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@spenciie @hyunadara666 yeah whats wrog
@hyunadara666 who are we talking ab dms @plexaholic LMFAOOAOAOAO @plexaholic mf u got no bitchesgf who always talks bf who listensare they actually into you or do they just have an asian fetish
Retweeted by nickyanyone down to edate ahahahahahhahahahahaahhahahaa SIKE IM GAYi just havent been on twitter i needed a break from this hellholesquid game fans when theysquid game fans when the game rule is to stfu
Retweeted by nickyyou mean nothing to me. stay mad <3do they love you or the attention you give
are they really worth your timeIgnore the whiff
Retweeted by nicky
why does the val comm have the shittiest parents
@v4mpps k manshowing ur rank triangle is NOT how you get ladies.edaters single again. fuck everybody im dating myself
no more down bad
@someonetookyea BRO???why is my tl simping over tenz rn @Kezyyz @Zquitaa BRO KEZY HATES ME @Zquitaa okay bitchIf you get a heal from sage or Skye you’re legally obligated to call them mommy
Retweeted by nicky @Zquitaa I WASJOKING @Zquitaa wear a shirt mf @Recently9k @alviism fuck u πŸ–•BYE BRUH A KID IS WEARING A MINECRAFT SHIRT @alviism except ui hate osu boys . @ilyEfan @Bagel1k WTF MAN @Bagel1k @ilyEfan wholesome @ilyEfan IM SOR TY ILY @Bagel1k @ilyEfan πŸ’€ @Bagel1k @ilyEfan LMFAOOOOO NO WAY @ilyEfan nawhaving good style and hair > looks @ilyEfan LMFAOO DUDE OMG @ilyEfan OH RIP GGS @ilyEfan PROOF @hyr4xFPS LMFOAOAnaw cuz how y'all steal shit like wherre do you put itsomeone stole a stop sign πŸ’€bro alvii is having apex withdrawals πŸ’€ @alviism hey lol i mean whati don't care anymore ong πŸ’―having low standards hurts me so i'm done. @vrofps what the fuck am i dyslexic @florscnt hey babe @ilyEfan didn't know you believed in god bro @ilyEfan so emo ong
@44idrathercry k um anyways! @hzdu_ BRO LFMAOOOOOO IM SHITTINGNOT TO MENTION HES 21 AND KEEPS CHANGING HIS AGE TO LIE ABT IT!!! he also went private but didn't acknowledge the shit he did. @hzdu_ 21 @Spleeched ong what a weirdocurrent profile shit he's done aim Read: @Aircynd he's married and has a kid bro it's disgusting @Spleeched he's married too holy fuck @Aircynd 😭 ONG @Spleeched owner of itsuki @Recently9k no it's disgusting"good boobs" bro i'm shitting my pants he also had a fucking KID @yeniwnl THANK UOU!!! @ZeethFPS OKAY HOP OFF @ZeethFPS say it bitch @Recently9k bowlcuts r ugly @ZeethFPS what @hummusxx i feel you :( dms are open @weirdoliv what yhe FUCKIdc what anyone says, if someone truly cares about you they will make time for you. Dont put ur time and energy int…
Retweeted by nicky @hummusxx girl wtf he's not worth @Recently9k IM BEIBG REALdon't waste your time on him. @Recently9k naw that shut low key ugly @Recently9k lucky mf these bitches have BOWL CUTS and think saying random ass 2015 memes are funny @Aircynd not u tho ur cool asfsophomores are hotter than freshman except for this ONE BOY IN MY ENGLISH CLASS @Recently9k ONG BRO @ilyEfan 😟 @ilyEfan yes... @Recently9k freshman but my classmates are so annoyingi understand why ppl hate middle schoolers and freshmen bro 😭 these bozos are so annoyingmoms be low key toxic sometimes @Recently9k WTF MAN. @alviism YeS @Recently9k LMFAO @hummusxx @Stonelistt @idkitsjustanita @merakidina @lexybeachh @blondedkilos @VlNN1ES @Tarax101 @bbyninax… @Ach3nte imagine dating an EIGYH GRADEERplease watch where you are going you slow fucksbanger but he's not banging me πŸ˜” @secretafk @181WRAITH NAH CUZ THE OWNER OF ITSUKI AIM REMINDS ME OF THIS @cyanlenn RTRT @cyanlenn i will not be single next year @someonetookyea COUNTER @hzdu_ hello @veoash CUZ IM SAD