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(v1.24) VegetaBlue solo, for fun. This one looks better than the previous (used more options). Also shown is that j…
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮I'm learning more SFM, so I decided to recreate one of my favorite memes.
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @Lady_Redhaired @TopSpinTheFuzzy this is fucking bullshit @bybyblue2 @KMOALLDAY @tommallama safest test ever lmao @KMOALLDAY @bybyblue2 all thanks to MY CLASH @TOMMALLAMA @bybyblue2 =_= @TopSpinTheFuzzy WHAT THE FUCK ATHENA IS THE GOAT
Really wanted to draw trucy today
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @TheChaosSpirit I totes get it (i'm sorry for wanting to RT old art lol) but it's still awesome!! Keep it up!A lineless commission for my pal @Giantfirering28 !! SO much fun to do, this might be my favorite in a long time!…
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @TheChaosSpirit 🤔do you have a tweet of the Daisy/Luigi art on its own? @SnakeEy50216580 don't worry. You've now unfollowed me so you won't see good taste in your TL anymore. @Armand_Gman yesDA1-Z Mk.II
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @_DWedge_ @DahMuttDog they were more interested in saying poggers so much that it started to sound unironic @_DWedge_ @DahMuttDog not on ur birthday thosomeone mentioned that during the opening bit in spider-verse, after the popsicle gag and spider-man gets slammed a…
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @PKSparkxx @AjentVee get he assMy friend @Soflne setup a website for me and designed a really kick ass shirt. Every time a friend buys it, I cry a…
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮The True Nature of Smash Doubles.
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @mugendaiyo @MattMcMuscles actually i don't think he does it's definitely something much MUCH more sinister @DavioSuper its a mix of both lolFrieza: "OH BOY HERE I GO MIXING AGAIN" one was rdy "don't get grabbed" Me: "oke" HUBRIS MM'ing with @DayXwolfXI
IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN, GOKUS Streaming DBFZ with @_Zyzx_ @KoroDemoTwitch @teespring hell yeah! thanks! @BeholdMunro I kinda always sorta wanted to use my dashcam for road trip vidsTIL, when Majin Buu does his level 3 on DBS Broly, it changes if Broly is powered up
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @DAIROCKETTO @HBJohnXuandou shit being censored by the 7 rating actually makes this kinda funny to me @HBJohnXuandou big madCT 2020 #BlackLivesMatter schedule. Just over a month to go before CT 2020 kicks off and here we have the full sch…
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @OverlordDyvone @clown_depot man i stopped watchin that shit after goblet of fire idgaf @clown_depot whaaaat i remember the events in the end of that movie (under the tree) zipped by on cocaine levels of pacingPOV you just started Ace Attorney and Mia is your favorite
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @_myoom_ @DAIROCKETTO omfg @jetopyon oh this is fantastic
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @scrotumnose for a brief ment I thought you were just balancing each console somehow masterfully on top of each other. cartridge and all
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @DayXwolfXI sorry i'm goin ta sleep (I'd have been up for casuals but forreal it's way too late) I'll foit ya next…
@PKSparkxx we deserb it @Metarract @AzureBullet @Penpal_P sameNot until ya give me passworded lobbies streamers can use to play with viewers. @honzogonzo @maximilian_ oh shitI should stop uploading art so late
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮Sonic drift 2 moment
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @ChromeAlchemist loool @Metarract everything'll be ok @EspadaJerome lotta supers that have a tiny bit of invul start up can do that cause gimlet's so fast I've often sh…
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @Siinory i do @MattMcMuscles I CAN OUTLAST THIS @AF0xyGrampa amazing @DNOpls @iDrop_ wonder where he got this tech doeI can't believe this worked
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮I SMELL LIKE FRUIT 🍊
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @Andyblarg get outheres the byte! just the same thing but with the soundtrack over it, lmao🌊🌊🌊
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮wood please care her so much 🥺💖
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @BotanicSage @TheUbuyo WHY DID YOU WATCH IT FOR 24 HOURS!?!?!?! @OwlHouse_OOC @spencer_wan @tjhill you did it again @SpencerWan @TheUbuyo @BotanicSage that's not fair Tre you're not allowed to hate the iron giant for that reason @BotanicSage @Zeurel WAIT .... WHAT
he should definitely have higher stamina, dude has -been tased -been hit by a car -ate a necklace -had his head al…
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @Finik_sempai i love itNot the crossover we deserve...
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @Zeurel !! @DevilArtemisX lololCar Shearer: Superstar Saga
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @Zeurel wait i just realised you're talkin about the bootlegged russian version omg im so sorry kung pow is one o… @Zeurel God I find this so funny cause I use that reaction image ALL the time but you LITERALLY DREW IT @Zeurel @Zeurel 3 The Iron Giant @SpacePaincake @KiryuAttorney even better. dmc3 was my fav (dmc4 was a close second). now it's 5. @SpacePaincake @KiryuAttorney this is nero's dt awakening theme remixed a bitGrabbing Vergil mid-flight and dropping his ass as Nero is still one of the most raw things you can do in DMC5
Retweeted by Lythero 🎮 @andobiki no soda is the real tech man will change yer life @ScottFalco WE LIKE RACING SCOTTDaisy kills Dante for TONES OF MONEY @BLUTO CALLED IT IS IMPOSSIBLE Karma Edition so we used combi ring with HP mod and everyone almost immediately died PLOK GOT DIDDLED AGAIN"I'M A GENIUS" "OH N- nah I'm still a genius" @ScottFalco @JeffVaderJr I DID SAVE MOST OF IT MAYBE ONE DAYi'm sorry @PaperBoxHouse but also *shoots* GEOMETRY in battle when you die, if you kill someone as a ghost you can steal their SOUL and get your life back and th… I told im