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Lyra Pramuk @lyra_pramuk Berlin, Germany

vocalist, composer, performer ✨✨✨ she / they / love is here to stay

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Into music production + DJing and good with words? @NI_News is looking for a full time Copywriter (Berlin). DM for…
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Retweeted by Lyra Pramuk @rosedommu thank u for ur service @frankiefatgold i knew my upstairs neighbor played acoustic guitar. but this morning he woke me up playing the same…
sometimes i wear makeup and outside people clothes 👩🏻‍🚀🪐 streaming, particularly when it is only generating financial support in a minority of cases, feels like a di…
Retweeted by Lyra PramukUrsula K. Le Guin murdering Freud (and Hemingway) on the first page of her introduction to ‘The Word for World is F…
Retweeted by Lyra Pramuk @frankiefatgold usually i can watch so much scary shit but pandemic anxiety feels like just GETTING OUT OF BED is s… Bill Withers 💔💔also @Yaeji mixtape 'What We Drew' 💫💚happy release day to @MinorScience ‘Second Language’ and @YvesTumor ‘Heaven to a Tortured Mind’ — i’ve been waiting for these 😈😍💜 @matdryhurst “i refuse, at this moment, to go deeper”Oh this is fabulous. A new online platform, Bookshop, has created a centralized online shopping platform for indepe…
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PROTO is nominated for best electronic album at The American Association of Independent Music awards. That is reall…
Retweeted by Lyra Pramuk @hollyherndon ayyyyy!! 😍😍
@fatfemme we do!!It’s @QueensChristine playing the amazing @lyra_pramuk on @Beats1 just now 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
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@YvesTumor can’t wait 🙏🏻 @fatfemme i feel this. down to talk or video if ever it would help! love u girl! ❤️❤️❤️ @punch_drunk_dan danke Daniel!! 🔆thanks for including 'Tendril' @QueensChristine <3 thanks for inspiring me 💫 @butterworthrj thanks Rob 💙 @eclatcrewberlin i did!
this is my life now!! (i am quarantined alone btw) @frankiefatgold actually like... also Adonis??? @hesaitix luv thisthat’s why i never look back you like MUSIC so much then maybe you should download the new refreshed and extended 90-day @ableton Live 10 Sui…
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Threnody is our foundational text in the orchestration of system terror: indecipherable stratigraphies of suspensio…
Retweeted by Lyra PramukClassically-trained, especially in opera, @lyra_pramuk takes her background towards a deliberately experimental pat…
Retweeted by Lyra Pramuknew t-shirt design concept. yay or nay ?? Penderecki </3
@johnxela @JasmineInfiniti @Bandcamp it’s sooooooooo o o o o o good @fatfemme ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @desiremarea “at the heart of pornography is sexuality haunted by its own disappearance.” jean baudrillard 💜good aspects of celeb culture! <3 <3 #Future
@Machine_Drum definitely @frankiefatgold wow 😟😟 @JasmineInfiniti just released a hellacious, soulful, personal, JOYOUS techno record today that i can’t stop listen… might be shit, but there's always music. Here's our guide to the ten best albums and the eight best tracks o…
Retweeted by Lyra Pramuk @JasmineInfiniti @fatfemme just downloaded yessssJasmine Infiniti releases debut album, BXTCHSLAP
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@jeagerjax @bedcomrecords thank you!! 💙 vinyl is avail directly on my Bandcamp @johnxela i’m so sorry john...this breaks my heartA hearty endorsement from all of us but especially @RuthESaxelby to listen to this mindbending vocal album from…
Retweeted by Lyra Pramuk @IdeologicOrgan hi from Prenzlauerberg Stephen, i’m here too 🌊
@LEAVINGRECORDS @RuthESaxelby @pitchfork 💙💙💙today i bought a chocolate chip cookie from a bakery, and supplies to make chocolate chip cookies at home. u know,… @fatfemme how are u bb? ❤️❤️ @fatfemme i’m good, feeling grateful and privileged all things considered. Berlin is on lockdown basically - but it’s been sunny :)))) @jacobpramuk <3 <3 @FrancisNeufCinc @bedcomrecords thank you!! 💙 @MinorScience i luv this track so much 🙌🏼🥀 @hollyherndon 🥺👉🏻💗thank you @RuthESaxelby for this gorgeous review of my album!! and thank you @pitchfork for the stan 😃🥴🕊🌊 like live-streaming are always framed as “the future”...until they become the temporary present, and at whic…
Retweeted by Lyra Pramukbeing a performer rn is great bc everyone's like 'hey why dont you do that thing you make a living off of but for f…
Retweeted by Lyra Pramuk @fatfemme hiiiiii bb 😍😘🥀
@fatfemme she’s not even THE witch 🖤 @venusianbelt @theQuietus will do 💜new interview with @theQuietus ! about those rent freezes
@kgsounds @dublab @TaraBusch @telefontelaviv @devonwelsh @gazelletwin @_LOTIC @_Hilary_Woods @PenelopeTrappes @ZOLAJESUS 💜💜 @therewasnosound similar. no more caffeine, lots of meditation, different rhythms (large and small) @violetakaviolet sad and anxious and i think you're beautiful too! <3 @LoJamMusic thank yoooou Loraine so is yours! <3 <3
how is everyone doing? 💚
@HUXTABLEJULIANA @arabthot @bedcomrecords 🦋🌊🖤
@HudMo my debut album is out today 💙🦾🌊 A new website is live which acts as a central source of support for all musicians during the coronavirus pe…
Retweeted by Lyra Pramukmy debut album FOUNTAIN is out everywhere today via @bedcomrecords 💙💙 making this music has been a meditative and h… @female_pressure @Bandcamp my debut album is out today 🌊🖤 @violetakaviolet 😂🤣 @therealelp @violetakaviolet i have to say this is my 4th week of self-isolation and one does build some more coura…
With a chorus of paralingual vocalisations, @lyra_pramuk's debut album, Fountain, approaches the uncanny presence o…
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@realDonaldTrump Trump’s strategy is to keep calling the coronavirus the “Chinese Virus” until we become desensitiz…
Retweeted by Lyra Pramuk @HUXTABLEJULIANA 💛💛💛To support musicians during the Covid-19 pandemic, Bandcamp is waiving our revenue share on all sales this Friday,…
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"TikTok Told Moderators to Suppress Posts by “Ugly” People and the Poor to Attract New Users"
Retweeted by Lyra PramukRupaul fracking while throwing a climate change themed ball episode of drag race is the neoliberal hellscape ive become accustomed to
Retweeted by Lyra PramukHOLD UP. (Non-COVID content) @RuPaul was just on @NPRFreshAir and shared that he & his partner own 60,000 acres in…
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really thinking about everyone who can’t or can’t afford to 💔i’m always at home social distanced thinking spiraling anyway. i don’t know why i’m like this...but i am. this life… @lisablanning who knows maybe you would have gotten a mask and an awfully-too-present new friend? @dennisdesantis my friend Luis just published this fantastic-looking musicological paper regarding affect theory an…’s crazy how because of corona we can see how almost everything we do is a totally made up social construct that…
Retweeted by Lyra Pramukclubs are open in taipei tonight because their govt. was smart and contained the virus
Retweeted by Lyra PramukIf you want to send me any support directly venmo: @newworlddysorder PayPal: cashapp: $neverthewiser
Retweeted by Lyra PramukWe need real paid sick leave, right now, for every worker, no exceptions.
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RIP Genesis P-Orridge 🖤 useful information from French health minister "The taking of anti-inflammatories [ibuprofen, cortisone … ] co…
Retweeted by Lyra Pramuk @verydonniesmith @desiremarea @DuckDuckGo oh i see! it’s a really well-researched little article @verydonniesmith @desiremarea regarding the “getting it again” thing: government be like: due to the coronavirus we will be providing human rights
Retweeted by Lyra Pramuk @dalecornish Dale! likewise 💞 excited to listen to your record, congratulations!talent sensitivity and patience, hire this one!
2020 Arts Economies in the time of Corona? i made a little photo essay; it’s not perfect but it’s a start...🔀…