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lynn dewitt @lynndewitttoya

i’m 69 inches tall, literally \ send hand pics \ i shitpost \ chaotic neutral \ i put the BI in LGBTQIA+ \ (@/$)lynndewitt \ she/her

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@sofianail8 oh YESi’m just gonna say it: Potential Breakup Song doesn’t sound as good with the new expletives the original is too iconicyou’re not a real gamer girl if you can’t wrap your wet hair towel around your headset @AdmiralOPG when she cuts her hair a dramatic amount shorterthe female equivalent of when a man shaves his beard is when a woman shaves her pubes @catboy4000 boutta shower 😌got really high and spent an hour doing my eyebrows...... art @catboy4000 gm @wstafrican ugh it’s so hard to just NOT use them i am excited ALWAYS @thebiggestyee you look good here :) @dovenymph ugh yes tell me you’d rather me drink at homei!!!!!!!!! love!!!!!!!!!! exclamation!!!!!!!!!! points!!!!!! @anugov1 w!!!!!! fuckin go yeah!!!!! proud of you!! @FrickinDelanie i wasn’t ready for the sound of music pick i love this @swearingwords like ME TOO
@Keally22 my heart is pounding seeing this @ParkedHampster 💛You wanna know what I did to get in here? Nothing… I didn’t have anything better to do. bet they hung it on the fridge too margie, good work know that twitter is a place for unhappy people be thrive but Twitter has genuinely been the one constant in my l… i was singing a dream is a wish your heart makes and i am now a princess no questions please @MrMaboobler @girp123 tastesinging disney musicals in the office and someone asked me where the birds and little animals are @biboofficial showering your pussy on OF.... i have an idea
Retweeted by lynn dewitt @SpotifyCares It won’t load my home page, it says content isn’t available when i try to play a playlist, and button… @AndrewsNotFunny probably the casewhat’s the deal @SpotifyIt’s very cold out today
Retweeted by lynn dewitt @real_bombthreat LOVE thesespotify just stopped working thus making me stop workingpeople realizing now that i actually do like hands and it isn’t a bit @rudy_betrayed dedicationi love u all :) @chickenstriip you’re the only one who has correctly asked for a specificationmay i please have some hand pics in my dms 🥺 @lynndewitttoya You on the way to chalk zone
Retweeted by lynn dewitt @LicensedT0Ill why do i actually walk like that @dovenymph volume as in entirely too much volume, it’s already beautiful @dovenymph YES YES YES i need a DEEP side part on this and volume please @AngeloVicci here for u bb 😌troy and abed and bernie in the moooorning!!
Retweeted by lynn dewitti leave it up to everyone individually to decide if this is a joke or notwhat is the average amount of fingers that can/should be fit inside my cooch and is 7 too much @Skoog i am so angry @ballofchlo LMAO i’m sorryu ever get an itch thats a little TOO deep in your asshole
Retweeted by lynn dewitt @itskristofer “i was so drunk when i sent that. no i wasnt. i hope you liked my dog” this is such a ridei hate this one too, dont worry @swearingwords @frankquaranta_ okay i did :) @frankquaranta_ frank misha also says it is a great article @memetazaa i’m sick 🤢 @frankquaranta_ yo this is really solid, thank you for sharing this!OPINION: As President Biden begins his first term as the 46th President of the United States, some are feeling anxi…
Retweeted by lynn dewitt @memetazaa carry me 😩 @ballofchlo it’s me i’m the stray cat and i’m shitting on the world @PostCubicleKyle fake fans 🙄 @ashhhhhhole !!!! i hope you two have a superb day!!!!!! @falconpetal yes!!!!! @ashhhhhhole gm AGAIN bell i love you*takes bite of fruity* yum
Retweeted by lynn dewittyeah i’m sharing twitch clips what are you gonna do about it? follow me and be there when I come back to streaming in feb?my long time best friend and mod @CLARBINX made an audio file of me saying “OH YAAAA” and i wasn’t prepared case y’all are wondering, yes i am a Pro Gamer about this in any capacity makes me want to vomita plunger but for your nose @memetazaa maybe going partially deaf isn’t so bad @memetazaa 😳🙈 @MissyXMartinez i love it and i love you @onlyfronds i love her @biboofficial it’s true @ParkedHampster open up here comes the train @thxjonny i hate that i understood thisI miss Italian food I think I’m gonna order some episiotomy later 😋😋
Retweeted by lynn dewitt @jumpy231 do we get to chooseme when i leave: @memetazaa i hate you @ParkedHampster does this mean what i think it meansthe vaccine better have more than one microchip because i am a stress eater one would not be enoughtoday the internet learns that lynn is going deaf in her left ear and that her earwax is special because it forms a… @ParkedHampster thank umy non-binary and genderfluid babies can also call me petnames i love themwomen can call me any petnames they want!!!!!!!!! men can not call me anything @abernothing thank godi keep myself grounded by doing social media marketing like a normie for my company @kansassykat felt thisi cannot hear out of my left ear today, someone come punch me in the head @TheAugoosetus YIKES @LicensedT0Ill omw to ChalkZone @zaquey this made my loins flare @LicensedT0Ill what guy is she doing all this shit with and is he single @zaquey i just want you to be a bad boy so bad 😩 @zaquey oh my god i’ve looked through everything and you haven’t @PallaviGunalan !!!!!!!! this is HOT @zaquey sir i have been in your dms 😳 @FeiKhal you ARE 🥺 @zaquey lie again @IAmGrumm HAHAHA thank you @TECHNOLASKO you too!!!!