Serie A: Luis Alberto Ligue 1: Rajkovic @TkMino18 Thought so 😂 @TkMino18 ?Ya boy is gonna be on @c4gogglebox with @producerSX Starts this Friday at 9pm on @channel4 #CelebrityGogglebox
Retweeted by Alex* @RNBA1032 Yeah, I’d rather a 95 fodder than an 89. Also Italian> his nation @Soilsum1 Keep Rossi @lfcjms Fuck offff @RNBA1032 Better than this @urusernamemust I got this prick @FutPanther Scummy cunts EA ratty pricks L? @DarraghMcdonog1 @GCIIMessi 87
Retweeted by Alex*History students in 2040 highlighting the important stuff in the chapter about 2020
Retweeted by Alex* @ftblLucas @Jt99x Man plays a formstion with wingers but doesn’t actually have wingersI wouldn’t complain🤷‍♂️ @joeemcfc Do it over 2 week🤷‍♂️😂 @bhoug_11 @FPLTIPZ @fpl_kie @FPL_Rockstar @Legomane_FPL @collins_faron @TheMarpleCurse @marz05 @johnsmithspurs
Retweeted by Alex*Lee Bowyer 🗣 "I had an eye injury and I told the physio I can't see" @Carra23 🗣 "Did he tell you to go and drive y…
Retweeted by Alex* @CazzaFPL I went mental when that went in, couldn’t get more top corner. Salah vs chelsea was fucking incredible too @CazzaFPL Was mental tbf. Back in the day you’d see so many wonder goals, so annoying how rare they are now @CazzaFPL Wanyama vs us was a thundercunt too @CazzaFPL Proper shame init, players are scared to shoot. Rarely see a shot that isn’t from inside/edge of the boxNo players score goals like these anymore, no one even attempts it⚽️ Steven Gerrard only scored screamers... Where does the former Liverpool captain rank in the Premier League's be…
Retweeted by Alex* @joeemcfc Will knock Militao chem but it is deffo worth @joeemcfc TOTS Ter Stegan, or does it have to stay first owner @TykeCMK 💚James corden talking his sht
Retweeted by Alex*A short story:
Retweeted by Alex*
@KingpinHaller @LucaBlackshaw @lfcctom He’ll score the proper awkward ones but then the easy ones he’ll fuck up, it’s so odd @tobycafc @LFC_Mike_Hbd legend @UniqueRiggers TOTS Neymar Mbappe Ben YedderClubs have been given the go-ahead to take part in friendly matches ahead of the planned resumption of the Premier League.
Retweeted by Alex* @ProSyndicate No @PeteyPabsFut Looooooooool @PeteyPabsFut Is it a gif or a video?..🤷‍♂️😂 @PeteyPabsFut You added a video not a gif... @PeteyPabsFut Stolen tweets @AnfieldMagic Yeah same with mine, someone on mine has me blocked😂 @AnfieldMagic I’d say I interact a lot too😂 @FPL_FC Keita looking sharp in training tbf. @Ifcanders As perDon’t you have a C.U.N.T award to go play with you idiot?
Retweeted by Alex* @FutTipz You’ve not been on your main for ages 😂Big W if you here
Retweeted by Alex* @EricGarciaBall Because they’re meant to be setting an example. @lfcalexxxx Prick @mufcmiikey This year is not real I’m convinced 😂Blackpool went from this to this in a few weeks, I fucking hate people me
Retweeted by Alex* @TheFlayedDan How’ve you so many incredible untrads?Madeline McCann just needs to return to top off this year in the history books tbh
Retweeted by Alex* @ExpertlyHendo Okidoki cheers @ExpertlyHendo How’d you get it then @ExpertlyHendo Do you get it by email? @ExpertlyHendo What’s the link for this? @ExpertlyHendo 😢
@_shameless_man @AnfieldEdition Fat fingered it 😂 @CityzenFUT @NepentheZ Same mate stay safe @_shameless_man @AnfieldEdition You csnt read mate 😂 @CityzenFUT @NepentheZ Christ you are silly @CityzenFUT @NepentheZ Yes they do😂. You can see the stat change in game @CityzenFUT @NepentheZ What’s your point? @afczak_ @LCFCnathann Who’d you say is 6 and 7? @LCFCnathann @afczak_ We would be lethal on the attack, the pace would be uncontrollable. With Firmino jsut behikd… @LCFCnathann @afczak_ Do the Ws ever stop? Beg we sign Werner so Firmino can plau just behind him. Will be one of,… @LCFCnathann @afczak_ Opinions on Firmino @LCFCnathann @afczak_ W after W after W @LCFCnathann @afczak_ W @AJ3 How do you manage to run out of ammo😂 @ProSyndicate Will there be a cod stream tomorrow Tom?This Leizpig game is a good one @FalseFMatt Great game#WernerWatch @demi_puncheon ST @CityzenFUT @NepentheZ Believe Chem styles make a difference? They do?! @CityzenFUT @NepentheZ Best strikers in the game my arse, 83 sprint speed @FutPanther I did 1 and got a 76 GK @jameszha0 Too many @Mart10HD 76 GK @ChuBoi I got a 76