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Like a stable genius. Oyster card holder... constantly distracted by helicopters. Seamstress for the band. GPR

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Amazing how quickly the homeless can all be accommodated when it suits
@Lidl_Polska Hi @lidl @Lidl_Polska your ads are still there, funding #LGBT free zones in Poland:…
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉 @lion_tamer_ That’s it! Thank you :) @LordGooner Bats?There’s a film I watched ... basic plot line is a woman who slept with a guy and she has to make it to the studio t… Lost Buoys #MakeAFilmLessInteresting
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉The Alright Escape #MakeAFilmLessInterestingOk... quiz time.. just for fun.. Guess the animal..
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉 @_VicarageRoad_ Youve already outed him for shopping in coop! @_VicarageRoad_ What was he buying!?Was 2m behind Hector Bellerin this morning at the local Co-Op. #arsenal fans will be pleased to hear he looked well…
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉The Beige Mile #MakeAFilmLessInteresting @1burnm Bless you @robjbeech @paul_winginit Such a wide variety of symptoms, they’re now saying that a metallic taste and loss of smell is a dead cert...Watching #GirlsTrip funny film that you don’t really have to think about! @paul_winginit I might be able to get one through work at some point, hope so @paul_winginit I think I’ve had it, had the cough and v mild breathing issues...nobody else in the house got anythi… is pleasant @P_Kuchimanchi @Bassett12Carol They’re not recovering any quicker are they? They’re just further along the curve than us. @Ic_ca I just said the same! @Talkinoutmyarse Bloody hell. Good on you, massively appreciated x @Talkinoutmyarse Have you? Hope alls ok. X @Limpar33 @SaurEd6 Odds on them nicking it, not finding it.... @Talkinoutmyarse I saw that from my other timeline... showed her the official guidance from the national coroners office... @zoe_bearx OMG the bin! at the nursing recruitment ad on the telly “there’s never been a better time to join us” ... if you say so 😷🦠 @SaurEd6 Exactly... @SaurEd6 Leadership in the NHS...1571 words of my essay done, 1500 of them are shite and the rest is my rehash of the brief into my introduction paragraph.When we get out of this, and we will, instead of Comic Relief Red Nose Day or Save Africa can we have an NHS day an…
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉 @Tims84 My mum is getting decent deliveries from Sainsbury’s but they’re prioritising shopping for the old so that’s probs why! @Tims84 I went to the big Tesco. Hardly any fresh meat, short on bread, short on tins, no pasta....In an update to my decision to make a cake, I went to Tesco to get some general supplies and the cake things, and I… @julianthehornet Im not what you would call a baker so we’ll see what happensSo me and @BobDifilippo decided to try and give the NHS staff at watford General hospital a lift with this gift of…
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉Current status : contemplating baking a cakeThey are actually sorting the vinyl A-Z you are a football person please join the challenge of posting a football photo. Just one picture, no descriptio…
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉Have seen this before, my legs go all funny watching it, horrible! 🤢 @Duffy9057 I know! @WestieSpurs Very tasty! The heat made the bread disintegrate 🤤Are you, or do you know someone aged over 70, who would benefit from a free DAB digital radio to help them whilst i…
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉Using up freezer stock, I just had a pigs in blankets sandwhich.We are watching @LondonLive every advert is about funeral plans or life insurance! @BethRigby You are pathetic. Call yourself a journalist Actually feel quite sorry for you and @SkyNews
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉The cat tree is blooming early
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉 @GoonerKal @GOVUK It all seems ludicrous that we are all sat indoors staying away from everyone yet hundreds of peo… @Sirhornet @GB_AFC_WGC @CaptStubble I know, and miserable to think that everyone is always up to no good! @GNev2 Why not show some respect to the 1000's of people dying and fighting illness and just come out and show supp…
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉 @DB_AfcHighbury Yes, can’t be too careful these days...,Can you imagine living with this level of suspicion in your life?😐 @WestieSpurs I don’t really like them, he does, but they’ll have to do!A lot of people out of work right now. I've got 50 call centre jobs I need to fill for NHS 111 service. These are…
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉
@rosiedribble @Boycey_Boy @Boycey_Boy No, worse... people singing You’ll Never Walk Alone... there are like posters up in Spanish and it’s so obvious it isn’t WGH!There’s a video going round supposedly of Watford General except it’s not Watford General and I know that coz I use… @MissBlack01 It certainly does t seem right allowing anyone in at this point in times. There is a 6mth ban on trave… @MissBlack01 They’d have to actually ban travel for normal people to so that. Plus have a test with instant results… I was in charge of any country in the world I would ban all incoming flights from America.So pleased for the lads. The album is a banger. 🖤 can’t wait for the rescheduled tour Perfect tonight. The Hunger Games tomorrow :) @W1968Steve Yes... the bad news is that we are still in lockdownHaven’t done the washing up yet and it’s 2220!. @EdR0O0 @NorthbankChris Firstly... coffee? Only Nero. You have a point with the Yorkshire tho @Jimmytinsel It sounded all squeaky and weird to start with @Jimmytinsel Jonny.What’s with his voice? #FridayNightDinnerMy nieces fb post #MiniSharonRaydor she's adorable
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉 @MissBlack01 Nope...Tesco red ones are the best @chrissyjarvis1 @LawaLaura No the opposite, it’s really hard @chrissyjarvis1 @LawaLaura It’s too bitter! 😢I will always despise that horse faced, cheating cunt!
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉Nice one Bev! #MasterChefUK @LawaLaura No I don’t like Yorkshire!I have just made tea with the last Tesco teabag. Next cup I will have to use Yorkshire tea. @julianthehornet Ferry Cross the Mersey 😐 @NorthbankChris @Dominos_UK Well will you look at that! @Talkinoutmyarse @b32847703 @rodjgrimmer 😂😂 @julianthehornet I turned it over 😂 TOTP 89 was on! @julianthehornet You can keep the prune terrine though...,Why am I watching Prick Stein?The Lewis Capaltea mug is available on the link below. Retweet for your chance to win a free mug, once 50 are sol…
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉 @ashindestad @shahaan Does he mean available as in empty or available as in that’s what we’ve got? Ordinarily there… @peltonboy Definitely! @ashindestad @shahaan Where is that figure from? Where I work we have 1300 inpatient beds. @peltonboy Can you show them off on here? I love looking at gardens :)Covvid??? #StopIf you’re surprised that Boris has it and that Chris Whitty probably does, then you don’t really get it.What is a ‘town hall’ and why can’t you just call it an online meeting? @Bassett12Carol @PaulAndersonNE6 He’s 70 odd so in the at risk group that should be staying in. Who knows, maybe he’s isolating? @PaulAndersonNE6 @Bassett12Carol He might be at risk?Me telling my gran over the phone that Boris has corona virus
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉Mmmm boiled egg and salad cream sandwiches with no judgy office mates!!£150 to report someone outside?? Me:
Retweeted by 🍉Melon 🍉 @Jonnyarsenal Shame we can’t make nominations isn’t it? @CaptStubble 😂😂