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Thank you all SO much for the overwhelming support and kindness yesterday on the announcement of PUR X RBK. It mean…
Retweeted by m e r a k iMy husband knows #JeffreeStar is canceled. You know it’s bad when it reaches way outside the make up community. 🤷🏼‍♀️ what’s your thoughts?Going to retweet this again just to be a lawyer about it: the use of "commercial activity" means something. It mean…
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Natural curls tonight - I think this gif is my twin?! #curly #curlyhair #haircare #curls @shxnnonleanne Proud of you.Today we’ve made the decision to cease all commercial activity related to Jeffree Star and affiliated products. We…
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@ColourPopCo Make up normally !Has anyone tried the new @ColourPopCo foundation in comparison to @bitebeauty ? Just curious on thoughts or feedbac… CANT FREAKING WAAAAAAAIT😭😭
Retweeted by m e r a k i @XOrlandoXXX @JSkkyBeauty @boujeebabeco @BenefitBeauty @ABHcosmetics @MorpheBrushes @Maybelline @UrbanDecay'm not flawless, but I got a diamond heart 💎❤️⠀ My entry for the @JSkkyBeauty PR Search. Brands used are tagged…
Retweeted by m e r a k i @RawBeautyKristi I loveeeeee it ! Is it a collab with @MannyMua733 ? I’ll buy
@RawBeautyKristi Maternity wear with ThredUp? @manesbymell I tried the braid trick with my curly hair and I won’t wear it tomorrow curly because I’m working at… @glow_smokey Yay so well deserved 🎉
@adidas is there anywhere I can replace a pair or even just get one fixed of these? My front has a hole and I love… @BySamanthaMarch Very pretty palletteElectric Citrus 🍊 • • • Makeup Details:
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@IvyParkish @patrickstarrr Great minds think alike - we all have good taste ;)🚨🚨GIVEAWAY🚨🚨 3 WINNERS! Rules are simple: -Follow @allyct1200 -Like and Retweet That simple 💖 Ends 07/06, ships…
Retweeted by m e r a k i @JustAli1981 Loving your shirt girly ! @muaheathermarie Very pretty @allyct1200 As an adult you have to own up to things whether your sick or not. I hope that she feels better, but no… @RawBeautyKristi Taco day 🌮🌮 I don’t know why the meat was mushy, but it had a unique taste and was always my favorite! @Pokediger1 my son loves you; he drew this for you today. His names Tyler & he’s nine. 🖤 @patrickstarrr Beautiful. I love that light fixture that’s hanging; where is it from? Gorgeous and I’m sure they’re appreciative! @pulte I don’t have any to give away 🤷🏼‍♀️ @pulte Can you help me today? Please 🖤
@lawlaw410 @RawBeautyKristi Hahaha I reread it now and I’m like it’s sorta confusing but makes the point. I was dri…
I love that @bitebeauty foundation let’s my summertime freckles peek out & I love that. I tried to do “tye dye” pin… if @kvdveganbeauty has any sample size mascaras to test out? Looking for a new one 🖤 @myfriendsatan @RawBeautyKristi She said she notified authorities maybe now that it happened twice they’ll be more involved 😫 @RawBeautyKristi SHUT THE HE DOUBLE HOCKEY STICK UP!! I’m so sorry. @_kara_c_ You look amazing!If you aren’t subscribed do it. 🖤 @muaheathermarie Great news 🎉
@muaheathermarie People are crazy; that’s cute of her ❤️ @RawBeautyKristi I wonder if there’s teenagers there or something.. riding dirt bikes and need the gas because they… @XOrlandoXXX @BenefitBeauty You’re welcome 🙃
@XOrlandoXXX @BenefitBeauty Congrats can’t wait to see your looks! @muaheathermarie Anxiety is the worse. I struggle everyday. I am sending you positive vibes and a hug. I also hope… @PatrickTheGiver I’d pay my bills for sure, I’d like to pay it forward by helping someone else and I’d probably buy…
@glow_smokey If J* has dirt on you or whatever.. why don’t these people just be honest & own up to it? He won’t hav… J* has dirt on you or whatever.. why don’t these people just be honest & own up to it? He won’t have anything to… @elfcosmetics Express your ELF ❤️ @elfcosmetics Believe in your ELF 🖤 love your ELF 🖤 Soooo ELFIN amazing 🖤 ELF-ing fabulous 🖤 Live love Elf 🖤 @christianaagabb @muaheathermarie @Theresa_is_Dead @XOrlandoXXX @RawBeautyKristi @SsssamanthaaMUA @Rwlshmakeup @ThatGirlShaeXoUnproblematic 💛👌 love and do you! Create for you!!!
Retweeted by m e r a k i @muaheathermarie Happy birthday to him 🎉The Shane Dawson you saw on his IG live, THAT'S the real Shane Dawson, not this dweeby little kid who tries so hard…
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Retweeted by m e r a k i @Jaclynhill I understand the business aspect, but it takes away some of the authenticity in my opinion. @muaheathermarie @lvndrbeauty @7hesunprince @MUAchinwe @prunela_c @MakeupByJxb @glamgawwd_1990 @XOrlandoXXX
@BunAndLeggings NAKED Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette POPS 💜✨ Peep this closeup and click the link to shop now! 👉…
Retweeted by m e r a k i @MidasCosmetics @goregirlfx @glow_smokey I wanted this and you convinced me 💗
@XOrlandoXXX @Maybelline @NyxCosmetics @ABHcosmetics @OFRACosmetics @tartecosmetics @UrbanDecay @KryolanOfficial @XOrlandoXXX @Maybelline @NyxCosmetics @ABHcosmetics @OFRACosmetics @tartecosmetics @UrbanDecay @KryolanOfficial really wanna go for walks at night but i’m actually a girl
Retweeted by m e r a k i @AlisonKery @glow_smokey If you could change one thing about your life or yourself what would it be? Must answer one or the oth…
retweet for a lil dm spree 😜 - So kylie and Kendall FINALLY collared... and i’m giving it a brutally honest review…
Retweeted by m e r a k iI think my depression is coming back, does it ever leave? My anxiety has been bad too.. anytime I’m driving I feel… are amazing, that’s it, that’s the tweet
Retweeted by m e r a k i @RawBeautyKristi @MarlenaStell I think it’s your personal choice, but you both have a large following. As a mom, I… @James_s_welsh I love Halo Taco polish!
@Rwlshmakeup I like it 💜🖤 @ColourPopCo @FourthRayBeauty @SolBodyCo I’d be so happy! @glow_smokey Focus on you and yours. 🖤 we will be here when your back on Monday!
Just a PSA. I’ve had a few people @ me and make comments today that I wasn’t very impressed with so please just rem…
Retweeted by m e r a k i @Rwlshmakeup This is why I watch you and support you! @infashionchains 🤣💙😔🥰💸❤️ @roboeyes @glow_smokey Ahh I didn’t even think to go there, happy to help :) @roboeyes @glow_smokey @ang3llynn @glow_smokey You’re welcome :) @MichelleHegan1 @glow_smokey I love the actual candle holder so much if I can I might repurpose it @lawlaw410 @glow_smokey This one is Capri blu (the brand) - I ordered off anthropology after I saw Hannah burning i… @glow_smokey I haven’t burned it yet because I had a family obligation tonight, but as I opened the box I could sme… @ang3llynn @glow_smokey Hi it’s Capri Blue candle. I got mine from anthropology. Hannah has it burning while she fi…
It’s here @glow_smokey
@muaheathermarie Heather I am so sorry I hope she is okay. I am thinking of you 💙 @AppleSupport Sending it now before bed! Thank you @AppleSupport my apple care purchase after getting a new phone Sunday is saying ineligible. I’m copying the info in…
@RawBeautyKristi RAW BABY KRISTIIIII WE LOVE YOU 🖤🖤🖤 @RawBeautyKristi You’re the cutest pregnant person ever 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
@RawBeautyKristi Nope I want to hear about you’re pregnancy every time and anytime ! 🖤
Someone that loves @ThirdEyeBlind as much as I do >>>
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@glow_smokey I love the chai candleeeee! I have it on my kitchen table, the one you held up second I saw in your vi… @RawBeautyKristi I remember having like a trillion names & eventually narrowing it down and just picking the day of once I met my son! 🖤 @XOrlandoXXX I’m happy you said your piece so that negativity isn’t weighing you down, you’re going big places and…
I’m in a trance with this new palette by @ColourPopCo ! These colors scream MEECHIEEEE🎉 I love the combo! I wish I… heard you were sick or exposed to Covid and he thought you weren’t feeling well or the baby (God Bless) and got… @kevinedwardsjr my sons nine & loves you! Can you make a vid to say hi to Tyler? Where can I find your merch? He ju… @Jami_Rae It’s so cute !
@RawBeautyKristi I literally get happy every time I think about it 💗💗💗💗💗💗 @jaimepantss 🤣🤣 I’m here for the garbage Becky lol
@XOrlandoXXX Oh my goshhhh I am not aloneeee! @jamescharles I’m a savageeeee