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@BrianorHobbes ooh that makes sensenot sure what to conclude exactly, just a distinct pattern I am noticing!the counterpoint, again, is misogyny. if I write about how a writer or comedian’s work is misogynist, or explain wh… likewise expected backlash on our Sam Harris article — and got almost none. Sometimes pe… I expected *MUCH* more pushback on this because nerds are so sensitive but it seems th… thing I have noticed about online writing is that I tend to get pushback on funny stuff (i.e. by people who don… was hard. My story: I approached 23-15 39th Ave, Queens, NY 11101 as I was on my path home from spending the…
Retweeted by harpers doesnt pay their internsfor every (1) minute you spend talking about Bari Weiss today you need to spend (1) hour at a protestoh lmao now Bari has self-expelled from the NYT, what a martyrthat the expelled opinion in question was almost certainly about the humanity of Palestinians and Bari Weiss’ cruel… Thomas Chatterton Williams thing yesterday was hilarious but also just so revealing of what “cancel culture” r… also read the article @everyopinionbot haha call anyway! we disagree about LOTSthe receipts posting this tweet, getting swarmed by people pointing out that you 1) call yourself a radical capitalist 2… @DMartzUpstairs 😭rasputin-ass bitchHOW IS THIS MOTHERFUCKER STILL ALIVE @reachrachelkahn lol I knew what you meant so well that my brain filled in the missing word @LamboNYC she’s lovely! hope she gets away with enough in the divorce that she can retire after
also is that a scrunchie? absolutely adore the mix of effort and laziness, gold-digging is sex work and it should be respected as suchbro couldn’t even wear a JACKET issue with r/relationships is that too many of the replies come from people who have clearly never been in a relationshipi wrote about the LA county political establishment, in which every politician is “progressive” but cops run the sh…
Retweeted by harpers doesnt pay their internsmore cowboys everywhere honestly, cowboys are fun! like tell me recalcitrant vaccine-getters wouldn’t accept a shot… My Wife??? @shutupjaya THANK YOUI'm in the middle of nowhere in France and I literally ended up expelling from my house a friend of a friend, out o…
Retweeted by harpers doesnt pay their interns @ohbrotherohman now we’ll never know!!!nathan insists it’s “””unethical””” to put a naked illustration of noam chomsky in the magazine, this is the true cancel culturecounterpoint: without twitter we wouldn’t have wife guys @miss_figured halfway there! @kjoffre_ POUNDCAKEhe likes holding hands unfollow me @BillKristol go away put out a 'New York Tough" poster and there is a plane flying into the mountain because @postposting1 he was THE GUY. it’s insane. @Delduwath i am so shockedI would pay a lot of dollars to hear the conversation this is based on from the other person’s point of view is a place where women are constantly told to ignore their own instincts. he’s brilliant! he’s famous. those a… this just isn’t a shock if you’ve read Warren Ellis’ work. one of the curious things about literary callouts i… is not at all intended as victim-blaming, but more as a cultural imperative for everyone—we need to normalize… means Les Miserables, which is not assigned in poli sci and which he also has not read @sodamnwoke haha YIKESJon Hamm is however NOT cancelled, because he can get it. thank you for your favorite episode of Black Mirror is the one where Jon Hamm turns to the camera and says “what if women...could j… stop bothering chomsky with emails he is 1000 years old
ok that’s it, from now on if you want to talk about cancel culture you have to donate $100 to a worthy cause and pu…, it’s important to be *grateful* to people who weren’t born wealthy and have to do other people’s chores for a livinggosh I feel a lot safer when my temporary gig servants are ladies @breadpilled call it “””research”””writing sucks and is difficult but I also enjoy doing it so who’s really the idiot here (me) @PuckFupett69 they DO (but the lads haven’t figured out how to use the top level yet)the lazy sunday enjoyer I hope he took a video of this riveting and totally real conversation finally read this excellent work of Silicon Valley & nerd culture criticism by @lyta_gold. Highly recommended…
Retweeted by harpers doesnt pay their interns @WorbsIntoWords 👑 @WorbsIntoWords !!! I didn’t know that!!!let everything be cakewhat are they up to?? @Kissmyartt let’s get something to eat @doroodworld this is probably because I’m a midwesterner but I feel incredibly sorry for Tom. he is obviously a ter…*should clarify: not everybody likes the same things or finds the same character portrayals sympathetic, that usual… @snarf_snarff Roman is both a monster and a fucking joy is incredible bc it absolutely hates its characters (and rich people generally) yet portrays them as dee… wonderful subtle touches like NPR queen inviting her Latina housekeeper to relax & have a drink but of course… the Succession ep where they meet the hypocritical liberal NPR-analogue owner family and every characteriza… @piriah_carey fortunately @ambientGillian already helped institute a search for this
I wish I could lay claim to this joke but it’s Rennix’soh no people are figuring out Legume Anon*lawyer tallying up billable hours voice* let’s see i scrabbled down three random notes for a story, that’s 500 wordsall writers lie about their daily wordcount and all academics lie about how many books they readscience fiction is a metaphor about reality, not “a thing that could happen.” The same is true of fantasy. As Ursul… of a few scattered episodes Black Mirror is not very good and you can tell because it made critics forget w… fuck you for those not in the know don't really think schools are safe they just don't care who dies so long as a handful of people stay incalculably rich
Retweeted by harpers doesnt pay their internsAnd they crave the position, they crave the engagement and the outrage. Because the truth is, they have no threats.…
Retweeted by harpers doesnt pay their interns @Coralas88 my apologies!!!! 🙂 @Coralas88 lolll there are people who still somehow don’t know! or they think we are just a Site and are like “you… @Coralas88 omg where have you been ranted about fanfic for an hour & a half with two of my favorite people and boy howdy are you guys getting a good podcast episode
@travisksimons @MichelYecart lol I have written about evopsych and gotten FLAMED. getting flamed is part of being a… @xmasape I think that’s fair! but ultimately it’s an in-profession problem. The huge weight given to it while we’re… @xmasape I’m sorry. It’s terrible that happened to you. I do think the real issue still isn’t “cancel culture”, but…, how lucky we are that *checks notes* ANDREW CUOMO LET THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DIE IN NURSING HOMES…“you think people getting FIRED for their tweets is immaterial????” 1) the vast, VAST majority of unemployed peop… gotta stop fucking around.
Retweeted by harpers doesnt pay their interns @JasonAdamK why’d you have to subtweet the Expanse like thisif you fall for “cancel culture” as a genuine phenomenon and an actual threat outside a few isolated incidents/tiny… to get all Marxist on main, but “cancel culture” and other immaterial chattering-class bullshit is a deliberate… goes without saying that the very tiny conservative-to-cautious-liberal Jewish donor class does not represent al… imagine saying you would support an anti-semitic mouse over Ilhan Omar, the most progressive congressperson in… is an eviction crisis if I see any of you engaging in Letter Discourse today I will break quarantine go to your houses and punch youi love to wake up and immediately log into the Mean Depression Site @Dlika2 I will maintain to anyone who needs to hear it (no one needs to hear it) that Sauron is the true hero of th…
just a lil pro-slavery apologia on the TL from a dude on the contributor’s board of a major newspaper