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giving away 200 dollars to 10 winners now on roobet 3 months followers or subs. (20 dollars each) @autonomousdotai @StenDragoti Lets talk sponsorship?Playing cs for the first time in months @autonomousdotai @StenDragoti i just ordered a L shape desk. i currently have a XL the shakiness isnt due to qualit… @hobshytv @RawDogg209 aye man thats still good my old rate was 4.25 at the time that was "good" were kinda lucky to be able to do this now. @gucasss its amazing to get a rate like that congrats @StenDragoti @autonomousdotai 100% wobbly when u move thats my only annoyance with it. cuz i rest my arm on it whil… @RawDogg209 MY MAN @StenDragoti @autonomousdotai i have autonmous desks ive used them for years. never the drawer will give it a go. i like their shit @RawDogg209 or used to at least. @RawDogg209 Bro i swear its cuz you literally RETWEET ONLY FANS GIRLS non stop and i was getting in trouble from my wife. @StenDragoti i wanted to buy these is that the alex drawer? where did you buy them from im curious about qualityWill be on soon. Had to sign closing documents on my home refinance FINALLY 2.75% interest rate come at me cuz
I didnt sell any btc yesterday decided to mute any notification. I guess we hit 19,900 again.Bitcoin* not cryptoSetting my notifications to wake me up if crypto passes 20k or goes below 19100. Good nightAre we not allowed to stream the first strike tournament?? Wtflive live live prolly for a few hours come chill
@jonzom1 Holy pandasBtc bout to pop through this all time high lets goo. @DotEsports @Ninja @TSM_Myth Wait does that mean others cant stream the tourney? @ShahZaMk So sorry to hear this bro. My prayers to you and your famTrying out a new style of video for my youtube. Let me know how you guys like it. keyboard almost here a surjon special! 3 hours talking crypto on my stream. This shit feels like 2017 all over again. It was fun thocool biden cant even walk his dog without getting hurt... sick thanks AMERICA HELL YA AMERICA WE ARE THE BESThey @krakenfx i changed my pw twice on your website cuz it wouldnt let me login even tho i was typing it in exactly… live doing high spinsIm getting back on i promiseIll be live in 15
Is Tyson wearing booty shorts?? @norgye1 @SnoopDogg Bad take he knocked out a smaller retired basketball player who is 13 years older than himAll the music performances were cringe tonight except for @SnoopDogg hes just built diffU guys think Roy Jones walks out to cant be touched?Was going to go live after tyson fight, but might say fuck it and fire it up before @Crimsix I had it done 3 times. First 2 were the easiest things ever. 3rd one the lady literally stabbed my brain.…
Wasn't supposed to stream today but got on anyway and took Ls all night in slots and valorant. Tomorrow will be better.fuck it of doing a short slot stream right now. trying out some new slots.. @NastyNazzzzzz @xidaxpcs Not going to wait for the 6900xt since i need it asap,but if the performance bench marks c… @McKayj14 @xidaxpcs No its an in-house case they make thats designed after a lian liMY NEW PC 5950X 3090 Shout out to @xidaxpcs for getting this out to me as fast as possible(Arriving next week), th…
Im thankful for my wife and our beautiful little kids. It was our wedding anniversary yesterday. Im so lucky to get… scuffed podcast is insane tonight. Sad i couldn't make it
Only Ogs would know who this is. he came by to say whats up today :) away $200 on roobet right now SLOTS STREAM bout to happen to stream early today since im having thanksgiving at my wifes families house around 6 pstSold 30% of my eth holdings at 510. Still holding all of my btc. If we go down i go down with the shipbout to go live some valorant and then who knows @realmotar2k My condolences to you and your family if you need anything let me know broGoing to change up the schedule today and try out 7pm-1am or 8pm-2am.
@Bubzkji @dekay I think u just have a bar agent tbh. The good ones get u deals u urself wouldn't be able to get. Th… @dekay This sounds nice but when u say ill let the players decide what they think i deserve its probably the worst… i have some alts going up atm i might introduce some crypto trading on my channel again.... this time tho... WE CASHOUT IF we profit2 days on this 6-12 schedule im not sure how i like it yet, it sucks getting off when my usual viewership is at its… some among us for the first time in a month or so with the sweatiest ppl ever a great Boomer talk with @harkdanlive on business, realestate, And life. I think we starting a podcast i just dusted off some old exchange wallets and found that have around 23k in Alt coins. i want to trade them al… live day 2 on a schedule dont knwo what ima play yet . btc broke 19,000 so now were rich again lets chill time am i streaming again?
@rosenb1att @mcuban @chamath @BVNCHY @friedberg @Metromile That plastic lotus?Damn btc almost breaking its ATHIM LIVE 6PM BABY i did it covid testing place was closed. playing a yt video on stream to start @devontaedavis99 I wish @rell7thirty Everyone at the gatherting will be testedSo this is awkward i was supposed to start my scheduled stream at 6 pm but im omw to do a covid test so im clear fo…
Shoutout to @Trainwreckstv for the massive host after podcast i ended up streaming for 5 hours. Thank you for every… fun on the podcast going live for a bit now dont know if ill be gamingGoing on trains podcast tonight. might stream after or during not sure yet. if i stream during it will pretty much… Champion GG @Trainwreckstv @DJellyPeanutThis didnt age well GG @TeamVitality you guys are insane @Zellsis Csgo scene in NA right now looks like the cs source scene post cgs. Very sad to see alot of teams died dur… @ROSHTEINS My 3090 build is coming this week. I asked them to just make itbas fast as possible so ignore yellow tub…
Zywoo is skinny now so i bet on NAVI to win.FMLmy parlay for tonights ufc fights thoughts? site used Stake:
Finally T1 playing a nice agro ct side. They looked good @DougPolkVids Man why arent u getting the 5950
Aye im live valorant then gambling? @Trainwreckstv damnitAt the PC store with @m0E_tv and @LiethAssad. They’re talking nerd lingo standing so close their bellies are touch…
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@KylieJenner Hey listen this is the first time i tried buying something on your website. I literally spammed refres… @chelseapates @KylieJenner @kyliecosmetics u down to sell this ? ill give you doubleim watching @GODaZeD single handedly keeping his team in the game. the kid wont quit. HES WILLING THEM TO WINWill stream today got some car trouble from las I need to handle. Car stopped running. No idea what the problem is… @knapsfps @SiaDarky LoL. What a loserOur stake discord has been popping off lately thanks to @AdminPolice dm him for invite if your not in we do discord… actually super excited i have a custom KEYBOARD BEING MADE FOR ME BY A SUPER SECRET BUILDER. NO ONE EVEN KNOWS W…
@GloriousPCGR @Xzimm88 were just taking some time off. i heard you guys have a couple new mice tho ill be sure to check em outI cant believe i didnt see these keys when i was looking at it.. fml returning it today these side keys throw off m… this out tonight first time using wireless keyboard,and clicky switch @qkNorris I like this idea @BeyaL7_ @taehatypes i saw alot of his videos, theres no way i have what it takes to do that. @sushikatnip ive always used full size. i think im willing to try 10keyless, but i dont think i can go smaller than thatso im getting anxiety finding a new keyboard. theres way to many options and i dont know what to do. ive used brown… @xQc Ill hold down the fort till you come back @Trainwreckstv Emergency podcast tonight!! I wont stand for this!!!Since when is this on regular cable??? for 7 hours and took L's the whole time. hopefully tomorrow is better. on a the brightside btc broke 18k today :)