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“In victory you deserve Champagne; In defeat, you need it!” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

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By the way, this is a very bad idea.
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It Will Take More Than a Google Monopoly Case to Fix the Problems of Big Tech Simmons Is Kissing His L.A. Mansion Goodbye - WSJ
I have yet to meet even one 'follow the science' PhD or celebrity during my firm's work responding to the famine.…
Retweeted by MoxieMan this is ridiculous. Our elected officials are outa control. RT @SVNewsAlerts: NYC inspector cites Jewish restau…
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@MikhailaAleksis @jordanbpeterson Prayers for his recovery! 🙏
Retweeted by MoxieSeven nations join the US in signing the Artemis Accords, creating a legal framework for behavior in space… Are Cutting Ties With Domestic Violence Programs That Support Black Lives Matter #SmartNews mayor who praised CHOP, supported police cuts, is now 'deeply concerned' as more than 100 officers have lef…
FBI Allegedly Obtained Hunter Biden Computer, Data on Ukraine Dealings, Report Claims Xi Jinping’s Steely Façade, a Leadership Crisis Is Smoldering in China – The Diplomat #SmartNews
Retweeted by MoxieEnjoy @GavinNewsom 2020 Vintage Wine! A Smokey ash flavored Cab with hints of incompetence & authoritarian overste…
Retweeted by MoxieGov. Andrew Cuomo's New York State of bankruptcy #SmartNews
This is how Democrats get rid of Trump AND Biden so Kamala Harris can reign.
Retweeted by MoxieWhat a great idea, with zero potential for abuse
Retweeted by MoxieEntirely believable if you’re a conservative living in Blue America
Retweeted by MoxieYou know when something just hits you and you feel tears roll down your face uncontrollably? Driving by the Roxy t…
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‘Unrestricted Bioweapon’: China Whistleblower Dr. Yan Releases New Report Claiming Coronavirus Is ‘Laboratory Produ…
Retweeted by Moxie @michaelmalice 15 to 30 days to flatten the curve was reasonable to not overrun the hospitals while we learned abou…
Retweeted by MoxieThe U.S. Military is Preparing for an "Irregular" War | The National Interest #SmartNews China’s Shelves Running Empty? #SmartNews
Unfavorable views of China (* = historic high): 🇯🇵 86% 🇸🇪 85%* 🇦🇺 81%* 🇰🇷 75%* 🇩🇰 75% 🇬🇧 74%* 🇺🇸 73%* 🇨🇦 73%* 🇳🇱 7…
Retweeted by MoxieWATCH: Michelle Obama says that protests aren't violent and Trump is lying about it... So I made a side-by-side vid…
Retweeted by MoxieEdward Van Halen Loses Battle With Cancer Lives Matter co-founder says Joe Biden is a part of the 'violent white supremacist' system #SmartNews Is There an Ammunition Shortage in the U.S.? #SmartNews
Venezuela and Iran's ties grow as warnings are raised about Trump pulling an 'October Surprise' on Tehran…‘Switzerland is sending a dangerous signal to the world’ #SmartNews
Chinese general says Korean War shows how to defeat America #SmartNews, New York, mayor indicted on 2 felony campaign finance charges #SmartNews
Is Iran's supreme leader preparing to surrender? #SmartNews
Hot mic appears to catch Pennsylvania's Democratic governor, state rep laughing about 'political theater' of wearin… funny! 🤣
A Military 1st: A Supercarrier Is Named After An African American Sailor : NPR of black pastors rips Kamala Harris for celebrating 'brilliance' of Black Lives Matter founders…
This meme speaks volumes ... if you’re not in NY then you just don’t get it.
Retweeted by MoxieTrump succeeded where the UN failed #SmartNews
You can Buy two and get an Erdogan for free!
Retweeted by Moxie @LynnSferrazza You have a great eye for beauty!
@petermarteka 🤣🤣The defeated George H.W. Bush’s letter to Bill Clinton on the day of their peaceful transfer of power, 1993:
Retweeted by MoxiePelosi mentions “distinguished” and “contained” in this video. Neither of which apply here. 🤢 @CrispinBurke For me, substitute the chocolate for caramel. Caramel is my kryptonite. @CrispinBurke This could be me, except with ANYTHING caramel. ❤️caramel!!Dear @realDonaldTrump, my friend @giannajessen has a message for you! She has cerebral palsy because she was born i…
Retweeted by MoxieU.S.: Hezbollah Stashed Ammonium Nitrate Throughout Europe | @AlMonitor
Retweeted by MoxiePutin's attempt to explain away the poisoning of Alexei Navalny to France failed badly and helped unite Europe agai… king warns UN of Iranian threat, backs US peace efforts in Middle East | The Times of Israel #SmartNews Korea official shot dead by North Korean troops after crossing border: Seoul #SmartNews @VanHipp RIP! Da’ BEARS! ❤️
Which woman is more bada**, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard or Gov. Kristi Noem? 🤔 #NYPD officer was arrested on federal charges for allegedly #spying for the #Chinese regime. NTD approached the…
Retweeted by MoxieBig World War II Flyover Planned Friday | I’ll be looking for them! @SaysSimonson Well ok then, let’s do a follow up sometime soon and see his reaction this time. 😉Honored to have been asked to participate in UNHCR sideline session on Iran's arming of proxy groups, including Hou…
Retweeted by Moxie @Ostrov_A A few over 22....😉 @Ostrov_A It’s my birthday. Eat one for me. 😊1619 Project Author Nikole Hannah-Jones Now Says She Never Implied That Year Was America's True Founding #SmartNews US is preparing for a fight with China in the Pacific. Here's how Army special operators will stay relevant.… Omar: 'Not my job' to explain Minneapolis crime rise #SmartNews
Is this the new low?! 😳 security media cell confirms that Iraqi counter terrorism forces alongside the Iraqi army started a joint mi…
Retweeted by MoxieA budget-friendly infrastructure solution #SmartNews Health Department responsible for $700M in ‘improper’ Medicaid spending: audit #SmartNews
Too cute! Caption this @SlenderSherbet New York City #police officer and U.S. Army Reserve member was arrested on federal charges for acting as a specia…
Retweeted by MoxieWTH?? 👀's envoy to US: At least 2 more Arab states will normalize ties by January | The Times of Israel #SmartNews'F--k Cuomo and de Blasio' mural painted on Brooklyn street or not, the AC/DC “Hells Bells” song runs through my head while reading this... @NYCPDDEA @RepLeeZeldin @NYPDCT Brings tears to my eyes 😢"Why am I NOT supporting Joe Biden?” “Because he doesn't support us, with the veterans; our families; the peaceful…
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BUSTED: New York Times quietly deletes revisionist history from discredited ‘1619 Project’ after getting called out…
Retweeted by MoxieAlejandro Villanueva is more than an athlete, he’s a true Patriot in every way. 🇺🇸 is is shockingly bad. The exceptional journalist and researcher @jonathan_spyer has been banned from the US f…
Retweeted by MoxieI was just noticing this!! Very unusual and unlike any homeless encampments I’ve ever seen in my 10 years here. Org…
Retweeted by Moxie @TitaniaMcGrath Good thing you called yourself out before anyone else could. Phew!Ok, enough is enough....peeping Tom’s everywhere.
@SaysSimonson For some reason, this reminds me of a scene from “Deuce Bigalow- Male Gigolo”.... Is Suddenly the Biggest Issue in the Presidential Election – Mother Jones does still exist. 😊 @ComfortablySmug @lyndseyfifield Isn’t this weirdly convenient or just conveniently weird? @lyndseyfifield I agree!
Thank you @RepChipRoy for bringing to light truth & facts and for backing the blue. 43 LEOs killed in 2020, up ov…
Retweeted by MoxieDocuments show how Speedway Motorsports wanted tax incentives to move All-Star Race to Bristol California residents, businesses are fleeing the Golden State #SmartNews food chief urges Bezos, other billionaires to step up to help world's starving #SmartNews
Mike Tyson nearly takes trainer’s head off in jaw-dropping video bullying.... September 17, 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention met and signed the document they had created.…
Retweeted by MoxieVIDEO: Fox News host slams on the brakes when Newt Gingrich mentions George Soros in bizarre segment #SmartNews North Carolina voters mistakenly get 2 absentee ballots #SmartNews China defector gives biological weapons information #SmartNews
@RobSchneider Thank you!From NASA to Amtrak, these are all the government agencies with tactical teams:
Retweeted by Moxie @larryswift65 Lol!Five Chinese nationals, two Malaysians charged in connection with global hacking campaign Space Force confirms Space Based Infrared System detected missile attack in January #SmartNews