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Mercy @m7rcy Winchester, England

Director of Operations @TeamSerenity | CEO @GroupSpecter | 📧

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@ryansedz @GroupSpecter Great to be working with youSpecter Group is looking for staff! 👋 - Social Media Manager [] - Sales Executive […
Retweeted by Mercy @JackIgoe @emijuju_ but fr emi ignore them, different content appeals to different people, just annoying it reached… @JackIgoe @emijuju_ you know me, hating daily @caspersa_ Thoughts are with you ❤️ @RizzanTV With what hairSome of yall be so talented. I pray you do not get discouraged because you're comparing your numbers to others.
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@carmeldest1 @Livestream_105 @Kaazi2k @GaryLineker 🤣🤣Harry Kane has actually been such a disappointment so far, hope he does something against Czech next week @reubzyy @introvertedjemWhat a waste of 90 minutes we just can’t fucking shoot, fair play to Scotland but we played terribly @introvertedjem And Scotland just like missing every easy goal @introvertedjem Sh just because you’re ScottishTHATS A PENALTY????!! @carmeldest1 We deserve to be 2-0 downNO WAY @ItsDrMoose thank you man
@Hardfinddd Danny Szn @Chappy3k Nice chapsterGot delayed until Tuesday :/ but tysm for all the kind commentsNeed an Instagram and a TikTok Manager for @Hardfinddd Please DM me and I'll get back to everyone in the next 48hrs @ZykomaTV Thank you man @gneasuil Thank you Dr Amy!! @Flashy5HD Thank you brotha @Spinzyx Tysm man @TheGameHamster I’ll have a look now ty!! @Angxlfnn 💜 @ui_zero2 Tyy Good luck with your interview too man @Surxge Ty surxge:) @OrbFortnite Ty :) @zenkoreal Thank you man @OvertimeAnya thank you :) @Zombie2k_ thank you man @ScottyVFX ty scotty <3Got a final interview for my first full-time job today, after over a year of job hunting. If I get this job I can f… @magamog Im still sneezing like a bitch
@bumpaah @renomahm @Hardfinddd
@guodotcom @TeamSerenity Gl 💜
@Ghosty4kFN @BloodxEU Nah you’re a good guy (most of the time 🤣) @BloodxEU @Ghosty4kFN So you’re going to exclude a whole region and call a whole region scumbags? because of a few people? Grow up
@ruanmckellar1 @England @UEFA If you think England were awful then Scotland are absolutely dogshite @emijuju_ @StripDZN @JackIgoe @k100105 @Vasealfn emi 😭😭 @M1loFN @TeamSerenity best of luck milo thank you for everything 💜 @OliverChesses wasn't toooo far off @OliverChesses i don’t exactly like it but i think its what gaz is gonna go with, maybe swap trippier into RB and w…
@DjOliLeslie @RizzanTV isn’t WKD what secondarily school girls drink at parties and pretend to be drunk @RizzanTVLooking to sign 2-3 Fortnite Players to @TeamSerenity Long-term development program at hand starting this month.… a man dying, showing a team in shock and worry and Eriksens wife crying and screaming... NONE of that shoul… are they still putting cameras on a guy who could potentially be dead? It’s just fucked in the headit’s been 7 minutes i’m actually prayingdid eriksen just get knocked out?? @ZefyrosTB @itilica @Glorinsz @ZefyrosTB @Glorinsz shush negative nancy its a fortnite clan that got lucky, twitter verification isn’t exclusive…
@climbs so good @Dominos_UK oh hey dominos @TeamSerenity getting through dms now thanks for your patience 😁 @Glorinsz @MindOfFatal @TeamSerenity ^^ 💜Calling all streamers 👋 I'm looking to welcome a couple new English speaking streamers to @TeamSerenity this month… @ohDaves @TeamSerenity best of luck mi amigo, youve got a bright future ahead of you @bitflox bittan
@AstroSMZ happy birthday curt @renomahm would be great to come along
@bitflox morning bittan
@TorseFPS @JackIgoe @SilverNyx_ @Glorinsz does that mean cats in japan go “nya”Yo T2 Esports Orgs! 👋👋 Let’s connect; I’m looking to create a group chat with all the upcoming esports org owners,…
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@renomahm Look up to you a lot with how you've developed BL, and the environment you put the team in. You and… @rinaeles this is sooo nice
@JakeMcBoss @Glorinsz @TeamSerenity watching the full thing now, @Glorinsz ly man @RedayVisuals @Jonyeu_ happy birthday 🥳
@loripasto76 good luck with your exams and uni lori ❤️ @jxshviney let's do it, some big uk plans coming in, let's get involved @flikk i remember when you were in atlantis academy and i came into your stream once when you were on about 20 view… @renomahm happy birthday 🥳
@BoopNL_ might be something i dont know about the hidden matchmaking delay, as i don't see many people use it, but… @BoopNL_ fortnite have added hidden matchmaking delay to stop things like this, as well as he can put stream delay… @BoopNL_ to be fair streamsniping happens across every game, much more so in battle royales, but fortnite is probab… @TeamSerenity @laandreyuhh @JackIgoe 💜A message from @JackIgoe and Team Serenity: #Pride #Pride2021
Retweeted by Mercy @aloftpayno bear in mind that some of these agencies are including managers clients that they got through a complet… @singularstigma oh she mad @vickypalami @LuluLuvely @TSM_ImperialHal WWWW @RyzeWins @TeamSerenity good luck in the future, been a great part of srn but an even better friend @Glorinsz @AstroSMZ shut up old man im bumping it on the timeline @AstroSMZ biggest vouch
@Kqins might as well become the next mike tyson @Accelerante Dads of Twitter are @_Whiske and @Glorinsz as theyre so oldnvm its pissing it down now @JakeMcBoss @TeamSerenity holy @bitflox @TorseFPS @Sjettfolk @JackIgoe @Glorinsz @TeamSerenity i think its bedtime bitflox @jonizo_ sheesh @singularstigma brighton @eveeegee yeah went from bmouth to brightonLast day away, couldn’t have had better weather 🤩 @itssunpi That’s disgusting, hope you’re okay. Anything I can do to help just let me know, hope to see a name to th…
@Skydeunnn oui oui @TeamSerenity @JackIgoe old @ArchHimself @fevington The Arch flipflops stay on during sex