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raine ☆ @m1tskiIover bmi 16 / 5'2 / ugw 69 lbs

one morning this sadness will fossilize

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i got rid of all my binge foods 😄 by binging on them 😀
Retweeted by raine ☆ @B0NGBONES wasps oh my god a few months ago i went to an amusement park and they were EVERYWHERE i was having a pan… @rayzzzzcals double texts are so cute though 😟my past tweets arent really me dw bffs 🥰🥰
@sorenlorensons these people are t0rturing me @sorenlorensons SOBBINGhow many cals in feetmy balls itch so fucking bad guys please how do i fix thisbumholebig caca stinky @Iuvvnoir proud of u??????????the square root of one thousand one hundred and eleven is 33.331666625reeses puffs reeses puffs eat em up eat em up eat em up @simply_cupidity My mom literally called me boney yesterday shut up 😒Guys I just finished today's omad ☺️🫶🏽 7,000 calories! Less than yesterday. Now i'm finally at 376lbs!! UwU 👉👈 @simply_cupidity i hate u /j @lesIified i know right 😘😘face reveal 🥰 @eatme2000 the way i'd be either dead or a serial k1llermy intrusive thoughts win everyday @d1s0rderedbtch alsoo imo earbuds r better because theyre easier to hide and theyre more comfortable to me but they… @d1s0rderedbtch is quismois a camila c4bello reference 😭😭😭im so bored
@bae_noi SO HAPPY FOR U WHAT WORKED @bae_noi DID U JUST FORGET ME????? @bae_noi please do 😭its so lonely here when u feel like none of ur moots wanna talk to u but i refuse to leave the entire app
Retweeted by raine ☆everyone please go online and rate Alvin highschool give them 5 stars so my mom will let me transfer there please i’m begging
Retweeted by raine ☆ @mario_urm my music taste is elite (real) @bae_noi seriously what the hell @bae_noi what the fuck is wrong with him oml @greenfroyospoon me hi me @ayavalasak understandable 😭😭 i dont think anyones noticed mine tbh @RiceBoy_Elias @neOO3n ew @disorderedhomo definitely.deleted tiktok for my mental health 🫰🏻 i hope everyone on that app dies 🫶🏻
Retweeted by raine ☆the urge to delete this account and make an entirely new one with an entirely different personality @neOO3n @RiceBoy_Elias who is she??
at least the sky is pretty :)my parents arent picking me up now im stuck here alone @bae_noi what happened???who wants a tag!!
Retweeted by raine ☆ @bae_noi meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @hoshidisssu RIGHTanyone want 2 fast til saturday??Bitches fast for 30hrs and expect to look like bonespo right after 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by raine ☆ @adderallspo AM I CURED HELP @aree_covering HOWi've developed the ability to simultaneously listen to music and read 😱😱convinced if i got a diagnosis it would solve all my life problems (it wont) @blendberries ofc,, ilyt <3 @blendberries feel free to unf me!! good luck :) @kttybmi so real!!. ⊹   . 。゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。 starve 。゚ ⊹ .…
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@doIIIspo moots ??why do my moots keep getting sussed im so sick of this @kttybmi HELP @aurorexia for me it depends on how severe it is?? like sometimes im on the verge of falling/fainting which is kind… @143caIs MEhonestly the dizziness standing up feels almost ethereal to me @daintykg kiss strawberries marry peaches kill grapes. i've never been more sure about anything in my life. @blendberries please lmk if ur uncomfortable being moots!! i really hope u have a successful recovery and i dont want to trigger u at all <3 @femalefatate777 fiber one?? weetabix???????????? @kttybmi barkthey literally were the cause of a su!c!de attempt. i want them to feel everything that i felt in those 2 weeksi wish i could just disappear for days @vvsterlingg why do i never have the good side effects my god @namjoon_tbh 😭😭😭 @vvsterlingg what method 😟😟😟 @vvsterlingg i hope u feel better?? but also slay ? @vvsterlingg what did u do im so sorry @disorderedhomo not u too.................. @disorderedhomo sobbingoh my god my assignments due in minutes i havent even started help me @disorderedhomo MAGMAeveryday i wake up feeling like a 90 year old woman @bae_noi lord @kuromiedt so tiredstarvestarvestarvestarvestarvestarvestarvestarvestarvestarvestarvestarvestarvestarvestarvestarvestarvestarvestarves… ed symptom is atomic radioactive explosive farts lets be fr
i cant go ANYHERE without my apple watch and its becoming a problem @tinyorenda oh noi really need to get back on track nowthe past 2 days have been so funedtwt when people with eating disorders have disordered behavior
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fuck pronouns what are your adjectives
Retweeted by raine ☆ @ayaisakcalhater u are missing out
@wynnistired @utahbreadfire tyty @M0rt_3 oh ☹️hiiii just wanna say i love u guys ♡ i hope you can all be kinder to yourselves this month because we are all tryin…
Retweeted by raine ☆maturing is realizing no one can actually force you to recover
Retweeted by raine ☆eating disorder wrapped! you struggled all year just to have lost everything but weight!
Retweeted by raine ☆ @b1tchkgs i thought the 2nd was ellen from to the bone.its december twenty twenty two. @slvttykcals valid new moot ‼️ @F1shEy3s SHOW ME UR SPOTIFY WRAPPED