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She/her. I post more photos than words:

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Retweeted by Maura O.Do not take deadly pandemic advice from people who don’t care if your children are gunned down in their classrooms.
Retweeted by Maura O.COVID Update July 8: Today I testified publicly to the MN House Committee on the Pandemic. My remarks ended with 5…
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In normal times, I work inside that skyline and I suspect they were shown a photo taken from Rt 84, not 91. 10 yea… just pulled over into the Hampshire Mall parking lot to immediately tell @hodgman & @david_rees that I have rarel…
Great thread from the always excellent RWJ. Gov. Baker signs vote by mail bill which means MA Voters can: - vote in person on election day - partic…
Retweeted by Maura O. @lukeburbank @tbtljen It’s a sad thing to retire a beloved old friend but it’s finally time. author argues that NBA players not wanting to play reflects a larger “problem”- this is exactly right. The econ…
Retweeted by Maura O.A man carrying a rubber giraffe for the British Industries Fair, 1935. Hammersmith Road
Retweeted by Maura O.4/ Let’s be clear: this was not a failure of scientific information. It is a respiratory viral pathogen. It spreads…
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@jon_bois I will continue to thank you for 17776 anytime I'm reminded of it forever. Thanks. anyone who feels like they “wasted” the time during quarantine because they didn’t write a book or learn a secon…
Retweeted by Maura O. @JeffRightNoww Happy birthday! Your videos have been the silver lining of quarantine!
Perhaps the greatest anti-slavery speech ever uttered is “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July,” by Frederick Do…
Retweeted by Maura O.Is he...trying to make it look like his signature?
Retweeted by Maura O.RENÉE ELISE And I cannot stress this enough GOLDSBERRY
Retweeted by Maura O. @JMunozActor @Lin_Manuel It’s what made me fall in love with the show and @Lin_Manuel as a writer To introduce the… @AbraarKaran @RanuDhillon When I heard that some children’s sports leagues are restarting practices, I wondered whe…
@_everybird_ My mom had this same outfit in the 80s. dream of a world where GoFundMe isn't a top healthcare insurer in our country.
Retweeted by Maura O. @nutter8222 @spin_wash @KFILE It’s almost like they care more about playing with guns than protecting granny. @TomMaloneJr All the frigging time. I hate going to bed and I hate getting up. Transitions are hard.It's just me but I think it's noteworthy that there are a lot of photos of the President of the United States hangi…
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@Chasten Don’t rest it! I love your visibility! 💖 @roywoodjr No shame in that. I’m a native English speaker who once failed an English class. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @ghweldon YES! I did this for a while when I got a raise but still lived in an apt building with dirty coin operate…
THREAD 1/ So getting people to wear masks is a big deal in the United States. It is often presented as a simple is…
Retweeted by Maura O.This is Trump's stupid logic. Let the virus run rampant, find what he thinks is a miracle cure (it isn't), dangle t…
Retweeted by Maura O.Cancel Rent. Bail out landlords with 3 rental properties or fewer. Prioritize the people. Let the rich and predato…
Retweeted by Maura O.This woman. on making it to the halfway point of 2020! You did it! Take a deep breath. Savor this accomplishmen…
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Saturn in near-infrared false color. Processed using polarized near-infrared images taken by Cassini in February 20…
Retweeted by Maura O.Hey @UMassAmherst, any restrictions on students from AZ, FL, TX, or wherever the next hotspots will be, flooding ou… Gilead is charging $3,000+ for its COVID drug, remdesivir. Taxpayers spent $70,000,000 to develop this…
Retweeted by Maura O.Hideous ornamental concrete urns being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep a…
Retweeted by Maura O.What is best in life? To tuck a salmon golf shirt into dockers, carry an AR-15 like Elmer Fudd, and threaten to mur…
Retweeted by Maura O. @skydart They’re good with OTHER PEOPLE getting turned away.
@ghweldon Holy shit. Yes. @DustinWMilligan This is a simple appreciation tweet. You’re retweeting so much good sense I would’ve missed if I d… will be like "i dont know a single person IRL who has had covid" and believe its not possible to get. Meanwh…
Retweeted by Maura O. @JesseThorn Sounds like somebody fucks with a live edge.
I am absolutely exhausted by how spectacularly fucking dumb we are. @howatdk This moment in the ESB special edition. Because this time around the audience knew what it meant and to im…'m an Afghanistan vet. Came home as a passenger on a MedEvac. Spent that flight sitting feet from my critically in…
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Fun fact: Gay marriage has now been around longer than the Confederacy.
Retweeted by Maura O.Hey #medtwitter - can we be honest that masks do make breathing more laborious + can be uncomfortable? I’ve struggl…
Retweeted by Maura O.RT if you believe the House of Representatives should pass HR 51 for #DCStatehood today
Retweeted by Maura O.The guy took an enormous inheritance, squandered it on a lot of glitzy garbage developments, manipulating the media…
Retweeted by Maura O.Nathan Woodyard, Jason Rosenblatt and Randy Roedema are the three officers responsible for the torture and murder o…
Retweeted by Maura O. @dankmccoy Top Dan McCoy content!
And remember-- this is *not* just because testing has increased. The % positive tests are also increasing in many…
Retweeted by Maura O. @PopCulture413 I didn’t either! Signed!
If we’d just settled for 80% normal w high vigilance we probably could have had that, but instead we shot for 100%…
Retweeted by Maura O.I, a rando, should not know more about this disease than the president does. Also, the president shouldn’t be a rac…
@PopCulture413 @Cinemark Yeah, no way. They need to require masks AND ENFORCE that policy or I’m not going back until I’m vaccinated. @Cinemark No masks, no movies. Try again.
Mike Schur is the absolute bees knees. @AnandWrites I’ve been extra charitable the last couple of months, sending some $ out of every paycheck to a friend… have 3 control knobs 1 #TestTraceIsolate 2 protections (eg masks, spacing) 3 lockdowns 1 + 2 have been insuffic…
Retweeted by Maura O.I was an adult in my 30s when I learned what Juneteenth is. I listened in school, got good grades, still remember a… of my waking life is spent laughing genially at things I didn't quite catch.
Retweeted by Maura O.This bird has a parenthetical drag name.
This is like if the Von Trapps *were* the Nazis
Retweeted by Maura O.I’m convinced that a large portion of our country is in denial, including the people at the very top. #covid19
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@JesseThorn This seems like something you’d want to know about. don't know who needs to hear this but cops aren't supposed to kill guilty people either.
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Why do people who say they want no more lockdowns take no steps to prevent them?
Retweeted by Maura O.Can’t have a 2nd wave if you’re still in denial that the first one has not yet ended. We need: -mass production of…
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Noooo!!! Reeeaaalllly??!! reproduction rate of R>1 signals the coronavirus epidemic is expanding - that is, each infected person infects m…
Retweeted by Maura O.I had forgotten what good news feels like. 🏳️‍🌈 reminder that the word "sex" was inserted into Title VII by a segregationist Democrat to try and kill the Civil R…
Retweeted by Maura O.This is a BAD article. “Re-entry anxiety” isn’t a problem with *your* mental health, it’s a problem with *the gov…
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Exactly. There’s no vaccine, no new treatment that makes it non-lethal, still not enough N95 masks for everyone, an…
I’m trying to figure out what I sat in my house for three months for if they were just gonna turn around and be lik…
Retweeted by Maura O.Want to know why it’s so hard for #cops to be ‘good apples’... It was 2007 and I was assisting a call with an offi…
Retweeted by Maura O.The President is openly using his office to try to undermine the businesses who provide unfavorable coverage. A dir…
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Juneteenth: For anyone that doesn’t know.
Retweeted by Maura O.RT if you think Congress should make Juneteenth a national holiday.
Retweeted by Maura O.Never forget the government only gave you 1,200 to survive for a near 4-month quarantine but gave corporations billions.
Retweeted by Maura O. @JesseThorn @ProfBrianCox @davidallengreen Can I just break shit now because entropy is ever-increasing? @tabletalkpies This is a sad day. Thank you for your service. lives in Worcester, so anything MA-specific would be relevant to her. I know personal Twitter consultations a… @AbraarKaran Hello Dr. Karan. My 75 yo mom is considering going back to retail work a few hours/week in July. It’s… @AliImdadBakes This is disgusting. Plus, she and those who agree with her will see it as the fault of trans activis…
A true story:
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Things I need to hear in Trump's race speech: 1. I apologize to the Central Park 5. 2. I apologize to President O…
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Wait, just now?
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@TomMaloneJr I’m an American watching G’box to get through quarantine. Your family is a favorite but you never know… @DustinWMilligan Honestly *I* needed this.Please watch the whole 6+ minutes. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of someone defending looters, at least wat… @pattonoswalt When you accidentally meme yourself. 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Maura O.Do the guys who push old people down for no reason think they’re punishing us by quitting? 🤔
Retweeted by Maura O. @billyeichner The fact that you even have to explain this. 🙄
@derek_del “There are much bigger issues in the world, I know, but I first had to take care of the world I know.” - Jay Z @ambermruffin @LateNightSeth I’m ashamed as an American that you have these stories but I’m very grateful to you for sharing them.Why do so many people equate violence and vandalism? We’ve seen lots of both in recent days, but it’s disturbing wh…
For the hundred thousandth time in just the last 4 years, he literally sounds like a person with a brain disease.