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@Rivhigo Touka really bold for asking him that @Luxkage I'm actually really surprised how evenly matched this was @baekhvs Glad to see you back ✍️ @Cursed_Adjuchas MorningBro I'm actually surprised this is very even, everybody getting support 🔥 @SHUNSUIGF Bet @senju_rain11 Gintama @Skadoodlespunk This ain't really saying who the best MC is just more opinionated, to be honest I love all these MCs @TheLordAizen Yessir @RElATSU the man has arrived @LastAfricanWeeb Oop😏 @yuujiiiss Take care @LittleBazzB I really hope they animate the novels @Sonofsparda9000 Let's go 🔥🤝 @cherub_chann What if it attacks you? @dreadyalt Fair @GothiccGgost Lol shonen paved the way for most anime today @katsuugouu Always knew you would come through iz😏
@ETRA_YT_ Facts they all goated in their own way 🔥🔥Blessing your tl with Nami and Robin ❤
Retweeted by Vexx🌙 @misasdeathnote Heyy @ReckShippuden Lmao I was not expecting this reaction meme but I'll take it @ReckShippuden MW2 >> every other call of duty @aDn___7 I wouldn't call them bums, they all goated in they own ways @kikyoni It was nice knowing you 😴This will blow up later on lol @dreadyalt Spittin 🔥Choose 1 the other 3 have to go, I'm curious @VintageManga Let em know 🗣️ @The25thBam_ Kenny ez @ShusuiSyed @ShusuiSyed 💀💀 @ultranova22194 You gonna tame it? @KENMASIMPERY You always want to kiss somethingNagatoro
Retweeted by Vexx🌙 @TensaShinra Nigga got cut in half fr @baizhubff What if it bites? @SagaOfLordes1 He really do😏 @StillReezyGawd @chxrlzie Damn at least got to put up a fight 😭 @KingKuntah_ Fr tho💀 @hutaokissr Lmao some hybrid @Cursed_Adjuchas Wait a minute it actually does lmao @Cursed_Adjuchas Solid choiceYou walking alone in the forest and you see this, wyd next?ホムラ・コウゲツ #エデンズゼロ #EDENSZERO
Retweeted by Vexx🌙 @LastAfricanWeeb KizumonogatariUnohana from Bleach! ~(˘▾˘~) (ง'̀-'́)ง
Retweeted by Vexx🌙🌊🌊🌊
Retweeted by Vexx🌙 @aishramen I'm interested 😅 @yuujiiiss Morning lana @justbrucee Yes it's peak, and also good morning 🙏Good morning, y'all have a good day @ReckShippuden Don't come near me anymore @Cursed_Adjuchas Good morning, and sheesh🤧
Retweeted by Vexx🌙 @katsuugouu Yo @markymarakovic Uhh😴Haven't seen the word "oomfie" in a long time, yall finally stopped being corny @Rivhigo Yo @ReckShippuden No
Gon and Pitou together, especially after what they did to Kite?👀’s your fave Bleach character & why is it Yoruichi?💜🐈‍⬛
Retweeted by Vexx🌙 @Reiikio Lol Mosley💀 @quapt3 Very true @SHUNSUIGF Beat her ass @ichigosburner This @gayblackarab Aye @batkaitom @OsamuJas @gayblackarab Very happy to hear that Ami ❤️ @XKaorii W one of my favorites too
Retweeted by Vexx🌙 @yuujiiiss Good luck @aishramen I see you 😎 @yungsakii Limit🔥 @God_of_Apples29 I would give Kubo a vacation for this @quapt3 I like Noel a little bit more it's just something about the black hair, but still love Ninny of course @StillReezyGawd Ong
Retweeted by Vexx🌙 @Cursed_Adjuchas Fr🤧 @Caizokujoo7 It's coming soon 😏 @KurosakiJosh_ Need to give that man a vacation fr, he deserve it 🤧🔥 @StillReezyGawd Have a good day ReezyKubo really said okay Ima give yall 2 sexy ass female leads🤤 @NadekoNakano Niggas really be dick watching @SHUNSUIGF Morning blackie😉 @HellTown_ You have a good day bro @fricanwee Have a good day @navieeer Have a good day nav, be safe 😎 @Cursed_Adjuchas Morning have a good day @killuasfits 20 @ShusuiSyed Morning
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Retweeted by Vexx🌙 @XKaorii Hmm🧐Good morning 🙏 @kenmaselbows Aye😎 @XKaorii Yes you did😕 @Hokage_Lorde Yessir @iSaintsreal Take care Chris🙏