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Matthew C. Klein @M_C_Klein Chicagoan in exile

"Don't you have better things to do?" -- Martin Wolf PGP: F976 8C09 2DB3 12C3 E613 6E82 BB51 451B 978E 0076 I took the background picture (of Everest).

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“It’s difficult to stay mad at someone who cuts your tax bill by a few millions” <-- on Macron @DavidSchawel send in the IMFMartin Wolf has no patience for the idea that it's easy to clean up after a bubble: "Fixing a huge crisis after th… @AltSpinelli ha no, the missus got a new job @AltSpinelli SFThe DC/NYC weather tweets are even more annoying when you don't live there @dsquareddigest DanMerkel ally and head of the European Parliament's biggest party is on the campaign trail for Viktor Orban
Retweeted by Matthew C. KleinBased on @WSJ's A-hed by @radamsWSJ
Retweeted by Matthew C. Klein"Korea’s intervention is particularly galling because Korea clearly has relied on exports and a weak won to offset…
Yes it's the 10th anniversary of the Bear Stearns but it's also the 5th anniversary of Cyprus @HBmacro what do you think will happen?Looking increasingly as if the Five Star / League coalition might happen work from @alexandrascaggs on the shenanigans at Constellation Health @teasri @edwardnh did you just make this or was it lying around?"You don’t get a natural rate of interest when you use Minsky’s model. There is no general equilibrium because you… @JodyShenn That is the correct way to evaluate the counterfactual. Neither of us have the data to judge. @alexandrascaggs @alexandrascaggs 🔥Human-driven cars and trucks kill ~40,000 Americans every year @GrkStav I mentioned this in a footnote. I think it's too modest. @RajaKorman @Brad_Setser @gabriel_zucman fwiw there are reasons to think the Swedish example is due to hidden offsh…
The world’s savers are doing something wrong <-- countries with net foreign asset income don't want to spend it
@morningmoneyben to serve breakfast all day @JodyShenn and people say this website is bad @JedKolko @TheEconomist is it based on prices relative to incomes or what?Full story on Paul Jacobs' attempt to take Qualcomm private, possibly with SoftBank's help. $QCOM up 5% after hours
Retweeted by Matthew C. Klein @dude313123123 don't know, latest stories I see are from a few months ago saying it's still pending"SoftBank, the Japanese conglomerate which controls the $100bn tech-focused Vision Fund, is one of the potential pa… @prchovanec history certainly didn't, but there was a peace treaty and the fighting did stop for a whileAlso, dateline of the day contender: James Fontanella-Khan in New Orleans, Tom Braithwaite in San Francisco and Arash Massoudi in Helsinki
Retweeted by Matthew C. KleinQualcomm's Paul Jacobs is trying to buy the firm that his father founded, following Broadcom's failure
Retweeted by Matthew C. Klein @_Financeguy @darioperkins @ClausVistesen @_Simon_K @Brad_Setser @pearkes he does understand that @Hooper_Quant Peterson Foundation not the same as Peterson Institute @prchovanec are you going to keep this up after war ends?"If the price of a coalition against China’s commercial practices is a blind eye to policies in EA, Japan, Korea &… @CTreeB1 indeedThe latest official US population forecasts probably overestimate growth by failing to account for the rise in the… @biggsag @ernietedeschi thanks, good catchHad a blast talking to @calculatedrisk for today's Indicator. We discuss his recent thinking about the US economic…
Retweeted by Matthew C. Klein @adamdavidson @greg_ip @JustinWolfers @Henry_Curr @TheIFS The Riksbank missed the memo! @greg_ip @adamdavidson @Henry_Curr @TheIFS you aren't paid to do economic analysis?Americans are leaving disability to get jobs as the economy improves <-- important piece… @greg_ip @JustinWolfers @adamdavidson @Henry_Curr @TheIFS meanwhile, Peter Navarro has an economics PhD from Harvard @greg_ip @JustinWolfers @adamdavidson @Henry_Curr @TheIFS David Autor, Amos Tversky, and Daniel Kahneman all lack econ degrees @Huopainen @adam_tooze seems like the wrong benchmark since Europe was in a recession in the early 2000sIf you think the inconsistency between US and Canadian data on the bilateral trade balance is fun, just wait until… @Huopainen @MESandbu that's the optimistic view, although seems like the opposite of what would make the most senseUS data says no. But Canadian data? Well, er, it says Donald Trump is right.
Retweeted by Matthew C. Klein"Theranos thrived in part because it fitted so neatly into local mystique" @MESandbu I appreciate your novel interpretation of the treaties but putting your proposal into practice would requ… @MESandbu ? @EarthHeaven Thanks! To be clear I don't think inventing the euro was either necessary or even helpful, but now tha… @MESandbu I share your skepticism but I'm not sure how significantly looser fiscal policy would be possible with cu… @StephanEwald yes that is a problem @MKiesilainen I was looking at labor market not rgdp growth rates @fwred would the French be okay outsourcing policy decisions to the federal level? @twitscotty agreed
Interesting thread on the situation in Italy, ht @MehreenKhn @Brad_Setser economic hit more likely to be in US, no? @naufalsanaullah taxing revenues generally seems like a bad ideaEuropeans planning to put up new tariffs on American exports: news keep coming for Big Tech in Brussels. FT has got hold of Commission's new digital tax plans to hit Google,…
Retweeted by Matthew C. Klein @edwardnh Someone call Hayek @miotei I sympathize but I also wonder if the time lag will cause trust to erode too far @miotei I agree Spain has had impressive (and unique) experience with improved productivity in past decade @miotei to your other question, outside of EA Spain would have had much looser monetary policy earlier and cheaper… @miotei *now* it is, but before it would cut off banks from emergency loans without commitments to austerity. also… @miotei Looked at today as an individual member of the euro area, no. But simply from the perspective of the jobles… @darioperkins @Brad_Setser yeah just looking and OECD estimate for gap in Spain is -3% and -2.5% in Switzerland... @darioperkins @Brad_Setser fwiw in my post I argue the bigger issue is the tightness in the rest of EA, although I… @Sd80662706 @alexandrascaggs @HumbleEconomist @FTAlphaville Also UK was clearly affected by fiscal tightening. Stro… @Sd80662706 @alexandrascaggs @HumbleEconomist @FTAlphaville On what are you basing your characterizations of my vie… to give a sense of the scale of this outflow, it is roughly equal to the outflow from China during China's "pea…
Retweeted by Matthew C. KleinOver the last 12ms of data, the euro area's current account surplus has increased to almost EUR 400b, and the net f…
Retweeted by Matthew C. Klein @Sd80662706 @alexandrascaggs @HumbleEconomist @FTAlphaville I've been a professional writer since late 2012 and I m… @Sd80662706 @HumbleEconomist @alexandrascaggs @FTAlphaville you have no idea what you're talking about @Sd80662706 @modestproposal1 a) I'm generally agnostic between more spending and broad-based tax cuts b) the places… @TheStalwart also nobody says Fed officials are forbidden from talking about exchange rate effects