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B1LLIONZ @m1llionz North West Birmingham

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My new favourite song 💚 @m1llionz
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Gyal seh mi Clarks have a buzz #trouble @CastroMCR Joke tingGotta google the Lyca bundle I forgot the code for the hundreth time @m1llionz I felt this 1 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ#NowPlaying @m1llionz "B1llionz" #JFreshAndFriends @PyroRadio
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ @m1llionz See an people thought I was mad saying this🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 kmt it’s tru
Retweeted by B1LLIONZMan like @m1llionz coming on Radio 1Xtra🤟🏻
Retweeted by B1LLIONZNow Playing M1llionz - B1llionz @m1llionz
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ“Is he really on job or just inquiring?” @m1llionz 🥶
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RIP depz
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When the shots beat at the headphone party and you take them off and see what’s happened 🤯 sort of reaction to losing after all he has won. Incredible. No wonder he defies science. Unbelievable sportsm…
Retweeted by B1LLIONZIs there furlough for rappers? Someone point me in the right direction.🎣 way on earth 😂❌
Retweeted by B1LLIONZI’ve basically retired I haven’t dropped music for 4 weeks smhHahahhahHhHhHHajahha
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Retweeted by B1LLIONZLoooooool no cap.
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Retweeted by B1LLIONZ @m1llionz Same thing I told the youngers dem, it's bare foolish business!!! 🤣#PMSL!! #TYSONB18 #YPree 🔥
Retweeted by B1LLIONZI was talking about this the other day😂😂😂
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ😂 one headphone open @m1llionz Man will have to cop these....
Retweeted by B1LLIONZLool you think I’m going to a headphone party in brum and when shots beat I can’t hear 😂 your going mad🤣🏃🏾‍♂️ @m1llionz instead of you to DM and say thanks personally 🙄
Retweeted by B1LLIONZM1llionz is 100% best rapper in the uk at the moment
Retweeted by B1LLIONZTrust me, Kenny Allstar & Mixtape Madness - Mad About Bars - S5-E2
Retweeted by B1LLIONZBeing clean hearted can be the worst sometimes
Retweeted by B1LLIONZWelcome's sound is an acquired taste and I have finally acquired 💉💉💉💉
Retweeted by B1LLIONZI don’t know what it is but I could listen to M1llionz all day?!?
Retweeted by B1LLIONZM1llionz B1llionz is one of my highlights of this year, such a tune! 😰
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ#Np M1llionz - B1llionz He is cold with it geez
Retweeted by B1LLIONZM1llionz - North West
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ @m1llionz yooooo can we get this?
Retweeted by B1LLIONZB1llionz - M1llionz Mad tune
Retweeted by B1LLIONZFind myself saying “This gyal wanna fuck M1llionz no, hoe you bess get my niggas involved” about 50 times a day
Retweeted by B1LLIONZM1llionz.
Retweeted by B1LLIONZM1llionz is talented
Retweeted by B1LLIONZEveryday a new yute wit a @m1llionz flow 🥱
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ @m1llionz happy independence day fi mi bredda🇯🇲❤️ drop ah lickkle suttin fah wi chargie di streets need ih🙏🙏
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ#np B1llionz - M1llionz
Retweeted by B1LLIONZWhen m1llionz said his magazine holds 9 but only shoots 7 this ones complex do you know how poetic that is
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ🚨 Oblig on @RinseFM until 10PM 🚨 #nowplaying: @m1llionz - B1llionz (prod. @BKayBeats) or 106.8FM
Retweeted by B1LLIONZM1llionz Mad About Bars
Retweeted by B1LLIONZM1llionz - Mad About Bars w/ Kenny Allstar [S5.E2] | @MixtapeMadness via @YouTube
Retweeted by B1LLIONZIm legal, I’m legal, I’m legal @RaineyOvalle Got into M1llionz stuff recently. The level of detail that he provides for his criminal activities is hilarious.
Retweeted by B1LLIONZM1llionz is easily the breakout rapper of the year
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ @shbtay_ Every day new yout with a M1llionz flow😩😩
Retweeted by B1LLIONZYo :)
Retweeted by B1LLIONZm1llionz is too hard im sorry whatttttttt
Retweeted by B1LLIONZwhen m1llionz said ‘is it them funny youts or CID’ this is the CID he warned us of
Retweeted by B1LLIONZwhen i found out people knew about B1llionz by M1llionz ☹️🤣
Retweeted by B1LLIONZI Had My Shank Tucked Since Levi Jeans. Dem Mandem Got The Deuce Up In VIP 💯 @m1llionz
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ @m1llionz - B1llionz 🎶.
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ @m1llionz when’s the next time dropping?😠
Retweeted by B1LLIONZNow Playing M1llionz - B1llionz @m1llionz
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ👀👀 guys my birthday is soon so I’m gonna try get my fav M1llionz to give me a shoutout , wish me luck 🙏🏾😂
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Booiiiiyoiiiiii @m1llionz *voice*
Retweeted by B1LLIONZEnjoying the sun listening to @m1llionz 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻 need more bangers brother 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by B1LLIONZYear Of The Real did what it said on the tin. Still one of the biggest 2020 bangers Massive Congratulations 🥳 t…
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Noooo cappp!!!🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Retweeted by B1LLIONZHappy Independence Day 🇯🇲! LISTEN TO Y PREE TODAY! GET THE VIBES RIGHT!🇯🇲🇯🇲 Independence Day Freestyle Gena? @m1llionz
Retweeted by B1LLIONZStart off the day with the national anthem🇯🇲🇯🇲
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ⛽️ Pree in the Gazaaaaa ft @m1llionz 🇯🇲💥
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I need a @m1llionz tape ASAP
Retweeted by B1LLIONZI fux with @m1llionz
Retweeted by B1LLIONZThe way mans watchin @m1llionz wireless performance gettin gasseddd! 😂😂💯! Levels. The wordplay is maaad 🔥 due too takeover can’t lie 👏🏽
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ @m1llionz what we saying? 😁
Retweeted by B1LLIONZLinked up with the bro @soulstateuk and took on @m1llionz - Billionz for this weeks #BootlegSeason 🔊🔊
Retweeted by B1LLIONZWhat you saying @m1llionz
Retweeted by B1LLIONZA man said @m1llionz sounds like the voice you put on when your being told off by your mum 😂😂😂 he’s so hard but this had me crying 😂😂😂
Retweeted by B1LLIONZFree the mandem. Banned me because terry crews spelt out c**n in a tweet. I’m legal I’m legal I’m legal @m1llionz
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@m1llionz BX19
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ @m1llionz Y PREE Y PREE on repeat?
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Idc what anyone says, @m1llionz is a funny guy
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ*m1llionz don’t lose I thought u knew this smh lee3daVi @m1llionz - B1llionz 126. Stormzy - Vossi Bop 141. @DenoDriz x Bandokay & Double L'z - Circles 162.…
Retweeted by B1LLIONZSo guys there’s a big problem
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ @P1AFC 2 jokes
This pic is a violation looooool
Retweeted by B1LLIONZ"Y PREE" by M1llionz #nowplaying #beats1
Retweeted by B1LLIONZLoool is blazing M1llionz outside my yard @ 3am and I’m not even upset😌💥
Retweeted by B1LLIONZM1llionz really went off with YPREE
Retweeted by B1LLIONZI don’t know much about global warming but i swear this gun smoke cause combustion 🙆🏿‍♂️ M1llionz is too cold
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