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amanda fan @m2sty 16 ➵ los angeles!!

@ev3ly6 @SilverAimers

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@babag1rl ty mwah“i miss you” me trying to figure out who’s number this is:
Retweeted by amanda fan @mirhcle ty miracle! @mommymiIk1 random beige skirt and shirt from papaya i think @sytheee thanks 😎fair fit, maybe i take pics there >~< for 1.7k mwah >~< @chlofps how firm they are. the most heavensent pair of boobs you have. to die for. @ethan99182 u dont have my acc uet @sundownswlrd marcus are you serious 😭😭 @barycappa LMFAOO i wasnt even payin attention @barycappa @faithfps @dxywxy @AeroValorant @karxoo mwah @pain2126 hey at least i passed td @ethan99182 FUCKING LOSER! @pain2126 calc is hard @homiesrice HOMIE TWEET HOMIE TWEET HOMIE TWEETDIE FOR YOU. ❤️+♻️'s appreciated <3
Retweeted by amanda fan @kxttymexw her husband dont cuddle w her 😔😔 @lialovesyu BARK BARKactually didn’t fail a math test today >~< @1kotaaa im good wby, just finished a math test!! @wackyxz @veoash oo isee, maybe i should try watching it sometime @sundownswlrd thanks homie @1kotaaa henlo @murky1k cute name, ill do it after math @wackyxz @veoash oo is that show good, im heard ab it @1kotaaa koh ta @wackyxz @veoash WHAT R U WATCHING! @fishszns sussy school bathroom @kitexz_ @pain2126 @yeopsoo yo ur girl is fine as hell @wackyxz @veoash HI IM GOOD I JUST FINISHED A HISTORY TEST WBU @mommymiIk1 mwah @wackyxz @veoash hi wacky LOL @megumra >.< i get bored in physics @veoash tell wacky i said hello @181KASU @sundownswlrd <3 @until6am mwah @wackyxz np >~< @keaIani mwah @xxelitism @aailyaa @spitcey @celofps @epicodila @ColdKarma223 @IlisSick @AthensBtw @kolhr_ @keaIani @fluffyyFPS @littlejewishboi @brnd7n @tallboitea @realmilfhours @TEKKADANibo @1vanniieee @until6am @snortoffherass @MigsMon @azelhazell @lovewaIk @Itshylif @hyr4xFPS @tuxxse @sundownswlrd @yuungsho @stellariwnl @refreshV1 @PurpleFx1 @LettuceOnTheMic @karxoo @jalccna please do ur so pretty✌️✌️ @nuwumy @intilligint cap @lialovesyu mwah, if you want i could give u a gray one so it matches ur layout @wackyxz @lialovesyu @ameialuv mwah @endrynaphobia @1zeooo no capthats my brudda 😔 @mommymiIk1 mwah
@sophistiredtwt SI ORETTY @yeopsoo so pretty mwah @zeefanacc its a red flag that they follow more than they have >.< @TritonVisuals valid @veoash @wackyxz @chlofps im sorry. @xxelitism no @veoash @wackyxz @chlofps ash, u are the problemmfs be crying over dudes that follow more people than their followers and wonder where it went wrong @wackyxz @chlofps what the @Nate_VAL_ shut ip nate @1kotaaa @zzztayluh thanks kota @zzztayluh one day someone shall draw me