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ARC Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate. Historian and writer and political junkie. Retweets do not necessarily mean agreement, tweets are my own views.

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We miss you Barrie.
@sandyosullivan I have started a simple delete campaign. The worst have been journalism students who think I should… @colourful_hist usually, minor revisions do not need to go back to the referee(s), major ones do.
Some good news post KI bushfires.
@AlexRoginski We are sort of lockdown anyway as my SO is immunocompromised! @AnnOlivarius My family, but the reverse of inspired! @AlexRoginski MoPo is my 'hood, just off Wilson street, very close to the Race Track, and about 60 metres from the Creek.I adored Carl Reiner, absolute legend. His humour was amazing and his (recent) politics awesome. If you have alrea… Moonee Ponds, I am literally 60 metres from the boundary.
May I remind @westaustralian the date is 2020! Totally unacceptable. @deborahbrian @_AmyGray_ DISGUSTING @_AmyGray_ AGREED terrible @taylortheartist OMG that gave me goose bumps!
@hannahforsyth Eewww I hated that film. Every. Minute. Of. It. @BronwynCarlson @AllanJClarke @IndigStudiesMQ I listened to this on RN, this afternoon, heartbreaking. I hope Allan…
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2020 @rickygervais @netflix Both seasons are wonderful, though I may never recover from the rice pudding and yeast-bread! #gagging @barriecassidy Oh dear, oh dear, look at what a failed state and failed education looks like. @MonashHistory @ruthamorgan will miss you Dr Morgan, enjoy your next challenges.
@clairegcoleman are you interested, that is my question! LOL @terryflew123 @fbongiornoanu @BahnischMark Omg hear I’m not really that illiterate ffs @terryflew123 @fbongiornoanu @BahnischMark I think Centre Alliance is a good bet, suspect JL will throw us under a…
@SassyProf Read? I fear that is beyond this lot.Saving history from becoming history @drspacejunk OMG I love every inch of the silverbeet, chopped and stir-fried with garlic (but wait everything tastes better with garlic!) @Melissa4Durack Wonderful Louella Yu we are very proud of your work. @NoahRiseman @JonPiccini @GlennKefford Sorry, actually, the Laureates have an 11% success rate. @NoahRiseman @JonPiccini @GlennKefford I believe DECRAs have a success rate around 16.0, but I am not sure what th… @AustArchJ @cabahCoE @MonashUni @ArchAnthANU @ANUasiapacific @gktolmb @waikato @UTAS_ @Fossilosifa @DrVanessaWong N…
@NoahRiseman @Redskins OMG Noah, I love you... !!!! @NoahRiseman @Redskins Super super embarrassed to say that I did not know that the choc-flavoured jelly babies were… I will be able buy those delicious chocolate gummy babies with my head held high. Shame free sweets. The e…
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@MaryAnningRocks easy Muttaburrasaurus langdoniWe have been told incessantly that no need to worry about Covid and schools. Take a look at recent resurgence of virus in Israel
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well here is some nice news for a change. are thrilled to announce our 2021 #AdCabFest Artistic Director: @Alancumming! 🎉 📷 Margarita Menard
Retweeted by Lynette Russell AMRather than vandalising statues of slave traders, thieves, murders and those who have promoted hatred through their…
Retweeted by Lynette Russell AM @HistoryGirlKate @SarahKanowski @RadioNational OMG you've made me laugh out loud Kate you are giving away your age! Barbara nope Deborah!
Inundated with messages from business leaders and alumni this morning eg: “Proud bearer of an Arts Degree. Wish I…
Retweeted by Lynette Russell AMas background, I have a science education it is nothing compared to my arts degree. I am and was a serious scient… was first in family, but it was a gateway, my "kids" followed me and have "made it". PLEASE PLEASE we can't stop…, @BarrowcliffeR 😢Monash Arts students boast an 88% graduate employability rate. Across the HE sector HASS graduate employability rat… short-sighted policy & attack on the HASS sector. HASS is essential for rapidly emerging private and public indus… for #HASS is just as strong as #STEM policy should be based on #evidence and #facts not in tired misp…
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@chelseambarnett I know, everything is upside down ATM.
@chelseambarnett do you think it is a parody? I hope it is, otherwise it is disgusting. @dowsteve @beneltham too cute @dowsteve @beneltham Hope you and Steve are both well @beneltham @dowsteve wooo hooo Steve, brilliant news @mrbenjaminlaw don't go giving them any ideas!
.@DaveSharma knows well enough that Jews every year mark their enslavement in Egypt thousands of years after the ev…
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@fionathehardy @frocksnfroufrou completely agree, while I am a lumpy spud bag you are stunning, and could totally p… stand in total unity with Eddie Betts, @CarltonFC and the @AFL in the bid to stamp out racism in our game. This must stop now.
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Thank you @RealMattLucas
Retweeted by Lynette Russell AMThere have been 437 Aboriginal deaths in custody since the 1991 Royal Commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody…
Retweeted by Lynette Russell AM @GingerGorman @derwentart when little my youngest came and he said to me, "mummy, I think bandaids are racist", he was right.
@c_s_wallace I travelled to Milan in 2009 had my favourite Levi Green "Jean Jacket" Bought from savers... Luggage l… @c_s_wallace will post when they arrive (fingers crossed they fit my post-COVID eat-too much body). @c_s_wallace OK just ordered an orange pair and a purple plum pair... I will not be outdone, 🙂😇😄😁😆 @c_s_wallace super jealous @c_s_wallace mustard cords OMG... JEALOUS @deborahcheetham AGREED...
@EKNuding It was long ago but "what white people say"... about usAn amazing interview I was lucky enough to be present for, while Lucy Inglis was brilliant and her book I say you m… @InalaCooper Imagine if they answered other questions with that response as if learning begins and ends at school.… @sarahinthesen8 wins that debate! @sandyosullivan @BronwynCarlson @acrawsa @IndigenousXLtd thank you I had missed this!#BlackXplaining101 1/million Instead of whitesplaining articles being avidly retweeted with #BLM, cite these Black…
Retweeted by Lynette Russell AM#BlackXplaining101 4/million Instead of whitesplaining articles being avidly retweeted with #BLM, cite these Black…
Retweeted by Lynette Russell AMStatues being torn down: First Nations' Peoples everywhere have been demanding this for years. Please consider whos…
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Was there slavery in Australia? Yes. It shouldn’t even be up for debate | ⁦@thalia_anthony⁩ and my @monashlaw colle…
Retweeted by Lynette Russell AMSamantha Armytage chaired a panel discussion on Aboriginal adoption in 2018. She's about to be sued for it
Retweeted by Lynette Russell AMDon’t worry, it’s a safe space.
Retweeted by Lynette Russell AMYes it is distressing, but please don't look away, this is our country's history. We can not change the past but if… @HumanitiesAU @arc_gov_au Not just Humanities, HASS, Education, even Law all welcome to apply. @jillcbeard Not just Humanities, HASS, Education, even Law all welcome to apply.This Congolese man is staring at the severed hand and foot of his 5 year old daughter - punishment for not collecti…
Retweeted by Lynette Russell AMAboriginal people: Maybe we could take down statues of racists? ScoMo: That would be an outrageous act of cultural…
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What can we learn from previous plagues and pandemics? – ⁦@MonashHistory⁩ and ⁦@MonAncCultures⁩ reflect on preceden…
Retweeted by Lynette Russell AM @NoahRiseman @PrfAnnaJohnston @BindiBennett we will use a very generous definition of ECR.Time is up. @NayukaGorrie a nightmare! @ARC_Tracker @IntHist @ProfAliLewis1 @vkellermann1 no, that's a long way down my list of burning issues, sorry. @ARC_Tracker @IntHist @ProfAliLewis1 @vkellermann1 my understanding is assessors may be from the college but the panel is not.I am sick and tired of hearing accusations of ABC bias from the likes of Sky and Murdoch media - clearly a case of…
Retweeted by Lynette Russell AM @IntHist @ARC_Tracker @ProfAliLewis1 @vkellermann1 Yes it definitely is not drawn from the college.
If you seriously want to help increase First Nations’ participation in science in Australia then you could donate t…
Retweeted by Lynette Russell AM @ARC_Tracker @ProfAliLewis1 @vkellermann1 My understanding is FL's are determined by an entirely different group, not College members. @ARC_Tracker do you have any ideas on when the Laureates might be announced?He constantly pushes the limits of vileness. Trump pushes conspiracy theory about 75-year-old Buffalo protester…
Retweeted by Lynette Russell AM @Briggs Not a celebrity but I literally cried for days. Neil Armstrong. #hero @_TessaSmith_
@sandyosullivan @acrawsa this makes me angry all over again SOS! I remember it well.