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i paint, sleep, and cry! 💗 2d model artist 🖤 21 she/her 💗 model/rig: me! 🖤 #ENVtuber art tag: #ArtTsunami 💗 18+priv alt: @lopnuuy COMMS OPEN

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@negotiasian that was EXTREMELY ACCURATE WOW HAHHAHA @shxtou THE GUILDIES LOVE U!! its so awesome seeing u live the thing youve been waiting for for so long! u were a g… @plantkuroba SHINO !!!! shes on the series 5 amiibo cards !! @plantkuroba BREWSTER, BRINGING BACK TONS OF NPCS, NEW HAIRSTYLES, FARMING, NEW ITEMS, NEW CUSTOMISATION, HAPPY HOM…
@sethsurewould same :/ it comes with the new expansion pack @PorcelainMaid best of luck youll do great!!After 120 beans and meeting so many wonderful people decided to take a small break to focus on bigger illustrations…
Retweeted by lynn🐰💗 stream hiatus-moving arc!!🖤 @LithiaVeyTuber i did minimal streaming thru out 2017-2019 then in 2020 i got rly into streaming and then vtubing!! @callunsprout YEAH @xenxenxenny first: cries together not sober current: BEST FRIEND I MISS U EPIC PANDA @hellfangz KDOWND WERE BOTH SO CUTEEE @nora_nee WOOOOOWWWWWWE THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH THIS IS AMAZINGMore sweet people⭐️💜 #MewBlueArt #fuwaillust #SnowKichiiiFanart #tafillust
Retweeted by lynn🐰💗 stream hiatus-moving arc!!🖤not spoiling BUT I LOVE THE ANIMAL UPDATES SO MUCH IM CRYINGGG FINALLY IM SO HAPPY @_Feychi YESSS SO CUTE @scarlix_ no but thats so fuckin pretty omg great workim so tired but its only 7:30 @_@ @kikyofutaba i got mine into my balance it looks like @aicandii ILL SAY BEETLEJUICE AS MANY TIMES AS U WANT @GizeleWagener sooo pretty omfg @hellfangz hey fangz i totally get that feeling <3 im sorry u feel behind and alone, ofc we dont think of u that wa… a boo @_Feychi ilysm??Our new location is so big it couldn’t be fully-covered with the Beaver Construction icon. Pixile Port arrives in…
Retweeted by lynn🐰💗 stream hiatus-moving arc!!🖤 @umikoshui omg adorbs @aicandii @ConsoleHer YASSS CANDII
@Ceijd0 super pretty renderingDIO JUST FAT FINGERED "YUUUUUUUH" ON MY KEYBOARD OFJASODFO HOLY SHIT @scarlix_ KNOWING THE CONTEXT OMGG @ZyntheticJJ YESSS @shxtou you deserve it all and more shoto ty for bein u!!
🎂C/OMMISSIONS NOW OPEN🎂 Follow the link below to fill out your application now! Applications will close tonight at…
Retweeted by lynn🐰💗 stream hiatus-moving arc!!🖤 @DandyflossVT @OwORikos sprints to drawing tablet @pisxes_chi U DESERVE IT SO MUCH!! @OwORikos @DandyflossVT OOOI @PollyannaPossum yes! @PollyannaPossum I FOUND THESE AT AN ANTIQUE STORE LMAO @MayaVtuber they thank you <3i forgot to show u my frog plates @SansJupiter me @ uTWO PIXEL SPOTS LEFT ONLY!!
Retweeted by lynn🐰💗 stream hiatus-moving arc!!🖤 @AzureSpectre_VT OMG AMAZING WORK SPEC @alcremilk GOOD SOUP @MayKitsune_ oh!! thabk u so much!! so i wanted one of those plastic clear hard mats but this one ended up being li… @miwoVT mio??? thank u sm wtf <3goodnite buns <3 miss u cant wait for my pc to come back to me so we can hang out!!! @WitchRubyLove @WitchRubyLove not anymore @WitchRubyLove @WitchRubyLove hes had a long day ruby!! (he works so hard) @mijoiis :3c in da near future <3LETS GO biiiig desk @ErosValentyne_ legendCHAIR @ColemanLee6 IVE BUILT SO MUCHBUILT MY CHAIT GONNA BUILD MY BIG ASS DESK NOW WISH ME LUCKAre you ready for some Junji Ito-Inspired fun? Join me at 6pm PDT for World of Horror, a roguelike point and click…
Retweeted by lynn🐰💗 stream hiatus-moving arc!!🖤
@pwuppygf !! i love u ur the cutest!!i just did a color/render test for lynn 2.0 im, rly proud of how far ive come, i cant wait to show u buns forreals…
Retweeted by lynn🐰💗 stream hiatus-moving arc!!🖤 @pwuppygf emi thank u so much 🥺 made my day!! @OwORikos WATTT RIKOOO OMGTWO PIXEL SPOTS LEFT ONLY!! @marienverum THANK U LOVELY!!the beginnings of my frog kitchen @Reck1essSano LMAOOO💗COMMS OPEN🖤 hi buns! moving has kicked my wallet into the dirt so im opening regular art c0mms and pixel portrait… @alyssnya HAPPY BDAYYY HAVE THE BEST BDAY @C9Vienna SO CUTE IM SO HYPE VIENNA @briALTcookiebox ur so fuckin POG GOOD JOB BRI!!My Mods when a new viewers comes into stream and types if they can ask me a question
Retweeted by lynn🐰💗 stream hiatus-moving arc!!🖤 @whoisrinkya RIN HAHAHAH @C_Spr1ng sure! @ErosValentyne_ LETS GO EROS U DESERVE IT @C_Spr1ng @Alterro1 150 usd !
@The_Spider_Lord awww shiet im sorry D: thats lame @The_Spider_Lord omg rly @The_Spider_Lord black! i was gonna get a black and pink gamer chair but it was low quality so i got an office chair @ColemanLee6 :D @GamingMasta109 TRUE.. @NavisLoot my fucking ass can heal @SeraphiVT i cant afford a nice gamer chair :( its ok im a vtuber anyway :^) im excited tho!! i hope its comfy @sethsurewould stand by bae if she dont like it she not worth it ur poggers @GamingMasta109 YESS @Your_Sky_Daddy HAHAHAH @MipsytheGoblin yes OF COURSE @The_Spider_Lord A LONG TIME COMING @ColemanLee6 ME TOO MAN @MayakoKitsune maya im so excited my chair was killing methe chair in question (obtained) @ChessCatYT service more like causing a hospital bill eventually HAHAHA @IdealGothGF congrats sm noor! @KiraOmori omg u deserve it!!!im making my kitchen frog theme and target had green pots and pans IM LIVINGtoday buns we get a new chair B) finally. my back. @AisuruNijima WE MADE ITT YAYY
@ramnaught_ my pc is packed up cuz i moved but YES LETS PLAY IN TWO WEEKS @JuniperVioletVT YESS @LinearlyBingo why isnt it always on !!