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lyss @lyssiu 21 🕷

3d catgirl ♡ @pixlgirlfrnd @notdiin @daintiez ♡

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shower thots
Retweeted by lysslet's be lonely together
Retweeted by lyss @Dem0nCyborg omg so cute i love when they lay like that 😭 @Dem0nCyborg i have one too! @Dem0nCyborg frenchie?
@yalocaIwaifu he literally commented this on a cosplay why are m*n @yalocaIwaifu got his ass 😭😭002
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Retweeted by lyssnerf this😈💕
Retweeted by lyss @rorikira goodnight love u @Mortuhlz @Crashy_Tweets who r uI heard you like thighs
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Retweeted by lyss @SteadyCam_ u snapped kingunder boob is a curse :-/
Retweeted by lyss @tuestbellee omg plz ur so cuteeverything reminds me of him😔💔 RIP Grandpa🙏🙏
Retweeted by lyss @SteadyCam_ cam???thinking about him @notdiin beauty omghii
Retweeted by lyss @brianycus no excuses i finished all the seasons in a week @brianycus hurry bro the internet gonna be in shambles soonwanna fall in love or something ˘͈ᵕ˘͈
Retweeted by lyssI'm raising money for Help a Black Woman Find Safe Housing. Click to Donate
Retweeted by lysshappy aot day get hype gamers @bnnyirl ur so cute @aikyuna beautiful angel @urkt_1010 @rorikira @manu_a20 @UncleBenji99 honestly i love mma LOL my dad got me into it when i was like 12 @MoSherGillJr @SteadyCam_ NO THIS WAS SO SAD AND MADE ME FEEL BAD FOR HIM FOR ONCE @Unpluggable_ sure that’s what they all say @SteadyCam_ @xnaeoi i need therapy @Cadebtw so true it hurts so bad @fatmirfred never but the meme had to be used 💀💀 @MlDDY @OnlyJoshyFN amazon 🥸went thru his likes i cant breathe @SCJGaming5315 u would be a good father then 😂 @MlDDY off white be doin this all the time 😔designers would make some shit like this and sell it for 5x the price LOL @MlDDY big chungus fr @CommunitySpIash dude i’m upset cause i didn’t know and i sold a few and they were literally 3x the value @qtNeo @KhaleesiBB vouch @CommunitySpIash how do ik if any of mine r valuable 😭 @carl_horse dude i want an espeon pop so bad why haven’t they released others and leafeon 😭 @CT76490599 ur built different huh CT @carl_horse ahhhh so cool i have the eevee and just got vaporeon too 😎 @GumGumRequiem my husband IM READYYY @xnaeoi first!! @carl_horse can i see @EGxBK hmmm valid some boxes r super cool looking it just depends on the theme tbh @pixlgirlfrnd me with literally anything @Alexxvsnn right like some of them r jumbo or just super detailed and i like holding them i’m weird 😭 @iloveanimewaifu yea that makes sense if ur used to it. i have half in the box still but i wanna get shelves for th… @fatmirfred pain😞 @AlexHYBRIDGG man i’m conflicted cause i like looking at them sometimes out of box @lilyyypads baeee ur adorablecurious do u guys keep the funko pops in the box or take them out? @catgirljujubear i love u :( @mimsy wanna go on a date🕊 #AttackOnTitan #進撃の巨人
Retweeted by lyss @dracubina lina ur so cute 🥺 @venusiangirl hey bae @tuestbellee major W always @uzumakiXina omg bae
@lolaerie thank u so much!!😭❤️ @rorikira ilysm iconic queen @itsvveiss 🥺 thank u babe @bblossoming baby<333 @pixlgirlfrnd yeaaa u duhhh @KoyaHasNoPants HI JON ILY @pixlgirlfrnd love u mommy @lilyyypads thank u bae <3 @KnownAsLit thanks bro 😎😎❤️ @juwoozy ayeeeee nice pfp @venusiangirl i love u moreLook at Lyss man
Retweeted by lyss @SteadyCam_ next cosplay?? @mimsy HES AT IT AGAIN HE CANNOT BE STOPPEDthat zombie lady from resident evil village could get it idc what disease she got @pixlgirlfrnd i miss us @Queen_cassmac go cass go!!resident evil village (2021)
Retweeted by lyss @notazhins miss u too g hope ur doing well <3 @notazhins go king go @bondagefa1ry please scratch me @mexicandior @l7ssie bro u were one of the first ones i let in @Kelvino_V AWWW noooooo u redeemed ur selves @otaku_victor_ perhaps 😗 @NiihashiN omg it is did i do goodgo follow my priv if we chill @l7ssie @thisbemyname0 yes of course @unde4dban YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL OMG @fatt_matt mans said ight im boutta head out @iiMajination twitter should not be free